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GREY AREA. (M) | 07

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.


“You can’t hide what’s in your heart.” - John Coffey, The Green Mile

 Pairing: Yoongi/Reader
  Word Count: 8,444
  Genre/Warnings: Soulmate AU, Angst, 
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Taehyung was avoiding you.

It was evident in his behavior since the beginning of last night.

You both usually watched reruns of Friend’s when you arrived home from your last class of the day. But when you had ventured into the living room, after slipping your shoes off and fitting them into their place between Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s, it was met with the sight of Taehyung literally pretending to be asleep.

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In 1895, Nikola Tesla began to notice a peculiar phenomena with electrical transformer systems when he added an extra or third coil. This would generate a very large non-linear amplification of electrical pressure over a modest linear amplification as seen with traditional transformers. He studied this phenomena in his Manhattan laboratory over the coming years, until he felt he needed to deploy this system to a larger testing ground. In Colorado Springs 1899, Tesla performed a series of experiments over nine months that led to his discoveries around a new kind of electrical transformer system that he called his Magnifying Transmitter. He soon received a patent for it thereafter (Patent #1,119,732) as well as several supportive auxiliary patents.

This system was capable of generating massive amounts of electrical pressure that would create electrical ripples along the surface of the earth. In a vibrational process known as constructive interference, Tesla was able to generate more wireless power received than transferred by creating a resonant boundary condition between the earth-atmosphere interface with the use of high frequency electrostatic shock waves. This is by no means electromagnetic radiation such as with visible light, cosmic rays, and radio waves. This was nothing like a radio antenna as many experts have proclaimed it is. Tesla’s goal was actually to minimize the electromagnetic radiation from the system as much as possible by containing it in a localized standing wave, the opposite notion of traditional radio antennas. This standing wave instead acts as a wave pump that generates surface waves. A simple analogy is a hand repetitively tapping the surface of the water in a bowl that is perfectly in time with the return wave of surface ripple.

Tesla measured these electrical ripples traveling around the entire circumference of the earth moving faster than the speed of light, specifically two times pi the speed of light (1.57c). When the linear velocity of the shock wave is the same as the angular velocity of the wave’s medium, and the wave and particle (the medium) are directly in phase with each other, the necessary conditions to create constructive interference with Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter are possible.

In 1901, Nikola Tesla began the construction of Wardenclyff Tower on Long Island, New York. Tesla originally pitched the project to financier JP Morgan as a trans-Atlantic wireless communications platform. This system could not only transfer information faster than Marconi’s radio antennas, but energy as well, unbeknownst in detail to Morgan. When Tesla ran out of money for the project, Tesla revealed his true intent to Morgan of his visionary dream with the system involving the wireless transfer of energy. Not only did Morgan not give Tesla anymore money and withdraw entirely from the project, he supposedly managed to blacklist Tesla from the financial industry at large. JP Morgan had a major stake in the copper industry which was booming in demand due to electrical power distribution. The tower was eventually demolished in 1917 to pay a portion of Tesla’s debts.

Since then, his work has been buried continuously by corporate and political interests as other up and coming inventors rediscover Tesla’s principles and apply them to technology. History is continually repeating itself, and it takes only an open mind set of a free thinking intellectual to see the patterns.

Elon Musk’s company may honor the name, but they do not truly honor Tesla’s legacy. For there is great irony in Musk declaring that his role model is Thomas Edison.

Let us honor our history.
Let us honor our true visionaries.
Let us honor what solutions are available right now.
The clock is ticking.

For this is not an issue of science.
This is an issue of Man.



Katsuki doesn’t take pride in a lot of things, he thinks pride will make him seem like an ass, -more than usual according to Yami- so he tries not to pay it mind. Yet, there is one thing that Katsuki does pride himself on and it’s the fact he’s so close to Yami that he’s allowed to invade the other’s  personal space. Being able to not only share a bed with him without it being completely awkward- some days are better than others.- to which not everyone has the ability to say they can do that with their best friend.  

