viserys why...................


Viserys had been stupid and vicious, she had come to realize, yet sometimes she missed him all the same. Not the cruel weak man he had become by the end, but the brother who had sometimes let her creep into his bed, the boy who told her tales of the Seven Kingdoms, and talked of how much better their lives would be once he claimed his crown.

cuddling - bran stark headcanon (requested)


•He is obviously the big spoon

•But when he’s feeling down you take that responsibility

•Listening to each others heartbeats and slow breaths

•Talking about useless stuff

•Bran telling you about his visions

•Him holding you really tight, because he is scared of losing you

•He is sometimes really insecure about the fact that you might leave him

•You reassuring him like a thousand times that, that isn’t going to happen



•Holding hands

•Small kisses everywhere

•You like when he is kissing you on the forehead

•You feel so safe in his arms

•Confessing to each other

•Happy vibes, even if it is the middle of the war

•Eventually you are falling asleep

•He always makes sure that you are safe, before he goes to sleep


asoiaf + closest siblings

Viserys x Female Reader

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Imagine being Viserys’s wife and queen of the Seven Kingdoms where you are known for your feisty yet caring nature.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

You have no idea how much I’ve missed your imagines!! I was wondering if you could do an AU plot where Viserys is Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and the reader is ruling with him as his Queen? ♥ Hope you’re having a wonderful week and thanks in advance, darling~!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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How Jon was probably named tbh
  • Rhaegar: And we will name him Aegon!
  • Lyanna: But you already have a son named Aegon...
  • Rhaegar: Aegon
  • Lyanna: No-
  • Rhaegar: Aegon
  • Lyanna: But-
  • Rhaegar: aEGON

Imagine: Being the younger sister of Daenerys and impressing Jon Snow. (Not apart of the Warmth series.)

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With the destruction of the Greyjoy ships and the loss of alliance from Dorne…your older sister wasn’t happy. You did your part by teaming up with Tyrion and trying to plan for future attacks or tragedies’. A few days ago Jon Snow the proclaimed King of the North had arrived with a small group of Northern men and that meeting only served to dampen your sister’s already foul mood.

She had been clearly instructed by her sister to keep her distance because she didn’t quite trust these men yet. You were her treasure, just like her dragons, and she would fight to protect you at any costs.

You were bore though—while these Northern men were allowed to roam the castle while you were stuck in certain rooms deep within the castle. “I want to be out in the fields with the dragons,” You complained to your sister in the strategy room, “Why are you so intent on keeping me in the dark?” Your sister was staring down hard at the wooden table silent as she thought. Tyrion was nearby drinking some wine and watching your sister with curious eyes.

“I don’t trust them completely.” She replied in a quiet voice.

“I’m not some caged bird, you know.” You easily accused.

“You’re a dragon.” She corrects with some hard to hear sarcasm.

You’re eyebrow twitches with irritation. Your sister had some shit timing with her humor. “Are we really going to have this argument?” You coolly demanded with a serious face.

She sighs and finally looks up at you, “Not today.”

You huff and cross your arms over your chest, “I am not some caged beast, Dany. You always say that a dragon is not a slave well, I certainly feel like one. We’re on our home island, the dragons are constantly flying ahead, and we have a rather large army willing to die for the both of us here.”

Dany looks like she will not budge but you know your sister very well. “We are safe here. No one is brave or dumb enough to even come near the island especially with Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal in the air.” You urge her knowing it would be the final push for her to grant you your freedom.

She pursues her lips, deep in thought, and answered back, “Fine, I will grant you your freedom and in return you have to play the piano for me.” She smirks slowly and you try not to groan. You hated playing that bloody thing but Dany loved it. You only did it for her because you liked seeing the peaceful expression on her face whenever you played. Dany always told you that Mother played as well and would always play for her and Viserys.

Viserys had forced you to learn since, well, you looked the most like mother. Dany was a combination of father and mother but you were the spitting image of Rhaella Targaryen. Perhaps that was the reason why Viserys was always gentler to you and preferred you over Dany…so much to the point where Viserys had told Dany that you were meant to marry him to keep the Targaryen blood line alive.

