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There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

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Pairing: Shawn Mendes x non-gender specific character
Request: 9, 20, and 125 from this prompt list/drabble challenge.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1438

Shawn has always been playful. First night back after two months of touring? A little more so. Tonight, every chance he gets he manages to discreetly smack my bum or  slide his fingertips up the back of my thighs. One would think that after having been separated from his family for months he would like to spend quality time with them, but halfway through the movie that’s playing in the Mendes living room after dinner he fakes sleepiness and excuses us both. I reluctantly follow him upstairs, wanting to finish the movie.

The second Shawn’s bedroom door closes behind us his arms encircle my waist from behind, and he kisses my neck. I spin around in surprise, seeing a grin plastered on his face.

“Okay what’s going on? You’ve been handsy all day!”

“Baby, I’ve missed you. I’ve been gone for ages, and I need you so bad.” He reaches out for me with his hands, pulling me close and kissing me. I push against his shoulders and take a step back.

“Your sister and your parents are downstairs, they could hear us. No way. We are not having sex tonight,” I say in the most serious voice I can muster while watching him bite his lip.

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Broken Water Heater

A ‘40s Bucky x Reader Drabble

Warnings: smut (fingering), sexual tension, slight teasing, 

“So, your water heater’s out?” Bucky crossed his arms; he had a smirk plastered on his lips. “Really?”

“I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t.” You matched his stance and folded your arms across your chest. “I would’ve just gone back to the compound had I known you were going to act like this.”

“Like what?” He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. “I’m just trying to make sure you’re not scamming me.”

“You’re acting like an arrogant womanizer.” You spat the words at him, ignoring the feeling you got whenever he licked his lips. “Now, please, can I use your shower?”

“Yeah.” Bucky nodded and gestured you into his shared apartment. Steve was nowhere to be seen. “You can use mine, Steve’s is a little wonkier so mine’s the better bet.”

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| Cute | Holoform!Bumblebee

“This better be good”

- the first words out of your mouth as you knocked on the door hard.

Sam answered almost immediately, as if he’d been waiting, eyes staring at you from under a mop of brown hair as his head popped out.

“Oh it is,” He verified, a smirk pulling up his lips. He leant against the doorframe. “Bee’s been nagging me to call you for ages.”

“Bee?” You rose an eyebrow, curiosity slightly pinched but the irritation at having to walk all the way over to Sam’s house still pricking you.

“Why didn’t he just come himself?” You muttered. Sam only supplied you with a slight shrug of his shoulders as you turned to walk to his garage.

“You better not get it on with my car, Y/N!” You heard him call. You slightly bristled, knowing he must’ve noticed the excitement you tried to hide at the fact that it was Bee who called you over.

“He’s not yours Sam!” You called back. “And get a haircut you dork! You look like a broom!”

You heard him yelp and looked back to see him run his hand into his slightly overgrown hair with a blanched face. Snickering to yourself, you entered the garage, letting his sounds trail off to silence.

The moment you entered, the bright yellow Camaro in the middle of the room instantly shook on it’s wheels.

You laughed as he transformed, quicker than you’d ever seen before, growing to his full height. He hunched slightly because of the short roof but his servos clicked rapidly, clearly excited.

“You look happy about something,” you teased, resting a hand on your hip.

Because I’m happy! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!” The song flowed from his speakers which made you give a very unattractive snort. Bumblebee nodded enthusiastically, going down on one knee so that you could see him better, and not have to look almost straight upwards to see his face.

You found yourself lost in the gaze of his impossibly blue optics for a moment, before shaking yourself out of it. “What did you want to show me?”

Bee blinked once, twice, slowly, then popped up again as if realizing that yes, he indeed wanted to show you something. His doorwings fluttered so childishly you almost cooed out loud.

He folded back down into his alt mode, the door opening smoothly without a creak.

“You want me to get inside?”

You – got it – sugar cakes,” came his voice in the distorted radio speech he used.

You rolled your eyes, sliding into the driver’s seat and buckling yourself in as a habit. Humming a tune under your breath, You tapped your fingers on the dashboard to the beat. Your other hand brushed a thumb over the AutoBot insignia in the middle of Bee’s wheel, your gaze growing soft.

“We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we bud?” You exhaled lightly, remembering all the exciting - albeit terrifying and life threatening - adventures you’d gone through with the Cybertronian.

That we – have,” The words were also without his usual enthusiasm, thoughtful as if he were sharing the same sentiments you were feeling.

You rested your palm fully on the seat, feeling the warmth almost pulsing beneath your fingers, instead of cold leather. It reminded you yet again that Bee was a living being - a sentient, amazing being that you had had the opportunity to meet.

“What would I be without you?” You mused softly, not realizing you were thinking out loud and also failing to feel the seat belt tightening around you, as if hugging you close.

“But hey!” You broke yourself from your emotional state, putting your hands on the wheel, twisting and pretending to drive down a street.

You grinned, laughing as you gave it another spin and made car sounds. Bee went along with it, turning as if you were actually controlling him, the engine revving loudly and sending you into another fit of giggles.

“Sam would freak out if he saw me in his seat,” You snickered, imagining said control freak sputtering and demanding you to get out of his ‘special seat’.

“But you wouldn’t mind would you Bee? After all I’m your favourite.” You joked, nudging the wheel playfully.

“Oh I definitely don’t mind,” A voice next to you drawled.

You stiffened.

Your eyes slid over, and to the right there was a guy, casually leaning on the dashboard with his cheek on his palm. He smirked as he captured your gaze.

You screamed.

Unbuckling your seatbelt roughly and ignoring the whine of opposition from Bee, you threw it off you. You nearly fell headfirst out the car as you leaned to open the door, forgetting it was already ajar. Eventually you made it out, slamming the door shut and backing away.

Your chest heaved as you panted for breath. “Who the hell are you??
Afterwards you instead turned to your best friend of two years. “Bee! Who the hell is that?? Did you know he was in there?”

I did,” Came the short and almost cheeky answer.

