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In reply to the 'Jenga Syco' anon: Clear 'connection loss' results will become visible starting Sunday eve/Monday morn and will continue for a good week after that. From my knowledge as of now Feb. 1st is H's birthday and that's about it. RBB/SBB may have other plans though, they are not a controlled party. I'm not saying that to start some rumors about them pulling shit but just the fact that no one can stop them. Remember, the boys MODEST! contracts are null, Syco's are not. -MTA

I like the thought of the bears being unstoppable. So there you go anon. :)

Hello Everyone!

This is a new blog for all those under the trans umbrella or allies! UpWithTrans is all about spreading trans positivity, visibility, and resources. Whatever your gender orientation, cis or trans, binary or non-binary, you are welcome to be a part of this community.

In order to make sure we have the best reach and available content, our submission and ask box is open. Feel free to ask any of the mods questions, send a link to an article, show a good website or gofundme, and participate in our selfie days! Starting next week so that we can gain an actual following, there will be Visibility Days! There is:

  • Masculine Monday-for all the trans men out there
  • What’s a Binary Wednesday- for all of our non-binary pals
  • Feminine Friday- for the trans women to have some visibility too.

We will also accept submissions of art that has to do with UpWithTrans if that’s what you want to do. Any way you want to be involved is welcome!

That’s all for now

Mod Amethyst