You loved your brother but the idea of marrying him was disgusting.

You often did miss him though.

“Ah, will I finally hear you play?” Tyrion brightened up—the last few weeks had been rough for the Lannister.

He always pestered you to play just a little something for him.

You sigh knowing it was a small sacrifice to pay for your freedom, “Fine.”

Dany smiled and nodded, “Go on and break your fast with Tyrion. I will call you to the throne room after.” She instructed looking very eager to hear you play. It had been a very long time since you last played and you almost felt guilty for not playing earlier to bring some comfort to your sister.

Tyrion was at your side as they both of you made way to the dining room to eat. “Why are you so eager anyway?” Tyrion questioned once the both of you were a safe distance from Daenerys.

“I want to go to the beach and collect sea-shells.” You admit brightly.

Tyrion let out a loud laugh, “Is that what all your fussing is for? You want sea-shells?” He looks greatly amused and even surprised by such an innocent motive. It has been a very long time since he’s seen such innocence and it reminded him a lot of Myrcella.

You nod not feeling offended by his amusement, “I had planned on sewing a new gown for my sister and I wanted to add sea-shells.” You explained vaguely.

Tyrion chuckled shaking his head, Ah, Y/N, you are a rather odd Targaryen.”

You giggled and took that as a compliment.


Breaking fast with Tyrion was always enjoyable. It wasn’t long until you were making way towards the throne room. Tyrion matching your step looking extremely eager to hear you play the piano. Even Tyrion knew that a piano was extremely rare and for a woman to play was rarer. Viserys managed to convince some rich lord into giving you piano lessons. It wasn’t long until the lord had been so impressed with your skill that he offered the instrument to you with no strings attached.

“It would only sit here collecting dust and being sad,” You remember him saying with even some woe, “When you play it, it comes alive.”

You always wondered what became of him. He was perhaps dead by now. It had been such a long time since that happened. Dany was sitting on her throne speaking with Varys and the piano that your mother used to play sat elegantly in the middle. Your father had given your mother this as a wedding gift.

Despite the mutual dislike your parents had…Rhaella loved this instrument. You were glad that King Stannis had enough sense not to mess with such a rare instrument. It looked well cared for despite the years it had been since Rhaella last played it.

“I have an audience.” You take note of Missandei walking in hurriedly with a smile of excitement.

“It is not everyday we hear you play.” The former slave smiled gently at you.

You chuckle softly as Tyrion joins Varys and Missandei. You take your seat in front of the piano. You have seen only two pianos before but this one was…the fairest of them all. It was made of white wood with the Targaryen sigil on the top and the keys were of some sort of black and red porcelain.

A lot of gold went into this lovely instrument and it showed.

Your mother sat here…stroke these keys. You weren’t sure what you were feeling…grief? Was it excitement? Or was it some feeling of somberness? “Mother played while she was pregnant with you.” Dany murmured—her voice bouncing off the stone walls.

You nodded though you barely heard her—you were too focused on staring at the black and red keys. It was such a dark contrast against the white wood. You straighten your back and you hover your delicate fingers over the dark keys. You breathed in and out before letting your fingers stroke the keys expertly and with care.

The large room is filled with soft, delicate sounds.

You play Viserys favored melody. Daenerys’s face softened at the sound because she knew. Your brother died in a horrible way but his greed blinded him and bound him to his fate. You remember that night vividly; that night, so long ago, was meant to celebrate that Dany was with child—the future of the tribe and your precious niece or nephew.

You and Dany had thrived with the Dothraki but Viserys didn’t and it showed.

You remember him barging in, Jorah attempting to subdue him, and Viserys pulling his sword. You were terrified because you had never seen him so…crazed and lustful towards something so mundane. You attempted to calm him as he wielded the blade towards your sister and her unborn child but he cut your cheek and threw you to the side yelling that you should learn your place.

“Your place, you whore, is beside me your future husband!

Your eyes flashed with sorrow as he threatened to take Dany from Drogo and even threaten the unborn child inside of her. You were so disgusted towards him…more then ever. You hated him at that point. How low could he scope to threaten his own flesh and blood?