“You did?” You asked, calmed down slightly, assured in the fact that Bee would never let someone harmful stay with you in the car but still on edge. “How long has he been in there?”

“Since the start of the conversation”

You turned around so fast you could have gotten whiplash. The same guy was now right behind you even though you hadn’t even seen him leave the car.

“I wasn’t asking you,” you narrowed your eyes, stepping back, putting some space between you. “I was asking Bee” You didn’t even try to censor who you were talking to, seeing as if he had been there the whole time he would have already witnessed who Bee was.

“But I am-”

“Shush!” You said, irritatedly. “Bee, why aren’t you answering me?”

Beautiful – calm down – listen to me”

“I am listening to you!” You said, clearly not getting whatever was going on.

“No you’re not,” Mystery guy said again, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I’m not talking to you” You felt as if you wanted to rip your hair out, your voice raising in pitch at your frustration.

“Y/N, calm down,” He stepped closer, resting a hand on your arm. You jerked back instantly.

“Don’t touch me!”

He hissed, and you saw that your nails had scratched three angry red lines in his skin. Your head cleared a bit and you couldn’t help the worry that flooded you.

“H-Hey wait, I’m sorry,” you stanmered. “Are you okay?”

He only chuckled raspily. “This is not how I expected this to go at all.”

At his calm output you found yourself levelling back to earth. “Who are you?” You frowned. “Why were you in…”

At the look in his eyes, realization suddenly dawned on you. “…in..Bee…”

“Bee?” You said incredulously.

“The one and only babe,” he grinned, winking the same impossible eyes, such a deep and baby blue it was like you could swim in them.

“But, you, how, what?”

He chuckled, lifting an arm to scratch at his head, an arm where there were no scratches that had just been there, as if healed already.

“Ratchet invented these holoforms for us to be able to blend in with humans better,” He said.

“Ratchet what??”

After a long explanation you stood in the same spot, blinking owlishly. Groaning, you leaned against the hood of the car. “I need to lie down.”

Bee laughed before coughing suddenly, dissolving into hacks that instantly worried you.

“Bee?” You said, still in slight disbelief but coming to terms with the fact that was standing right before you.

“I-I’m alright,” he rubbed his throat, and you suddenly noticed that he had been speaking hoarsely the entire time, but now it was like a rake was being dragged down his throat. “Talked too much.”

That’s right, his vocal processor was never properly fixed, You thought sadly.

“Will you be ok?” You asked.

I’ll be – fine,” The radio spoke from his alt.

“Just can’t talk for a while after this,” Bee spoke again.

You grew disoriented from his different forms speaking. “That’s so weird.”

You bit your lip absentmindedly, tracing your eyes over the male. Shaggy golden locks that curled right beneath his ears, sky sapphire eyes and a smooth jawline. Unsurprisingly, the rest of his body was adorned in black and yellow articles of clothing.

“Holoform…right? Holo like hologram?” You asked. “Does that mean…can I…?” You raised a hand tentatively.

“Go ahead,” He prompted, putting his palm up, hovering in front of yours. You ventured closer, swallowing before letting your hand slowly connect with his. Your eyebrows visibly lifted when the tips of your fingers brushed warm skin, instead of phasing right through him.

“Wow,” you breathed and dashed your caution to the wind as you pressed your hand fully to his. “It feels…You feel so-”

“Real?” He grinned toothily, interlocking his fingers with yours. “It’s not. But pretty awesome right?”
He stared at your interlocked hands. “I’ve always wanted to do this with you.”

You ignored the way your stomach fluttered at those words, still in awe. “Wow Bee, just wow. I don’t know what to say.”

You’d been expecting something when you went over Sam’s house, but definitely not this!

“Shh,” he put a finger to your lips before leaping back with the grin still attached to his face. “Then don’t! Let me amaze you”

There was a small flash of light and then Bee was dressed differently, a leather jacket over a yellow ripped shirt that slightly showed his abdomen. There were boots with chains climbing up his legs and fingerless gloves on his hands. He leaned against his alt, sunglasses glinting.

Bee tilted the sunglasses down and peered over the top of them. “Impressed?”

You were silent for a few extra moments before you broke out into laughter once more.

Bee looked adorably confused. You just laughed harder.

“Oh Bee!” You wheezed. Something about the bad boy look on Bee had you in fits. He just looked so clueless, like a five year old kid dressed in ripped jeans and trying to look cool. “No matter how you try to look tough, you’re just too cute.”

Bee’s cheeks flamed and he lost his confident persona, sputtering. There’s the Bee you knew.

“But, but I,” He actually whined, crossing his arms. “Y/N!

You were too busy rolling on the floor to hear him, and Bee contemplated running you over underneath the tires.

“What? That’s a good thing!” You gasped, getting up and leaning on his alt for help. “Isn’t it?”

“Cute?” He murmured angrily, storming over to you. His hands came to box you in and you had barely stopped your laughter when you noticed that he had trapped you on his hood.

You felt your heartbeat pick up as he leaned closer, and you could count every golden eyelash framing narrowed, intense blue. “Am I cute now?” His voice had dropped, and due to the fact that it had already been hoarse, the depth only made a shiver run up your back.

You controlled your breathing, steeling yourself before looking up as if thinking.

“Yes, yes you are,” You said before poking him directly underneath his ribcage. He froze, letting out a giggle.

A giggle.

You lost yourself to laughter again as he whined in the background, and the car revved angrily.


[If Bee thought your reaction was bad, he definitely changed his mind when Sam let out a high pitched shriek when he came into the garage to check on you, throwing a chair at him.]


Essays in Existentialism: Footie II

MORE lexa soccer player please and thank you!

Previously on Footie

The ride home after a game was one of the best times on the planet. Coming down from the high of playing, from the adrenaline of winning, from the pressure of the team and herself, from that glorious feeling of her muscles twitching with built up lactic acid from leaving every ounce of sweat and preparation on the field. It was an almost sacred time.