What Katsuki holds most vital and dear besides the fact he has this power, this blessed opportunity is in light of this, he’s able to see parts of Yami that nobody else besides his own mother who bathed him at birth has seen. Yami’s freckles are extremely flattering in Katsuki’s opinion. Many wish that they had the genetics to have them as well and even cosmetic companies are making false ones.

Freckles simply don’t pop up in the Japanese gene pool so Katsuki left to wonder where this blessing came from. While he lays over Yami’s body, chest pressed against Yami’s knees, Katsuki observes and traces his fingers over the few dark freckles that are cascading down Yami’s hips and below his navel. It’s such a shame that there aren’t more over the expanse of flesh that makes up Yami’s torso but even if there are so few Katsuki loves them all none the less. Nobody knows how many Yami has on his body. some think his body is as covered as his face but only Katsuki knows the truth about those angel kisses that are rumored to be the cause.

Some are clustered together closely; overlapping sometimes and making patches of several that make one random splotch. others are scattered away from one another and there aren’t more until a couple inches down on another part of Yami’s body. If someone were to call it some form of body worship that was fine, Katsuki would admit to being the most devoted worshiper there was because it was like that, as he admired over the speckles of dark melanin blotches, getting to touch over Yami’s body as much as he pleased that made it all worth spending time easing the other into being comfortable.

 In the summer Katsuki is sure the exposure to the sun causes more to become visible or the uv rays just make the lightest of freckles pop out against his still winter flushed skin. Yami’s skin is unusually soft to the touch Katsuki can’t help himself from touching, brushing, and rubbing his hands all over yami’s body when he’s given a silent ‘ok’ to do so. The freckles stand out so much he thinks sometimes if he were to touch over them those pieces of skin would be slightly raised but they never are, only part of the flesh that presents them.

 "You have more again.“ Katsuku’s head is between Yami’s thighs now, the perfect place for him to find new hidden freckles that he may have missed in the past or find new ones that have in fact begun to show. 

"Do I?” Yami doesn’t help the barely audible laugh that passes his lips. He sets his phone aside and looks down at Katsuki who’s comfortably nestled himself so far down his body. He really should be flustered by the fact that his best friend’s face is so close to such an intimate area of his own body. But he doesn’t. Yami has grown to used to this site of Katsuki, him doing as he wanted, that he doesn’t feel the slightest bit embarrassed. 

Katsuki indulges Yami plenty of times when he rambles on about some heroes or rants about something pertaining to class or idiots on the news so this is something that he feels he can do for Katsuki. He doesn’t understand himself what is so alluring about the random freckles on his body that have captivated Katsuki so he only lets Katsuki enjoy himself because not only one does it seem fair but it also feels good when Katsuki begins to spoil his body with affection like this. Katsuki is light and slow. He knows what spots are to be avoided that Katsuki feels the familiar smug grin pull his lips up. 

Those minutes he spent talking to Yami, slowly working his own body lower over his person so he could push up that silly black cat hoodie Yami got for Christmas up; silently storing away all the quiet gasps soft hums of delight that would hang in the air, they were never enough to satisfy Katsuki but he would settle. They worked well to keep his curiosity alive and thriving, urging him to do more, push him to continue searching for unseen speckles of brown that stood out against pale white. Katsuki would always press kisses along the inside of Yami’s thighs, his hips and wherever else he happened to find large portions of freckles appearing. 

He’d kiss every single freckle over the other’s entire body if he could do so without throwing away precious hours needed for sleep and causing his lips to become chapped and crack from constant pressure. So he’d settle for this. Katsuki would be content with gently nipping Yami’s skin in the hopes of hearing more of those soft welcoming moans of enjoyment from Yami that were usually followed with his body convulsing beneath his finger tips. Yes. Katsuki prided himself on this too. 

The ability to make Yami fall apart with just his hands and mouth, bring him to a state of utter relaxation that he didn’t mind if his body was marked up by a hungry mouth and laving tongue because where those freckles may be few they were in a place that nobody else would see except for them. Yami would keep it that way.