You remember the fury brewing behind Drogo’s calm façade. You remember one of his blood-riders gently grabbing you and placing you far away from your deranged brother. One of the women had pressed a wet cloth to your cheek and even asked if you were alright.

Even now, you could feel the sting from his blade.

Drogo spoke and his words were directed towards your sister and you—asking for permission for something…you dreaded. Daenerys was staring at your brother and gave her answer to him—that he would get his crown and men would tremble before it.

His face…you mentally shook your head. His face washed with relief and joy. A crown was all he ever wanted. It was then that the great Khal rose to his feet as Viserys lowered his weapon and backed away with a smile.

Drogo and Dany exchanged glances before your sister looked to you.

You had tears in your eyes but inside you just knew it had to be done. You couldn’t risk him having another deranged episode and actually killing the unborn child inside of her. She looked back up at the Khal and it was done.

You would never forget his screams.

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Your fingers paused and the melody was broken.

“Do you regret killing Viserys?”

It was Dany who asked. She knew you too well.

You shook your head, “No, it was either him or your child.”

She was quiet because she, too, was haunted by the screams of Viserys dying. You straighten your back and resume the melody that your sister loved. It was a whimsical and gentle melody that always left your sister with a gentle smile on her face—a rare sight.

“She’s a natural.” Tyrion praised letting the angelic melody flood his ears.

“And yet she hates to play.” Dany mused.

“Well, she was forced by your brother to learn.” Varys commented.

When you were finished, you smiled up at your sister. She smiled back at you because she knew you hated to play but only did so for her. It was then that the great room was echoing with the sound of hands clapping. All attention was turned to the entrance of the throne room where Ser Davos stood with his King.

Your eyes landed on this King of the North and you felt your heart stutter at his rugged beauty. He looked so odd to the men you grew up around. You were used to darker, tanned skin not this pale flesh you saw on this man.

His eyes were a dark color—you could not see his pupils or the white in his eyes. He had a scar over his right eye and his hair was pulled up but a few of his curly locks fell around his head. He was the most exquisite man you had ever seen.

He was the one who was clapping.

“Jon.” Your sister’s voice was sharp and you could tell she was tensed. Your existence was always a top priority for your sister. Not many knew of the existence of a younger Targaryen—not even Robert Baratheon or Tywin Lannister.

“Forgive me,” Jon says thickly with an almost awed look on his brooding face, “I know I wasn’t meant to intrude but I just had to see what was making such beautiful noise.”

His words were enough to make you blush.

“My aunt had one,” His eyes jerked to the piano, “Given it was uglier.”

You couldn’t help but to smile and his eyes seem to light up when he saw that radiant smile on your face, “I thought I was hearing angel choir.” His eyes solely on you—he was entranced.

“Thank you, my lord.” You continue to smile and bow your head slightly.

“If I might ask—“ Jon was cut off by your sister.

“Can I trust you, Jon?” Her voice was the calm before the storm and there was no nonsense in her tone.

Jon knew this and looked up at your sister. His eyes rested on hers as he pondered his answer. It didn’t take him long to answer, “Of everything we’ve heard about the Targaryen’s…we never heard of a younger on being born after you. It is easy to see that you’ve done a good job in hiding her existence and very wise.” Jon speaks with a nod of approval, “Yes, you can trust me.”

It wasn’t about the war or about him bending the knee, no; it was about keeping your existence a secret. Daenerys stared at Jon Snow intently, “This is my baby sister, Y/N.” She finally relents.

Jon looks at you—still seated at the piano looking nothing sort of a fallen angel. “Y/N.” He repeats gently.

Your heart almost melted.

Perhaps you would play the piano more often now.  

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This was a request made by a anon. There will be no other parts. 

Also, if you are curious to hear the melody that I pictured in my head that the reader was playing for Dany (Dany’s favored melody) listen to BTS Butterfly (Piano cover) by lilyloo it is such an amazing and beautiful cover!

For Viserys favored song…I imagined Abandoned by Lucas King. Listen to both because they are lovely. 

From Costumes to Sigils -  A meta about Jon’s future.