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The most innovative aspect of the Vought F-8 Crusader supersonic fighter jet, the variable-incidence wing, which pivoted by 7° out of the fuselage on takeoffs and landings, allowing a greater angle of attack, and increasing lift without compromising forward visibility. Simultaneously, the lift was augmented by leading-edge slats drooping by 25° and inboard flaps extending to 30°.

How to be Parisian wherever you are

On skin…
- Beauty in France is epidermal - nobody cares that much about make-up, it’s what’s underneath that matters.
- Skin should look natural. Freckles can appear in spring… sometimes your cheekbones blush when you lie, and your whole face flushes when you are intimidated.
- French women avoid using foundation, which merely serves as a shroud, and therefore trivialises.
- Skin of your face must be treated as a canvas. Start with a moisturiser to smooth your skin.
- Hide any imperfections with concealers (such as YSL’s Touch Eclat) or a BB cream. If you really can’t live without your foundation, then mix it with a touch of moisturiser to mute its effect.
- Never go to bed without taking off your make-up, so you fall asleep not smelling like the party. Yes you climb into bed more tired for this care. But that’s the price we pay to save our skin.
- A few strokes of mascara (Hypnôse by Lancôme) - be generous on your top and bottom lashes, to accentuate your look and disguise any bags under your eyes.
- Bright red lipstick (Dior Addict) will not go amiss for a night out.

On hair…
One of the Parisienne’s most distinctive features is her head of hair. There are several characteristics that make it easy to identify. Her hair style is never “immaculate” and it’s rare that she goes for a blowout. She cultivates, depending on her age a type of capillary blur, to varying degrees of tidiness:
- Do not dye your hair, or if you do, only in your original colour to highlight it, or to hide any grey.
- Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer (in fact, you might as well throw your hair dryer away) but instead use two much more environmentally friendly resources: fresh air in summer and a towel in winter. Whenever possible, wash your hair in the evening rather than in the morning, so as not to leave the house with wet hair.
- There’s no point in accessorising your hair. Avoid hair clips or headbands if you’re over 18.
- As your face gets messier with age, your hair can get neater for balance.
- Either go all grey or no grey hair. Salt and pepper is for the table.
- Rum, honey, two eggs yolks and the juice of a lemon: not a recipe for baba au rhum, but just what you need for a restorative hair mask.

On nails…
- Short, clean nails, sometimes worn with polish.
- The French manicure is something of an enigma: it is the exact opposite of French chic. The Parisienne does not understand the point of it and never wears it.
- She’ll go to great lengths for a pedicure but wears mismatched underwear.
- Before throwing out a juiced lemon, rub it on your fingernails - it’ll strengthen and brighten them.

On plastic surgery…
- First choose one part to focus on, one single operation.
- Next, put off for as long as possible. In France it is rare to find a 35-year-old who has had plastic surgery.
- Generally the fight begins in your Forties, often with the help of hyaluronic acid and Botox.
- Resort to Botox no times than once a year, or else you run the risk of it becoming visible.
- Small lifts are contemplated after the age of 50: your eyelids, the bags under your eyes or the wrinkles around your mouth,
- At the age of 60, you can think about maybe getting a “mini-lift”.

On health…
- She drinks vodka in the evening and green tea in the morning.
- She eats a four-cheese pizza but puts Stevia in her coffee.
- Once a week, brush your teeth wtih baking soda - it’s a natural whitener.
- Drink a gallon of water before going to sleep - it’s the best way to avoid a hangover.
- Your skin retains the memory of every party you ever went to, under your eyes and at the corners of your lips. Be wary of your excess.
- Your skin, hair and nails all love beer. Not the kind you drink - that gives you a belly - but instead beer in the form of brewer’s yeast. Sprinkle it on salads, steak and vegetables. It’s an excellent alternative to salt.
- On exercise? She thinks of her mother’s backside and the cost of a gym membership, but that’s not enough.
- In short, you’re not a slave to the cult of the perfect body - so learn to make the best of what nature gave you.
- An aromatherapy massage isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment in well-being.

On imperfections…
- The Parisienne retains her little imperfections, cherishes them even (the gap in her smile or her slightly crooked tooth, her prominent eyebrows or strong nose): these are the signs of a certain strength or character and allow her to feel beautiful without being perfect.
- The Faux Pas: over-plucking your eyebrows. Having lip augmentation - it makes you look like a duck. Wearing too much make-up. Having more than two different colours in your hair.

On perfume…
- Find your perfume before you turn thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years.
- Be unfaithful: cheat on your perfume, but only on cold days.
- A touch of perfume on your hair, behind your ear or on the nape of the neck, never did anyone any harm.
- Always put on perfume before going out.

Until The End of Time

fanfic writer: MaximumKillshot

Warnings: OK this is what I call, SUPER FLUFF… It is semi lethal at times… I figured that a Monday needs a little !Pregnant ReaderX!Daddy Dean love.

A/N: This is a concept that I came up with months ago and then I had A brain storm a few days ago and this beautiful rainbow popped out! Posted this Monday by request of @kawaiilivkitty. Enjoy the fluff!!

Originally posted by spn-spam

It was dark in the bunker. At least in this part… Dean was sleeping comfortably in his room when he felt something that he hasn’t felt in a while. He didn’t feel your familiar warmth next to him. When Dean rolled out of bed he wondered if you had gone to the bathroom or something, then he heard a dull thumping sound.

When Dean looked at the clock it was 4:00am. Dean went to see what was wrong. He grabbed his gun and slowly opened the door, his wedding ring shining slightly in the dim light of the hall.

Dean went to the bathroom to see if you were there and you weren’t. Then he checked the kitchen and you weren’t there either. He started to hear the thumping louder and louder until he saw the light from the firing range on. And the thumping was no longer thumping, it was preceded by what sounded like a bone being gnawed and Then a loud thwack!. It was repeated a few times.