“Don’t they say that freckles are kisses from angels?” Katsuki murmers the words so gently against Yami’s left hip when he leans up to push further against the others body comfortably, palms warming up pleasantly but never burning so as to relax Yami until he’s nothing but melting under him.  It’s not a long effort on Katsuki’s part. He’s learned all the places of Yami’s body that are the most sensitive, which are his favorite places to have rubbed and massaged and what ones are to be avoided that Katsuki feels the familiar smug grin pull his lips up.

Dark greedy parts of Katsuki silently lurk in the back of his mind, making him want to suck dark marks all over Yami’s body where others can see clearly just what activities they engage in. Beneath those dark thoughts lie the curiosity find out for himself if the red color he’d bring up would make the freckles stand out more than the sun could ever do. 

Would they just vanish under the irritated red from broken blood capillaries? or maybe they would become even darker in comparison to before? There’s that horrible compulsive urge to lean up and close his mouth over the crook of Yami’s neck and shoulder with the excuse to find out but Yami would never agree since that’s a spot that everyone can see. Katsuki’s response to the angel comment is late but that didn’t matter so long as he gave one to Yami. 

“Is that why more keep showing up whenever I play with you?” The knee coming to jostle him in the shoulder does little to no deter Katsuki from going back down to busy his nose against Yami’ stomach. “Can we do another experiment to see?” Then Katsuki is spoiled too. Katsuki is the only one he knows of that gets to see Yami smile so openly, small as it is, it’s genuine and all Katsuki wants to do is to kiss those lips until they’re bruised and red. bite them then lick the irritation away. 

“Only if you actually come up with results.”  

 "You can count on me, babe.“

Wave of the future: Terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter

Electromagnetic pulses lasting one millionth of a millionth of a second may hold the key to advances in medical imaging, communications and drug development. But the pulses, called terahertz waves, have long required elaborate and expensive equipment to use.

Now, researchers at Princeton University have drastically shrunk much of that equipment: moving from a tabletop setup with lasers and mirrors to a pair of microchips small enough to fit on a fingertip.

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Looking at the universe Naked- An Ontological Awakening.

It was Stephen Hawking who said:

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That’s what makes us special.

The pictures showcase the universe in its cosmic brilliance. Spanning the entire electromagnetic spectrum, these images have been false- colored to help us perceive the universe that lies beyond our visual cognizance.

Courtesy: Chromoscope.

Pictures like this is what hook people to astronomy, right? It looks so majestic and magical, making it hard to believe that something this astounding can exist. Wouldn’t you just want to take a trip to space to see one with your own two eyes?

As many people aren’t aware, if you had the ability to travel to one of these nebulae, it would look different. You may not be able to see it.

Why is that so?

In the universe, there exists an electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum consists of the following (highest energy to lowest energy): gamma rays, x-rays, UV rays, visible light, infrared waves, microwaves and radio waves.

The human eye can only detect colours that are in the “visible light” range. This includes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (aka the colours of the rainbow) and different variations of those colours.

Astronomical objects, such as the Rosette Nebula pictured above (located 5,000 light years from the Earth), give off different forms of electromagnetic radiation. These forms include gamma rays and radio waves. But they give off, if any, very little amounts of visible light. Since our eyes can only detect visible light, we wouldn’t be able to see them very well and their colours wouldn’t be as defined.

Astronomers have to do some editing in order for the pictures to properly turn out how they do. A telescope will take the image with different filters, which will allow different wavelengths (different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum) of light to be seen (the higher the energy, the smaller the wavelength). Once pictures with different wavelengths were taken, the images will be overlapped, the filters combining, to make the amazing images we see today.

So maybe it would be better to just sit and stare admiringly at pictures of nebula on your laptop screen. Too bad we couldn’t see all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum…..

Image Credit & Copyright: Arno Rottal (Far-Light-Photography)


The Sun in it’s Cosmic Brilliance

Our Whole world revolves around ( quite literally ) around this teenage star known as the Sun. These Images have been false-colored to help us perceive “the star” that lies beyond our visual cognizance.

Have a good one!

// I saw a lot of people posting their self-inserts! So here’s mine. 