So I’ve been wondering about how Jon’s appearance will change once he finds out about his true heritage in the show, and that led me to tinfoil a lot.

Jon’s clothing concept is connected to his status as a bastard, so all his outfits resemble the Stark’s clothing in reversed colors, just like the bastards reverse the colors of their families sigils in the books. It’s a very nice concept to be honest, but the most important thing about Jon’s appearance is his hair.  
Since season 1, Jon’s hair is his trademark. As the seasons go, his hair grows until his resurrection when he changed his hairstyle for good.
So most likely his hair will have a change after he finds out about his true parents. Jon used to wear his hair loose at the first 5 seasons, and now he’s wearing a half up half down. So my prediction would be a full ponytail or a hairstyle more similar to Rhaegar’s after he finds out who his father was, because the show will not give him a hairstyle he already used before.
Targaryen men in the show have the same hairstyle, and if we look at Rhaegar’s hair I’d dare to say the wig was meant to mimic Kit’s hair not Viserys’s.
I’d love to see a man bun but that’s just me I guess. I think at episode 7x5 we have a glimpse of how his future hairstyle will be. I kinda like it.

His colors will certainly change as well. When asked about why Daenerys never weared black and red before, Clapton said “somethings need to wait until the proper moment”. I think the same is for Jon. Even though he’s (was) King in the North and weared the Stark sigil he doesn’t wear grey, the official Stark color.  I’ve always wondered why until I read this interview. Because he still sees himself as a bastard he never dared to wear the Stark color before. Clapton was waiting for Jon to finds out about his heritage to finally give him grey clothings.
As for the Targaryen colors I don’t think we’re going to see red on his outfits at all. Red is a color connected to the Targaryen madness. The more villainess Daenerys goes, more red she will wear. That’s why Viserys used to wear way more red than Dany.
If Jon would choose a Targaryen color it would be black indeed. Black was always his color. Of all Starks he was the one who weared black the most since the beginning, even outside the Night’s Watch.
My guess is that Jon will wear only grey and black after he finds out who his parents were.

The biggest problem about his heritage is that Jon will most likely not truly relate to any of his parent’s Houses.
His whole dream of being a Stark was related to Ned, finding out he’s actually Lyanna’s son will be problematic for his identity. After all his life as a bastard, Jon will find difficult to embrace the Stark name since is now related to Lyanna whom he have never met. Of course if it’s going to be difficult to embrace the name of the family he was raised with, there’s no need to say it will be even more difficult, if not impossible at all, for him to embrace the Targaryen name either.
Jon will probably siding to the Starks, and that’s when the grey color will show up finally, but just like Aragorn had to embrace his identity as Isildur’s heir to protect Gondor, Jon will have to embrace his identity as Rhaegar’s son in order to protect the North (or maybe the Seven Kingdoms, who knows where  Daenerys is going, right?).
That’s where his own sigil comes in.

I do believe ASOIAF’s bittersweet ending will relate somehow to the end of all noble houses, or at least ending the huge influence these families possess. I think GRRM is trying to tell the end of monarchy and the transition period to democracy somehow. For that the old structure of power needs to be destroyed. That’s probably where Daenerys’s speech of “breaking the wheel” comes from. If we notice houses Tyrell, Baratheon, Bolton and Martell are already gone in the show, and houses  Arryn, Lannister, Targaryen, Tully and Greyjoy are very close to their ends as well with only one member alive or with few chances of having a future heir.
House Stark depends on Sansa’s child or Jon’s to continue but if we’re right and Jonsa is endgame (AND IT IS) their children will receive the name Jon decides to take it. And I don’t think he’s going to choose neither Stark or Targaryen. So House Stark is going to die as well. It would be a dagger in my heart but it would fit the bittersweet ending GRRM promised.
And no, a Targaryen restoration is not an option, I’m not even going to talk about it, because is not going to happen at all. Stop it.