Dean cautiously approached the door and flung it open to find you drawing a bow with an arrow already loaded and then releasing it at the target with deadly percision, going directly through the head for the now joining the other arrows from your quiver in the target. “I was waiting for you to get up, I got out the 100lb for you, if you wanna join” you said with a smile as you grabbed your tummy wincing a bit.

“ what’s wrong, are you in pain, did your water break? Is the baby ok?” asked Dean, holstering his weapon and practically running toward you.

“Nothing, nothing, the baby’s been using me as a punching bag for the last two hours is all” you said laughing, earning another kick from the baby directly to your lung.

Where’s the hotspot now?“” asked Dean as he knelt down and kissed your belly. Ever since the 7 month mark this baby’s been kicking up a storm. Marry laughed when you told her because Dean used to do that to her all of the time. Any time of day, any day of the week.

“Well last kick landed to my left lung, the one before that was the liver, but tonight she’s been favoring the intestines and bladder, which is oh so fun” you said sarcastically as the baby gave you another one right to the lower intestine.

“She’s gonna come out with boxing gloves” he said laughing as he felt around your upper belly, feeling the baby kick yet again. “Man she’s hitting hard! You craving anything, need me to go out and get something for you?” said Dean to your belly. He then put his ear up to listen to the belly. You’re about to pop so you can sometimes hear the baby sloshing around in there and even see a foot or a hand through your tummy.

Then Dean looked up at you with his emerald green eyes and shruged and said “I’m getting nothing baby”.

You started laughing at how cute Dean turning into a dad turned out to be. He was enjoying every minute of it. Even the kicks to The back or stomach that the baby gives him through your belly while he’s sleeping.

“Hey babe are your feet hurting? Your legs are getting swollen” stated Dean as he looked concerned at your swollen bare feet. They had been like this for the past few weeks, anymore than 15 minutes on them and they turn into Macy’s Day Floats. Well at least that’s what people tell you, you haven’t been able to see the damn things since month 5. You can’t even shave anymore, Dean has to do it. Which he doesn’t mind because he still thinks your sexy, gorgeous, and a complete badass. While you think that you look like a beached beluga whale.

“Hun?” asked Dean, bringing you back to reality. “Hmm, what was that babe, sorry I just zoned a bit” you responded. “Do your feet hurt?, they’re really swollen” said Dean now lightly touching your right ankle, which is turning the ever terrifying reddish blue with blood rushing to it.

“ a bit I guess, I’ve been distracted by your daughters impersonation of Layla Ali" you said chuckling. “Well let’s sit you down, you’ve been up for 2 hours, you hungry baby?” said Dean as he took the bow out of your hand and grabbed the quiver. “ no not really, the baby’s kicking my intestines and it makes me wanna puke a bit..” you said, now realizing how bad your feet actually do hurt.

Dean had to help you down the hall and to the entertainment room. This pregnancy has been hard on you. For starters you didn’t stop puking until about two weeks ago. The doctor said was because you were full of extra hormones and that if your mom was the same way, it’s most likely hereditary. 

As you sat on the couch, you felt the blood rushing back to your body and you let out an audible sigh. Dean then put out his arm so that you could lay on his chest and watch tv.

Dean had his hand laying on your belly monitoring the fully active baby in your womb and man was she kicking hard. It was to the point that you were wincing in pain so Dean got up and got you a pillow, then sat on the floor next to your belly and rolled your night shirt up so that your belly was exposed.

“Hey Jody, calm down baby girl, your giving your momma a lot of pain.” said Dean as he rubbed your belly. The baby kicked in return at exactly where Dean’s hand was, visibly lifting it. “I know your awake and I know that you want to come out to meet us but it’s gonna be a few more months, okay sweetheart?” Said Dean trying to sooth the baby as much as possible.The baby then reached out a hand just above Dean’s. 

You looked at Dean, already being such a dad and semi-negotiating with his daughter to relax and  you smiled. 

Dean looked up to you and said “what?”

“Nothing, you are just already so good with her” you replied.

“ Well believe it or not, Sammy used to kick up a storm at night specifically. I remember seeing my dad trying to negotiate with Sam. It never worked but when I asked to try, Sammy always listened to me. I’d rub my mom’s belly and talk to him about all of the games we were going to play when he got old enough, how many adventures we were going to have, how no one could separate us and how I’ll always protect him… It was almost like he knew that we’d have only each other at one point so he trusted me only.” Said Dean as he looked at your belly and the still active baby. You could see a tiny bit of worry in his eyes. 

 You grabbed Dean’s hand reassuringly saying “Well now this time around it’s not just going to be you and the baby, alone. We are a team. She has her mommy, daddy, Uncle Sam, and Uncle Cas to protect her. And tons of other angels looking out for her like her Uncle Bobby, Uncle Rufus, Uncle Kevin. Never worry about her turning out with your responsibilities or with you turning into your dad, we have an army to make sure that doesn’t happen Dean”.

The baby started to kick harder again, almost signaling to change the topic and Dean smiled, “Why are you still kicking up a storm Jody?” said Dean as he rubbed your belly again. 

“Dean she’s not gonna relax” you said as she kicked forcefully again and then Dean started to sing to her and you immediately realized the tune as you first dance as husband and wife with Dean, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” by The Eagles: 

click here for the song

“I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”

Then you began to feel the baby relax a bit, still kicking but not as hard.

“Don’t you worry
Sometimes you’ve just gotta let it ride
The world is changing
Right before your eyes
Now I’ve found you
There’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”

You started to tear up as he gently rubbed your belly, lulling the baby to sleep with his smooth and calming voice.

“I would die for you
Climb the highest mountain
Baby, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do”

Dean’s other hand came up and wiped away your tears.

“I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive
When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”

By the end of the song the baby way quieted down and you were trying your hardest to not fully burst out into tears and Dean whispered, “What’s wrong baby?”

You replied with “I could never find a better song to describe you, Dean Winchester. I love you so much”

Dean kissed you on the forehead and said “and I love the both of you, with all of my heart until the end of time”.

