Why as a Jonsa shipper I'm not threatened by Targcest and you shouldn't be either.

So last night in the wee hours of morn, my GoT soul sistah @everythingjonsa and I were fangirling and flailing -you know, the shipping norm. Somewhere between all that, we had some serious discussion. Some of it has been already been proposed, but with a possible Targbowl on the very near horizon, let’s recap anyway.

Let me start by saying this isn’t an anti-Dany post. I happen to LOVE The Mother of Dragons with the burning heat of a thousand suns! She started at rock bottom -literally as nothing more than chattel -a piece of property to be sold by her own brother for personal gain, to a man that started out as her rapist (because while I love Khal Drogo -facts are facts, my babies -and yes, rape can exist in a marriage). But before I delve too deep into that, let me rewind a bit.

This is going to be long and convoluted (because that’s how me and my scattered thoughts roll), so if you’ve got the patience for my rambling, read on!

So, a lot of people have their own theories and interpretations of what the song of ice and fire is to them. From season one, we’ve seemed to have been following along the parallel journey of two heroes. Both underdogs (and who doesn’t root for the underdogs???), both making mistakes and learning hard life lessons along the way, both whom never seem to be able to grasp onto any modicum of happiness for very long, and both losing their first loves tragically. Yet, we’ve watched them both grow stronger and more self-aware. Seems like TPTB (the powers that be) are purposely paralleling these two characters for a reason.

One of ice. One of fire.

They seem destined to meet up eventually - This “song” of ice and fire. And here’s where this ship was born.

So before we fast forward, let’s hit the rewind button a bit more, and head back to season 1 Dany, and her evolution from bullied baby sis, to “the next time you raise a hand at me will be the last time you have hands." Her time among the Dothraki have made her more confident, and the love she’s sewn with Drogo has fledged her out into a full blown Khaleesi. And when Visereys meets his miserable end, it seems pretty damn justifiable. In fact, any time that one of Dany’s foes meets a horrible end (especially in the earlier seasons) -it almost always does seem deserved, as they have usually revealed themselves to be miserable shits. Her brother, Mirri Maz Durr (the witch responsible for Drogo’s death and who cursed Dany), the King of Qarth and Doreah (the whore), the Master of the Unsullied, etc. There may be some I’m leaving out, but you get the point.

It wasn’t until later seasons that we see a cold cruelness begin to emerge from her -a sort of enjoyment in killing people -like the Master she had her Dragons burn alive in the crypts (and seemed to enjoy toying with the others watching while it happened), and the Khals in the temple. The Master she burned alive may have been innocent, but Dany didn’t care, she played judge, jury and executioner right on the spot -just as when she had other Masters crucified (even ones who spoke out about crucifying children, as Hizdahr zo Loraq pointed out). The killing of the Khals I can place in a more ambiguous light, because they were kind of dicks, although they didn’t start insulting/threatening her until she disrespected them and said they weren’t fit to lead the Dothraki and that she would take them for herself.

But here’s thing -if you were actually paying attention -go back to the beginning and rewatch ANY of the times someone has died at the hands of or indirectly by Dany, she has this crazed satisfied look on her face. It’s almost as if she enjoys killing people. 

I’m not negating the good things she’s done or tried to do. Her inherent need to abolish slavery isn’t wrong -it’s her methods of achieving it that I take issue with. And God forbid if you disagree with her methods? No one can argue that disagreeing with what the Dragon Queen perceives as wrong, usually puts you at the top of her flaming hit list. Sounds quite tyrannical, no?

Despite everything I’ve just said, I really do think that Dany constantly struggles to do the right thing -because she wants to be a good and just ruler, but it’s that damn dragon temper that gets in her way sometimes. Luckily, she’s always had level-headed advisers around her -Jorah, Ser Barristan and now Tyrion, and she does usually listen to them. But, what would’ve happened if they weren’t around?

On the other hand, we have Ser Ice himself, the honorable Jon Snow, who lives by the same code as the man who raised him, Ned Stark. And without making this meta impossibly longer (because I could drone on about Jon’s faults and wonderful qualities forever), two very stark (har dee har har, pun intended) differences I see between Dany and Jon are: while Jon has done plenty of his own killing in the series, he certainly doesn’t enjoy it. Even when he was executing the men who had murdered him - you could see by the look on his face vs. hers (burning the Khals).

He who passed the sentence, swung the sword, but this was painful for him -and prior to cutting the rope, he even let Ser Alistair have his last words. Jon is just and fair. Jon doesn’t want to be a leader, but he just keeps getting thrust into the position. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he does this whole leadership thing pretty well (aside from not listening to Sansa when he should). ;)

On the other hand …. we have Dany threatening to take back what’s hers with blood and fire. What makes it hers?

Baby girl ….you is the usurper, now!

So, the (hopelessly longwinded) point I’m actually trying to make is that I think they purposefully walked the line on this darker side of Dany, while always putting her in am ambiguous light because they WANTED us to root for her right alongside of Jon. They wanted us to think they were the song of ice and fire together, until ….They finally revealed to us that R+L=J

So if Jon’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen (fire) and Lyanna Stark (ice) then Jon, and Jon alone is the song.

Dany is only fire. So where does she fit in? Despite all my rambling, I’m not necessarily sure that Dany will be the villain here. I certainly think she’ll be switching to an antagonist POV, though. Clearly, her and her Dragons have an important role to play in the war against the WW. I personally think she will have a huge part in saving Westeros at the cost of her own life.

Despite Jon having Targ blood, Jon is and always will be a STARK at heart. It’s who he is at his core -honorable and just, exactly like Ned.

So that’s what we came up with -maybe the huge twist is that Dany isn’t the hero we’ve all been following along and rooting for since season 1. Or maybe she is -just not in the way a lot of people are expecting. GRRM certainly loved to blur the lines between good and bad. Maybe she’s both?

So the point to all this? It’s why I don’t ship them. It’s why whether or not boatbang or Targcest (or whatever any of you want to call it) actually proves to be true and happens –it doesn’t threaten our ship in the slightest. So everyone take a collective chill and Jonsa on, mmmkay?