The thing about Jon’s future name connects to the historical inspiration for the ASOIF: the Wars of the Roses.
I’m not going to talk a lot about it because we’ll know how the Lancaster’s relate to the Lannisters and how the Yorks relate to the Starks because we’ve seen it a thousand times.
But the thing is, I believe at the beginning of the series the Lancaster’s were represented by the Lannisters, but at the end of the series, the Targaryens will take their place as the representation of House Lancaster .
If we think about it, Henry Tudor had a claim to the throne from the Lancaster side, and he ended up married to Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, putting an end to the conflict.
Jon has a claim to the Iron Throne from the Targaryen side, and will ended up married to Sansa of House Stark, daughter of Eddard, putting an end to the conflict as well.
Just like Henry didn’t have the Lancaster or the York name but was sided with one of them (the Lancasters in this case) I think Jon will not adopt the Targaryen or the Stark name even though he’s sided with the Starks. It’s most likely he will create a “new house” for  himself and his children, and that’s how the Stark and Targaryen houses will die. If we look at the  Tudor’s rose, Henry fused the Lancaster and the York roses into a new one.
That’s exactly what I think Jon will do. To be comfortable to embrace his Targaryen side, Jon will probably embrace his Stark  heritage as well, and since he doesn’t truly connect to either of them he’ll create a new one that although resembles these families sigils is not quite them.  

The Dragon has only one head.

The Targaryen sigil comes from Aegon the Conqueror, and the three heads represents himself and his two sisters wives. Daenerys keeping this sigil makes a lot of sense, since she had three dragons as well. But just like many Targaryens created a personal sigil with only one dragon, I think Jon will do the same. A single red dragon is my bet. It would remind the people he is related to the Targaryens at same time it would send the message he’s different from Daenerys and her ancestors.

The White Wolf.

Jon’s speech to Theon at S7 was actually a speech for his future self. He doesn’t have to choose. He’s a Stark and a Targaryen. So when the time for a sigil comes he’ll keep the Stark sigil somehow as well. Jon’s direwolf is white with red eyes. That’s the sigil he’ll probably choose. It’s also ironic he was raised as a Stark bastard and the only sigil he could wear as a bastard was the Stark sigil in reversed colors (a white wolf in a grey field). Since in the show he was referred as “The White Wolf” during his coronation, it’s possible that Jon as KITN in the books choose a similar sigil for himself. That’s why I believe he’s going to keep it for his coat of arms.
If we look at Henry Tudor’s coat of arms it’s a white dog facing a red dragon. I think Jon’s new sigil will look similar: a red dragon with white eyes, and a white wolf with red eyes facing each other. It’s almost like a Yin/Yang between House Stark and House Targaryen. A fit choice for a sigil to end a war between these two houses.

Yep, I suck at editing LMAO

If we think about it, Joffrey used a  very similar coat of arms and that’s exactly why I think Jon will adopt this one.

The Joffrey Parallels.

Jon and Joffrey are characters that connect through Sansa. And it’s ironic to see how they are so opposite to each other that they almost look similar.

Joffrey was born a bastard but was raised as the future king. Jon was born as the future king but was raised as a bastard .

Joffrey and Sansa had a intimate relationship at the beginning but it became distant at the end. Jon and Sansa had a distant relationship at the beginning but it grew more intimate with time.

Joffrey grew up believing his father was his uncle. Jon grew up believing his uncle was his father.

Joffrey was meant to marry Sansa but the arrangement was unmade. Jon and Sansa were never meant to marry but will certainly marry.

Joffrey was supposed to have black hair but was born blonde as his father. Jon was supposed to have blonde silver hair but was born with black hair like his mother.

There’s a lot of those minors parallels between them. Jon is just the opposite of Joffrey at everything.
So it’s ironic but not surprisingly such different characters ended up with similar sigils.
Jon is the first character at ASOIAF to notice Joffrey was wearing his mother’s sigil as well.

“The Lannister’s are proud” Jon observed. “You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s House equal in honor to the king’s.”

Arya I, A Game of Thrones

Maybe GRRM were foreshadowing Jon’s future sigil right there. That’s something he would do.
I guess all my questions and predictions will be answered or confirmed next season. I’m very excited to see it.