When you made a move to get up Dean stopped you and said “Nope don’t do that, the baby will get up with the vibration of your feet hitting the floor, I got you”.

Dean then picked you up bridal style and brought you back to bed and as he got into bed you whispered, “How did you know to sing?, Sammy?” 

Dean responded with “Nope, whenever you’re having a bad nightmare I sing to you to get you out of it. I figured what mommy likes, the baby’s gotta like too. If it’ll calm you, it’ll calm her”.

You then smiled up at your husband and he said “what?” with a little chuckle.

And you replied with, “I’m just wondering how I got so lucky”

“Funny, because that’s exactly what I think about you two everyday” Said Dean as he kissed you and guided you to your favorite spot to sleep, with your head resting right on his chest, where you can hear the heartbeat of the man that you love, and will continue to love until the end of time.

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Gifted episode two

Lance was again on his room bouncing his ball when the door got open “Lance you wanna go to the playground” Jessica ask Lance shook his head “Lance you need to get some sun you’re gonna get sick c'mom baby” Jessica said pulling Lance up from his arms and taking him to the playground he sit down in he floor and bounce his ball against the floor he looked up totally artificial sky it was obvious even the youngest of the CRSC could know that Lance let out a sigh when some kids of his age came to sit down with him “hi” a girl said “hi” Lance answered “I’m Lana what’s your name?” The girl ask “Lance” he answered “so what’s your ability? I’m Tomas by the way” A kid ask Lance only looked at the kid in the eyes ^I don’t know exactly what is it but the doctors call it Telepathy^ “wow” Tomas said “what?” Lana ask “I can hear him in my mind” Tomas said “really?! My turn my turn” Lana said Lance looked at her and use his gift ^so Lana right? What is your ability?^ “amazing how do you do that?” Lana ask “I…don’t know I just born knowing how to do it” Lance answered “oh and answering your question levitation” Lana answer “you levitate thing?” Lance ask Lana nod “Tomas can also do something with his mind” Lana said “the doctors call it Memorial I can go into your brain and watch your memories but at the same time I do you see the memory I choose to watch too” Tomas said “wow” Lance said “so can you do anything else beside the telepathy?” Tomas ask “well I can give some strong headaches the doctors called them mental strokes” Lance said “oh…you’re so cool” Tomas said “heh you two are cooler than me” Lance said, Tomas Lance and Lana turn into close friends in no time.

They will comfort each other in the playground after one had a test Lance and Tomas normally had to put a helmet on and bite the silicone thing while Lana had to push her ability to the edge like lifting objects visibly heavier than her while she was connect to a bunch of cables that produce electricity, when Lance talked to people with his ability it wasn’t like he was normally talking it came with echo which was funny for Lance he could annoy the doctors this way ^making me suffer again doc?^ Lance let that into the doctor mind as he walk into the room “Lance do not use your ability on me unless you’re ask to do so” the doctor said “oh c'mom leave him he’s a teen he’s just having fun” Jessica said the helmet came down to Lance head “alright Lance I’m gonna need you to give this lady right here a mental stroke when this machine start alright?” Jessica said when a lady on a wheel chair came in “who is she?” Lance ask “oh no one important honey just do it ok” Jessica said “umm ok” Lance said “ok everything ready…and…go” the doctor said and Lance stared to give he woman the mental strokes “keep going Lance” Jessica said “fascinating it’s not just the mind the pulse of the victim raise and everything contract inside of her…amazing” the doctor said “c-can I stop?” Lance ask “no Lance keep doing it” Jessica said “also look at Lance mental strength it’s going higher so is his blood pressure” Jessica said Lance nose start to bleed “so there’s only an amount of power you can use huh?” Jessica said “Lance can you do a harder mental stroke?” Jessica ask “no! It hurt!!” Lance said but he was force to keep going until he screamed.

The days past and the test start turning more and more merciless every time less kids where playing they all where just….resting like they’ve never done it Lana was resting her head on Lance shoulder while Tomas throw his ball at the air “Lance you have a bruise here” Lana said “where?” Lance and without looking at her “in you collar bone” Lana said and before Lance could check a man in a black suit spoke “alright children listen up today we are going to select 20 kids that are going to go to the garrison installations to study for being pilots this is obligatory the test on you will keep going and they shall can interfiere with your classes you will rest depending the damage so lets stared” the man called 20 kids none of them was Lance, Lana or Tomas today Lance bracelet shine “a visit?” Lance said a guard came into the room and took him to the visit room unlucky for him that day he just finish a mental stroke test those always let him weak and visibly hurt it was his mom and dad “mama papa” Lance said “hi honey how are-oh my god” Lance mom cover her mouth “baby you look terrible” Lance mom said “see Max lo tenemos que sacar de aquí” Lance mom said wow Lance hasn’t hear Spanish in a long time.

His parents talk to him for a long time “Lance you wanna go back home baby?” Lance mom ask Lance turn at his dad ^are you still afraid of me Papá?^ Lance dad flinch at the voice in his head “papa is afraid of me I think I’m better here” Lance said and stand up “Lance mijo” Lance dad say “you know this is for the best right?” Lance dad said “what?!” Lance mom looked at him “if you said so” Lance shrug the guard called the kids and Lance leave ^I love you mama^ Lance mom looked at him “I LOVE YOU TOO MIJO!!” She yelled Lance was not going home anytime soon.

Six years pass Lance and Tomas lose Lana on a test she tried to lift a scholar bus and couldn’t she suffer a heart attack for the pressure of her own power today the man of the garrison came “hello children you know how this work 20 kids will come with me to turn into pilots this is not optional” the man say and start naming kids “Lana White” the man said ^She’s dead^ Lance told him with his power “alright then Lance McClain” Lance got shook where they calling him? No it couldn’t be “Tomas kill me” Lance said “Lance…oh god no” Tomas said “C'mon Lance you have to go” Jessica said “I…I don’t want to” Lance said “Lance McClain” he got called again Lance stand up and walk to the man Lance for took the garrison where he got a dorm and a roommate but he still wore his bracelet and it still beep when he was going to have test he slowly liked the garrison he wanted to be a fighter pilot but looks like nothing ever goes to Lance favor he was always compare to this other pilot Keith his roommate hunk was a nice guy but really curious he will always ask why his bracelet beep and where he always go when it did or why he looked so sick he time keep passing and the routine trap Lance once again it was fighter simulator problems with Iverson test pain sleep repeat.