On the left is Everglow, a Stand that can manipulate light. Her arms are made of light itself, so it cannot attack with it’s fists. However, it makes up for it with strength and speed in it’s legs. It can control all rays, such as UV rays, visible light, infrared rays, and even dangerous gamma rays. However, the gamma rays would harm the user. The Stand has a 30 m radius and can produce holograms by creating light rays. It has poor strength and speed when far away from it’s user.

Title: The Cookie Jar


They thought Ray was an angel, a quiet little rabbit that never did anything wrong, when really he screwed around just as much as Gavin and Michael did.

Pairing: Could be Viewed as JackxGeoff

A/N: The first in what you should assume will be many Baby AU one shots. I love this AU, and the hybrid AU, so I stuck them together.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1109

Michael and Gavin watched again as Ray was given a pat on the head and cookie handed to him and scowled.

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What is a black hole?

When a star runs out of nuclear fuel, it will collapse. If the core, or central region, of the star has a mass that is greater than three Suns, no known nuclear forces can prevent the core from forming a deep gravitational warp in space called a black hole.

A black hole does not have a surface in the usual sense of the word. There is simply a region, or boundary, in space around a black hole beyond which we cannot see.

This boundary is called the event horizon. Anything that passes beyond the event horizon is doomed to be crushed as it descends ever deeper into the gravitational well of the black hole. No visible light, nor X-rays, nor any other form of electromagnetic radiation, nor any particle, no matter how energetic, can escape. The radius of the event horizon (proportional to the mass) is very small, only 30 kilometers for a non-spinning black hole with the mass of 10 Suns.

Can astronomers see a black hole? Not directly. The only way to find one is to use circumstantial evidence. Observations must imply that a sufficiently large amount of matter is compressed into a sufficiently small region of space so that no other explanation is possible. For stellar black holes, this means observing the orbital acceleration of a star as it orbits its unseen companion in a double or binary star system.

Searching for black holes is tricky business. One way to locate them has been to study X-ray binary systems. These systems consist of a visible star in close orbit around an invisible companion star which may be a neutron star or black hole. The companion star pulls gas away from the visible star.

As this gas forms a flattened disk, it swirls toward the companion. Friction caused by collisions between the particles in the gas heats them to extreme temperatures and they produce X-rays that flicker or vary in intensity within a second.

Many bright X-ray binary sources have been discovered in our galaxy and nearby galaxies. In about ten of these systems, the rapid orbital velocity of the visible star indicates that the unseen companion is a black hole. The X-rays in these objects are produced by particles very close to the event horizon. In less than a second after they give off their X-rays, they disappear beyond the event horizon.

However, not all the matter in the disk around a black hole is doomed to fall into the black hole. In many black hole systems, some of the gas escapes as a hot wind that is blown away from the disk at high speeds. Even more dramatic are the high-energy jets that radio and X-ray observations show exploding away from some stellar black holes. These jets can move at nearly the speed of light in tight beams and travel several light years before slowing down and fading away.

Do black holes grow when matter falls into them? Yes, the mass of the black hole increases by an amount equal to the amount of mass it captures. The radius of the event horizon also increases by about 3 kilometers for every solar mass that it swallows. A black hole in the center of a galaxy, where stars are densely packed, may grow to the mass of a billion Suns and become what is known as a supermassive black hole.

I’ve Put a Spell On You

A Ray Riding Hood Halloween Special <3

Happy Halloween <333
I hope everyone has a spooktacular day and remember stay safe!


Ray smiles brightly as he holds his pumpkin up to inspect it. The pumpkin had an elegant rose carved into it with thorns wrapped all around it. He had some others that were the typical skulls but this one he made special for Ryan. It was almost Halloween and for once he was excited. Usually he just stuck to his normal red hood to get candy from around the village but this year he had an actual costume. Mama Jack helped him make it and he was sure it his boyfriend would love it. Speaking of which, he wondered if Ryan dressed up for Halloween. Well he really didn’t have to he was kind of already half a wolf. Maybe he went around scaring people? He would just have to ask him later.

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