No, Virginia, Jaime is Not a Proud Anti-Hero

Today I’m going to talk about this somehow widespread idea of Jaime having kept quiet about the wildfire plot supposedly for “pride” or “spite,” like he’s committed a grave moral offense by not divulging the existence of the wildfire caches or, for short, I’ll call it the “Jaime Likes Being Called Kingslayer Theory.” Here is a list of reasons why this theory of Jaime’s motivations is FLAMING HOT GARBAGE.

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Daenerys x Female Reader

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Imagine being reunited with Dany after accidentally separating from her at the wedding to Khal Drogo…

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from @alittlecanimagine /

I’m requesting a Daenerys fluff in which the reader and her were friends in Pentos before she got married to Khal Drogo and get reunited when the reader is the only other female sailor on Yara Greyjoy’s crew cause I live for dany!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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OK, Game of Thrones does have a lot of terrible writing, but the degree of vitriol directed toward Dany and the show for “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms and I will” seems a bit over the top. There is more than one way to interpret that line, and I do not believe it was ever intended to be interpreted as “I was born to inherit the seven kingdoms”. That’s obviously wrong, Viserys came before her, and Dany knew it.

My interpretation of that line from the moment I heard it was along the lines of I was made for this, as in I was born for this moment, “I was born to rule.” I know Benioff and Weiss don’t do themes (themes are for 8th grade book reports according to them, sigh), but there has been a emphasis on show!Dany being the one fit to rule according to people on the show, with Jorah and his “you would not only be feared, but loved” and Varys with his “a ruler stronger than Tommen, gentler than Stannis, loved by millions etc. etc..”

This line isn’t all that bad, it fits with what came before it on the show, it fits with show!Dany, and I can think of far worse lines to get worked up over than this.

Why the Viserys wig?

I think the reason why Rhaegar wears Harry’s wig and looks like Viserys 2.0 is we are meant to get a good visual of how closely related all the Targaryens are. It underlines Rhaegar’s being Dany’s brother - we’ve basically ‘seen’ him before in Viserys in S1. Him and Dany, though they were not twins, still looked like the Targaryen equivalent of Cersei and Jaime. When Jon looks at Dany he is basically looking at the female version of his father. 


A Guide to my Fictional Husbands; aka The Assholes I Have Chosen To Love and non-assholes who have stolen my heart


When I was reading Daenerys I in GoT, there were 9 (I’m pretty sure) mentions of sweetness in the 12 page chapter. NINE, and they were all associated with distrust, negative feelings or happenings, and fear.

“‘When they write the history of my reign, sweet sister, they will say that it began tonight.’”

This is dialogue from Viserys, Dany’s older brother, right after he pinches her nipple painfully through her shirt. Viserys is a cruel older brother, and repeatedly abuses her physically, sexually, and emotionally until his death. Sweet sister should be a loving name, a term of endearment, but Viserys’ cruelty to Dany makes the sweetness turn sour. Viserys calls Dany sweet sister five times in this first chapter alone.

The next mention of sweetness is in reference to Ser Willem Darry, the knight that stole Daenerys and Viserys out of their nursery on Dragonstone to safety (in Braavos? That’s TBD). Ser Willem was quite unwell.

“He never left his bed, though, and the smell of sickness clung to him day and night, a hot, moist, sickly sweet odor.”

Later, Ser Willem dies and Dany and Viserys have to leave their house with the red door and lemon tree, the only place where Dany has known as home.

The next reference to sweetness is about Master Illyrio, and Dany’s distrust of him.

“… she mistrusted Illyrio’s sweet words as she mistrusted everything about Illyrio.”

Dany previously mentions her distrust of Illyrio to Viserys, wondering why Illyrio is housing them, wondering what he expects to gain from the arrangement. Later, Dany likens Illyrio’s words to honey, and Illyrio goes on to call Dany sweet princess when he points out Khal Drogo.

When they arrive at Khal Drogo’s manse in Pentos, the air smells of sweet lemon and cinnamon. This is the party at which she meets the Khal who she will be sold off and married to, against her wishes. Soon after their arrival, she realizes that she is the sole woman of the group, and she feels fear. (Interesting to note as well, that in this scene there’s a stained glass mosaic depicting The Doom of Valyria, as Dany enters the room.)