But for the first time something different happen and Lance end up in space with his two friends Pidge and hunk his ‘rival’ or that’s how Lance called him and his hero Shiro on this gigantic blue lion Lance pass to be a defender of the universe he kept his ability as a secret tho it wouldn’t be convenient if his team knew what if Allura and coran wanted to experiment on him Noel it wouldn’t happen nu-uh.

Eventually the homesickness hit the castle everyone was sad specially Lance he missed his mom his siblings his Abuela he missed Tomas and he always missed Lana she was the soul of his little group and when she die she took a piece of Lance with her the team was arguing Lance didn’t know why or for what so he remain silence at a point listening at his teammates fight “I say we form voltron and end Zarkon for once!” Keith yelled “and then what?! We get capture and fucked up?!” Pidge yelled “Pidge control your language that’s the your third curse” shiro said “oh fuck of shiro” Pidge said “guys! None of us is thinking clear” hunk said “oh shut up hunk you haven’t done anything beside fail in every mission! You don’t even want to be here!!” Keith yelled “Keith control your anger!! This is ridiculous” shiro yelled Lance was getting mad “guys relax this is out of control” Lance said “oh you wanna talk about control then why don’t you control your stupid jokes and dumb flirting and do something useful for once huh?” Pidge said Lance knew he had to stop his team so he stand up looked at his team and ^ENOUGH!^ his voice made echo inside everyone’s mind but not in the castle his team turn at him and got amazed by what they saw ^You all should stop fighting like some kindergarten kids!! We are out of control and if we have this trouble being friends then we suck at being paladins nOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!^ the team was amazed Lance just said all of that without moving his mouth and only the paladins heard him Allura and coran didn’t.

“Wow Lance how did you calm them?” Allura ask “you didn’t hear what he said?” Shiro ask “he didn’t said anything” Allura answered “Lance how did you?” Pidge say and stare at Lance “I…I gotta go” Lance rush to his room and lock the door “fuck fuck fuck damn it fuck!” Lance said his team already out of his door “Lance i think we all need to talk” shiro said Lance was so fucking screw he had to use his gift didn’t he?


I Will Always Love You The Most - Chapter One

“She’s beautiful, she’s innocent, she’s everything that’s good.”

Mor had never seen her before.

Which was a strange thing in itself, since Mor knew practically everyone in this school, but yet hers was a face she definitely didn’t recognize. And if she had, Mor knew she would have remembered it.

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Serious Business

“Shepard, I want to begin by making it clear to you that this is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous vidcall I have ever been asked to make in the entirety of my life thus far.”

At the sound of Liara’s voice, Shepard’s eyes immediately jumped from the report they were reviewing to the terminal at her left. It was obvious that Liara was trying to hide her amusement, and failing quite spectacularly in the process. The sight brought a genuine smile to Shepard’s face, and with it, a flood of contented happiness.

“Ah, Shadow Broker,” she said in greeting, leaning casually back against her seat and clasping her hands behind her head. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Would you happen to know why I just received an uncharacteristically bizarre call from Tali and Garrus? Bizarre in the sense that neither one of them could stop laughing long enough to explain why they were calling in the first place.” She paused to wait for an answer, which came only in the form of a sparkling grin from the commander. “Miranda was the one who finally conveyed the message to me,” she continued, “and, for the record, Shepard, she seemed significantly less amused. Something about ‘wasting time’ and ‘not as funny as she thinks she is,’ which I assume was directed at you.”

“Couldn’t be. I’m exactly as funny as I think I am. Which, at the moment, is pretty peak.”

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Sketch lifting: How to paint from grayscale (without it looking muddy)

their’s a fair bit of contention around the best method for grayscale painting and whether it even worth labouring over in the first place

but its a good skill to learn, especially if your interested in concept design, which i know a lot of you are ;^)

the whole grayscale painting shebang can seem daunting and confusing but once you get the basics down its a lot simpler than it seems 

not everyone is gong to use the same technique, and at the end of the day its whatever gets the job done. i’ll be showing one of the methods used most often by those in the industry, and what i think gives you the cleanest end result 

*warning this is a long ass post*

start off with your grayscale under painting or sketch, this was a rougher than i normally use, but it worked out well for the piece  

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SanversWeek Day 5- Domestic

Maggie parked her bike in the garage below and headed for the stairs that would take her up to apartment she shared with Alex. She still couldn’t quite believe that they actually lived together.

They had officially moved in together four months ago after the continuous teasing from the Superfriends that they basically lived together anyway, Alex had, a few days later, presented her with a key in a little box and asked very seriously if she’d like to move the rest of her socks in.

As she climbed the stairs to the sixth floor, Maggie thought about how amazing, and at times ridiculous, the past four months had been;

The time she had come home to find Alex and Kara giggling in the fort they had made in the living room, yelling from the inside that Maggie wasn’t allowed in unless she had brought the food they requested.

The time she was hit in the head with a foam bullet the minute she walked through the door, her own nerf gun sitting on the key table with a simple note tucked underneath; Winners choice ;)

The time she had found Kara pacing nervously, wringing her hands, so much anguish written on her face but unable to get the words out. Maggie had recognised that look; it was the look of a Danvers woman on the verge of coming out. Four pints of ice cream later and more pot stickers than Maggie thought National City was capable of producing, Kara was sniffly but calm, ready to ask a certain Luthor out on a date.

The time she had come home to find the apartment lit only by soft flickering candlelight and Alex dressed in beautiful red lace lingerie, moving her hips to the sultry bass coming from the iPod dock as she gently pushed Maggie down into a chair and gave her the first of what would be many lap dances.