Like I said, sweetness is mentioned nine times in Dany’s twelve page chapter, which is pretty often. Every time sweetness is mentioned, it’s when she’s being called sweet by a man who wishes to use her, or she’s feeling fear or distrust.

Just thought that was interesting.

anonymous asked:

What would be the prospects of a noblewoman who gives birth to a bastard? Would there be a difference if she gave birth to a royal bastard versus having one with a peasant?

It should be noted that there is only a very small handful of situations in which a Westerosi noblewoman has had a known, acknowledged bastard:

  • Wylla Fenn, a member of a noble crannogman House who had a bastard son, Lonnel Snow, with Lord Brandon Stark, youngest son of Cregan the One-Day Hand (though whether he was lord when Lonnel was born is unknown). Given the extremely limited amount of information we have on this situation - all we know is based on the lineage of House Stark in TWOIAF - we can’t say how good or bad Lady Wylla’s prospects were after the birth of Lonnel.
  • Elaena Targaryen, daughter of King Aegon III, had bastard twins with Lord Alyn Velaryon, Jon and Jeyne Waters. It’s unclear what happened to them after their birth. Jon, a famous knight, had at least one son, also a knight, whose line apparently continues today in King’s Landing as the “Longwaters” family, though Jaime is very dubious that it could have started with a princess’ bastard. Whether that reflects only on Jaime’s knowledge, or suggests the story has been somewhat hushed up in the century or so after the twin’s birth, is very difficult to say. Princess Elaena went on to wed three times - twice for political advantage, and once to a man of her own choosing.  
  • Daena Targaryen, also daughter of King Aegon III, had the bastard Daemon Waters, later Blackfyre, with her cousin, the future King Aegon IV (who did not publicly acknowledge the boy as his own for another 12 years). Daena was apparently pretty open about having had a bastard child, though she refused to name his father; her bastard child was one of the reasons support for her becoming queen after brother Baelor’s death was low, and why Uncle Viserys was crowned instead. Daena’s fate after the birth of Daemon remains unknown, though I once speculated she might have been quietly packed off away from court and died suddenly.
  • Barba Bracken, daughter of the Lord of Stone Hedge, became mistress to King Aegon IV in the first year of his reign and thereafter gave birth to the bastard Aegor Rivers, later named Bittersteel. After making impolitic comments about the queen, Barba and her father were dismissed from court back to Stone Hedge. Barba is last mentioned as having groomed her younger sister Bethany to win the King’s favor, which she did in 177 AC. As with Daena, Barba’s ultimate fate remains unknown.
  • Melissa Blackwood, became mistress to King Aegon IV after Barba was dismissed. Had three children with the king: Mya, Gwenys, and Brynden Rivers. Was dismissed from court following Bethany’s installation as the royal favorite in 177 AC. Again, although I speculated Melissa died during her time at Raventree Hall following her dismissal, her fate after giving birth to her three children remains unknown.
  • Delena Florent, daughter of Ser Colin Florent and niece of Lord Alester, deflowered by King Robert Baratheon on the occasion of her cousin Selyse’s wedding and thereafter gave birth to Edric Storm. This being something of a scandal, the king formally acknowledged Edric as his son. Delena was married to Ser Hosman Norcross, a knight in her father’s household (after Ser Colin rejected Tyrion Lannister as a husband - apparently, Ser Colin figured a relatively lowly match for his daughter was better than the dwarf son of the Lord of Casterly Rock).
  • Lollys Stokeworth, daughter of Lady Tanda Stokeworth, raped “half a hundred” times during the Riot of King’s Landing in 299 AC. Was married to Bronn (Ser Bronn of the Blackwater after the battle) following the Riot, after Tanda had apparently been “desperate” to find Lollys a husband and had even pursued Tyrion (though she had also been doing that prior to the Riot). Gave birth to Tyrion Tanner in 300 AC. Following the deaths of her mother and elder sister, Lollys has become Lady of Stokeworth.