The time she found Alex curled up on the floor in front of the sofa, half a bottle of scotch gone, proclaiming she wasn’t good enough for anything or anyone. But how she had let Maggie take care of her, had drunk the water from the glass Maggie offered and trusted her enough to let everything go and just cry in Maggie’s arms.

The time they had christened every surface they could possibly think of, including the balcony window and kitchen floor.

The time she had come home with flowers after their first proper fight, only to discover Alex on the other side of the door with the exact same flowers grasped tightly in her hands.

The time she walked in on Alex wearing nothing except one of her own oversized NCPD jumpers and her reading glasses, engrossed in the latest science journal. She swore her heart stopped for a brief moment before she bounced onto the bed and pulled Alex down with her.

Maggie knew in all those moments, even before the I love you’s were spoken out loud, that she did in fact love Alex Danvers, that she loved her with her whole being, her whole soul… even if the woman still refused to give her a flash grenade- something the Detective was still intently working on.

She came back into the present as she scraped her key into the lock and opened their apartment door, completely unprepared to take in the sight that greeted her. Alex was wearing the ‘kiss the cook’ apron she had bought for Maggie as a joke and was flapping a tea towel at the smoke detector, frantically muttering ‘don’t go off, don’t go off’ under her breath, too distracted to realise her girlfriend had returned home and was standing there thoroughly amused and watching her.

Apparently, whilst the incredible Agent ‘badass’ Danvers could intimidate any human or alien being on the planet (and beyond) with just her index finger… inanimate objects did not feel the same way, and the smoke detector soon started its painfully high pitched bleeping.

‘Fuck!’ Alex mumbled as she dragged the small set of steps she had also bought for Maggie as a joke towards the floor below the alarm (although she had caught Maggie using them a few times to reach items in the top cupboards, a fact that Maggie vehemently denied).

Knowing exactly what her girlfriend was about to do, Maggie decided to make her presence known before things got worse…

‘NCPD! Step away from the smoke detector Miss, I repeat, step away from the smoke detector…’

Alex startled suddenly, wobbling precariously on top of the steps as she looked at Maggie, her eyes wide with guilt.

‘I wasn’t…’ Alex gestured, unsure of what she could say that would keep her out of trouble.

‘You weren’t what? Going to tear down the fourth smoke detector in as many months?’ Maggie chastised, although there was a smile on her face.

Alex reluctantly silenced the alarm with a push of the tiny button at the front, and sheepishly moved back to where the remains of what was supposed to be a romantic dinner sat smoking in the large saucepan.

Maggie walked towards Alex and unclipped her gun and badge, laying them on the table. She nuzzled up behind Alex, kissing the back of her neck, and wrapped her arms around the agent’s waist, smiling as she felt Alex lean back into her, the stress of cooking visibly lifting away.

After one more kiss, Maggie took a quick glance at the pot on the stove with the blackened and charred mess at the bottom ‘Danvers… how did you manage to burn pasta?!’

Alex sighed and unwrapped herself from Maggie’s embrace. She lifted the pot with one hand and dropped the entire thing into the kitchen bin, shaking her head sadly.

“One day I’ll get it right…” She said determinedly as she headed to the fridge and pulled two take away menus from underneath a pride flag magnet.

‘Pizza or Chinese?’ she questioned with a smile, holding them both out to Maggie.

Maggie rolled her eyes as she took the Chinese menu from Alex and pulled her phone out of her pocket.

Glow 2/4 (Biadore/Trixya)- Houdini

A/N: Come on, inconsistent updates! Seriously, I was blown away by the response to the first chapter. Unfortunately, moving and all has got me stressed, so I’m aiming to have weekly updates for this and Hey Stranger, although they may be bi-weekly instead. This chapter was pretty necessary to stay somewhat realistic, and I’ve got big plans for part 3! As always enjoy, and if you’ve got questions/feedback/just wanna chat; hit me up at princess-banana-lady -xoxo Houdini

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guysfeet88  asked:

If you're still taking prompts, maybe one where Scott and Stiles make a bet and loser licks the others feet and musky body after Lacrosse?

Fuck. YES.