(The legend of Bael the Bard and the Rose of Winterfell might be considered an example of this as well, but considering it’s more story than history, I’m reluctant to include it on the list.)

So, what happens to a woman is probably very dependent on circumstances. However, from the two modern examples above, it seems that marital prospects for noblewomen having had known bastards are rather lower than they might have been for those women otherwise. House Norcross is a respectable enough family, from what we can tell, but a mere household knight is a bit of a step down for a woman whose Florent cousins were married to Lord Hightower, Lord Tarly, and Lord Stannis Baratheon. Bronn the former sellsword is even more a step down for a Stokeworth, but his knighthood made a match between him and the younger daughter of a minor House - particularly one who had been raped and was to bear a bastard - acceptable.     

The problem with Jon-Daenerys

I would like to prelude this meta by pointing out that I love both these characters. Both are strong, interesting, multi-layered characters who have risen to the top through their own hard work and self-belief. Both are members of society who have been shunned (a bastard and a woman), yet here they stand, despite that. I understand and like the parallels drawn between these characters right from Book One/S1. They are well suited. I lowkey ship them myself, mostly because I am a sucker for canon-pairings.


There really is a big issue with these two due to the fact that they are both Targaryens. I’m not talking about the ‘Aunt-Nephew’ dynamic, because even though I do find that weird, a) It’s not weird by Westerosi standards, and b) They haven’t been socialised as Aunt and Nephew. 

To say that the Targaryen dynasty fell simply due to the Mad King is to overlook how Aerys was really the tip of the iceberg in Westerosi issues with the Targaryens. Aerys was ultimately the trigger, a justifiable reason for the Targaryens to be slaughtered - but to simply state that Aerys and his Mad Reign is what caused the murder of almost all the Targaryens is not true. 

Historically, the Targaryens married their children together. It was their way of keeping the bloodlines pure and untainted; the throne was sat on by a pure Targaryen. This is why Viserys tries to rape Dany in A Game of Thrones; he has grown up to believe that Dany should be his, just as his parents were siblings before they were husband and wife. Viserys constantly blames Dany for the death of Rhaegar, saying that Dany took too long to arrive, forcing Rhaegar to marry Elia Martell (who Rhaegar abandoned for Lyanna, which then meant he was killed. Another trigger point I could talk about but won’t in this meta.)

Quite aside from the biological issues decades of incest caused (’The Targaryens have always danced close to madness’ could be argued is a result of their incestuous relations), marrying within the family caused resentment within the Realm. This family sat so high and mightily, so sure of their right to rule, that they believed even the other Highborn Houses to be beneath them. As stated above, this caused under-the-surface tension for a long time, until Aerys was the flashpoint and all hell broke loose. And the result of that? Due to their intermarrying, the Targaryens had no allies. They were isolated in an extreme sense, and had nobody to fight for them. They were slaughtered. Only two small children escaped. 

One cannot help but wonder how effective Robert’s Rebellion would have been had there been marriages to other Houses within the Targaryen family. Would it have been wiped out so easily had there been marriages to the Tyrells, the Lannisters, the Tullys? Arguably not - the Targaryens would not have been isolated and therefore would not have been weakened against attacks. 

This is what makes me nervous about Jon-Dany as a couple. It is not due to my concern they are not well suited, because they are. It is not due to the Aunt-Nephew dynamic because by Westerosi standards that’s acceptable. 

It is due to the fact that both have Targaryen blood. Dany wishes to reclaim the Iron Throne. If she is seen to be with another Targaryen, why would the people of Westeros believe her to be any different to her ancestors? Why would people believe that this time, the Targaryens won’t be isolated and high-and-mighty?

I am aware Jon is not through-and-through Targaryen, and in many respects represents the Starks - ‘a dragon raised by wolves’. Because of his upbringing and his mother’s wolf-blood, Jon is more of a wolf than a dragon. But whichever he is more of, the dragon is still there.

Jon-Dany is happening, and to argue it isn’t is to be blind to the textual evidence that’s been there for years. I just question the signals it gives out as a couple - that the Targaryens, even after all they’ve been through, still pick their own family over anyone else, time and time again.