“Can’t back out now.” Scott smirked, wiggling his toes at Stiles from across the room, Stiles doing his best to put on a show of being disgusted- despite this having been his plan all along.
He was a manipulative little shit, and he loved Scott, they were basically brothers, but he wasn’t the most colorful crayon in the box. Things went over his head sometimes, and Stiles prided himself in his ability to lie. He’d never lie to Scott, but the supernatural shit had become so stressful, that he needed a damn break. A good break. A sexy break. A /nasty/ break. And who was nastier than Scott?
He didn’t know it of course. Not really. Stiles only brought it up every now and then, having come to love his friends odor ever since they’d both started sprouting pubes, and their funk started getting thicker, the longer they’d go without showering. No longer smelling like sweaty kids, but musky teens. The first time he’d stolen Scott’s underwear, he’d cum twice and still hadn’t gotten soft, and he had to furiously google to make sure there wasn’t something wrong. They’d never been religious, but the whole situation reeked of religious comeuppance.
And balls. Scott’s balls smelled so good.
His plan was simple. Bring up his stink less and less, but when he did, make sure he made a big show of it. Waft it away, plug his nose, move as far away as possible. Let it be known that Stiles wanted nothing to do with it, when the truth couldn’t have been farther from it. Then he brought up a bet, and Scott pieced the punishment together perfectly. 
A weekend tournament of Call of Duty. Most wins, wins. Loser only had to sniff the sneakers of the winner for five minutes to begin with. Too soft, Stiles simply huffed and decided it wasn’t worth it if the punishment was so weak. Scott, red in the face, shook his head and proposed something more intense. Full stink bomb. Lick the feet, pits, and taint of the winner clean. After lacrosse practice. The following Friday, probably because he knew he might have only showered once before then, so if he won Stiles would be in for it. Which is exactly what he wanted. (The idea of the taint hadn’t even crossed Stiles’ mind, but he was happy Scott was suddenly so imaginative.))
He’d put up a fight till the end, claiming a sprained finger, and ‘trying’ with all his might to win, but ultimately losing last minute. Smiling behind his hands as he groaned, and Scott danced. No details needed to be sorted out. Friday night, at Stiles’ house while his dad was at work. He knew what he’d have to do, and he couldn’t help jerking his dick until it was red and raw and aching in his shorts the next day. And every day that week, until Friday. 
“I can smell them from here.” Stiles gagged, pulling a pillow over his face, and scrunching his legs up to hide his hard on. Small chubby cock soaking his underwear, and it would no doubt start leaking through his sweats soon. 
“At least cover your eyes. Not like anyone else is here, so just…don’t look.” Stiles finished finally, not moving until Scott whined and tugged his shirt up over his eyes, revealing the soft skin of his tan belly- and that thick happy trail leading into his shorts. Jesus.
“Head up to.” He mumbled, trying not to move with to much eagerness as he moved to seat himself in front of the boys feet. Making too much noise as he settled, so he could take deep whiffs of the funky feet in front of him without Scott knowing. Yet. 
“I wanna hear you sniffing.” Scott said, almost as if he’d known, and Stiles nodded unconsciously- leaning forward and sighing dramatically, before taking his first clear breath. Choking and gagging afterwards, before gulping audibly and doing it again. “Clock in the living room will let you know when you have to move to my pits.” Scott giggled, wiggling his toes again, and shifting to get comfortable. All while Stiles tugged his sweats down below his fuzzy nuts to play with himself. Sniffing all along Scott’s soles, and heels. Before his friend became impatient, and Stiles started to lick. The tang feeling wrong and right on his tongue, and he came. Quiet and breathy, the sounds of his cum coating the floor in front of him a small puttering Scott could obviously hear, but he didn’t say anything about it. Settling back and tensing as Stiles slid his big toe into his mouth. Swirling his tongue around it, before pulling off to bring both of his feet together. “Might as well get them clean at the same time. Don’t wanna have to drag this into another hour.” He coughed, sliding his mouth down over both of his big toes, moaning quietly at the taste of them. They way they stretched his cheeks. His spit leaking between them and down the bottoms of Scott’s feet. Which he pulled back just before the hour was up, to rub against Stiles’ face. 
When the sound of the clock rung out, Stiles quickly slid his cock back into his pants, and stood up- pressing a hand into Scott’s face to keep his shirt over his eyes. “Pits next. Lord knows your gooch is gonna be the worst.” He grumbled, mouth already watering as Scott lifted his shirt up under his arms, and then over his head- linking his fingers there to give Stiles all the access he’d need. ‘Dude…sorry, they stink a lot worse then I thought they did.” He laughed, sounding one hundred percent not sorry at all. But Stiles didn’t care.
Scott had to know what he was doing now. There was no way he didn’t. He wasn’t that dumb. He had to hear the wet sounds of Stiles’ cock as he stroked it with his cum from before, taking deep breaths of his pit stink, licking each individual drop of sweat and funk from the wiry hairs. Jut burying his nose in the curls of it, before gasping from the short huffs of breath he’d been taking. He’d cleaned them both thoroughly in a matter of minutes, dropping back down on his knees in front of Scott to lift his legs after. Scott barely having tugged his shorts down and up to his balls, exposing the bottom of his crack, and his hairy taint to Stiles, before he’d pressed his nose in and moaned. Loudly. Eyes meeting Scott’s as he let his shirt drop, his eyes black with small red circles around his pupils. Just barely visible, as he lifted his legs higher and smiled. “Dig in dude.” And fuck if that wasn’t the sexiest thing Stiles had ever heard.
He didn’t have the best angle to get into his ass, which is what he wanted, because it stank so fucking good, he could just imagine the sour tang of his hole on his tongue now. But he settled for his taint. Licking with broad strokes across it, digging his tongue into the flesh their to make Scott’s cock throb in his shorts- some of his pre even leaking down over his balls and onto his taint for Stiles to taste. 
When his tongue had just barely flicked against the bottom of his crack, he was surprised to hear a loud grumbling fart spill from Scott’s hole. His friend tense, eyes back to their chocolate brown, and his face going impossibly red. “I…fuck dude, sorry I didn’t-” But Stiles cut him off, dogging his nose into his crack to sniff up whatever Scott was willing to give him. Scott growling at the intense act of submission, his cock jerking to orgasm in his shorts, as he reached down to tangle his fingers in Stiles’ hair, and shove him deeper in his ass. “You’re gonna spend tonight with your face in my ass. You know how much gas I let out while I sleep. Special treat for you.” He hissed, and Stiles whined in response. Their bet going above and beyond what he could’ve ever hoped for.

((Lord this was fun to write. I gotta go jerk off now, hope you like it!))

((Little picture of Scott’s ass for you all before I go ;) ))

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you only write a fic about Malec? I mean, sure I love them. But I kinda need a fic where Raphael being there for Magnus after 2x12 and being mad at everyone cuz he didn't know what had happened to Magnus :D

So I wrote this… probably not what you imagined but I hope it’s not too bad… 

part 2

He’s been trying to reach Magnus since last night, assuming that he’s been with his boyfriend, and when the sun finally set today he came over right away, safe in the knowledge that Lightwood is back at the institute.

If he crosses this family again any time soon, he will definitely commit murder. Especially after what happened with Simon and Isabelle yesterday. He feels a kind of wrath he hasn’t for the longest time, no one threatens his family and gets away unscathed – and yet, those goddamn wolves got in his way – Garroway needs to stop playing daddy for these insolent kids – or do a much better job of it.

He feels conflicted going with this to Magnus, but after losing Ragnor, he really doesn’t have anyone else to go to. He feels a jolt of pain twitching inside his chest he usually suppresses successfully, but thinking about his dead friend so suddenly, he feels cutting anger flaring inside him with an exuberance.

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