Food at Coachella Announced!

Last week we posted up the acts that will perform at this year’s Coachella Music Festival and today we just heard word that some of the food vendors have been announced as well! Below is a list of all the vendors and food trucks that will be providing their culinary goodness as you rock out to the all the amazing musical performances! Even though we are based in New York, we are super psyched that Coolhaus will be one of the vendors. They have a truck out here as well! You gotta try their balsamic fig and mascarpone, it will change your life! Lol.

Food Trucks:

Kogi (Korean Tacos)

Border Grill

Gravy Train Poutinerie Truck

Coolhaus (ViseNyc Favorite)   



Spicy Pie (New York-Style Pizza)

Waffleman Ice Cream Sandwiches


Participating Local Restaurants:

Jackelope Ranch

Las Casuelas Quinta  

Fisherman’s Market and Grill

 La Quinta Baking Co.


Last But Not Least:

A beer garden and a farmers market with pesticide-free and organic produce.

We at ViseNyc are still scrambling for tickets so if you want to hook your boys up, hit us up on twitter @visenyc. See you there, hopefully… Lol.

Peace and Love yall!

City Bakery's 20th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival!

What can possibly be better than a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate on a cold Winter’s day? How about 29 cups of steaming Hot Chocolate?! That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s February and you know what that means? Its City Bakery’s Hot Chocloate Month! Stop by City Bakery and indulge in the best cup of Hot Chocolate you will ever have, guaranteed! As a participant of this Festival for the last 4 years, you will not be disappointed! Whats even cooler about this year’s Hot Chocolate Festival is that it is a leap year and to celebrate, City Bakery has a special Hot Chocolate called “The Leap Year” just  for the 29th! I cant wait to try it! Below are the dates and names of the Hot Chocolate that will be featured on that day!  See you there! Ill be the guy tapping the bottom of my cup to get the last drop and possibly taking sips of other people’s unattended cups! Its just that good! I cant get enough! Lmao/Jk.

City Bakery

3 West 18th Street

New York, NY 10011

Hot Chocolate List:

1st: Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate

2nd:  Espresso Hot Chocolate

3rd: Ginger Hot Chocolate

4th: Banana Peel Hot Chocolate

5th: Super Bowl Hot Chocolate

6th: Lemon Hot Chocolate

7th: Tropical Hot Chocolate

8th: Vietnamese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

9th: Milk Hot Chocolate

10th: Bourbon Hot Chocolate

11th: Caramel Hot Chocolate

12th: “Happy” Hot Chocolate

13th: Darkest Dark Hot Chocolate

14th: Love Potion Hot Chocolate

15th: Moulin Rouge Hot Chocolate

16th: Hondouran Hot Chocolate

17th: Beer Hot Chocolate

18th: On a Peanut Butter Barge Hot Chocolate

19th: Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate

20th: Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate

21st: Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate

22nd: Ode to the Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

23rd: What Would Faulkner Drink?

24th: Beer Hot Chocolate

25th: Chinese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

26th: Banana Peel Hot Chocolate

27th: Espresso Hot Chocolate

28th: Ginger Hot Chocolate

29th: Leap Year Hot Chocolatte


Happy Sipping!
20 Best Food Trucks in America!

External image

Foodies, Truckies, and Avid Travelers; have you seen this list (click on the Title to be directed to the link)? I came across it on and had to share it with you guys. It’s a list compiled by the Smithsonian Magazine of the 20 Best Food Trucks in America. I’m not too sure about Schnitzel and Things, but at least the Smithsonian hit it on the head by choosing the Dessert Truck. If you don’t know about the Dessert Truck, Get to know it! It will change your whole perspective on sh*t! Lol. No, but seriously it is one of the best Food trucks in NYC and I thank my dear friend every time we see each other for taking me there to experience their Goat Cheese Cheesecake! Sounds crazy right? But I think the real craziness is that we are still using cream cheese to make our cheese cake?! Lol. Let me know if you think this list is “spot on” or “way off.” Tweet us @ViseNyc and let us know which Food Truck should have made the list. Peace and Luv my people!

Buen Provecho. 


VISENYC Presents: “Flavor In Your Ear” featuring DJ Wonder.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready to be taken to the next muthaf*cking level? Experience a day in the life of DJ Wonder as he discusses his origins, reveals his TV related food fetishes, and discover how he has earned the title of “Animal Status.”

VISENYC: We Are That Flavor In Your Ear


We are back Ladies and Gentlemen! We experienced a brief hiatus but I assure you that we are back to show you love the only way we know how… Through Good Food and Ill Music!

Im sure at this point we are all sick of the Sh*t people say" videos but if you haven’t had enough of them, than this video is for the foodie and foodie hater in all of us. I found it hilarious and hope you will too! The next time you travel I want you to ask yourself this question “is this local?” Lmao!

Peace and Luv!

ViseNyc Crew
Killer Brunch Recipes That Will Brighten Up This Crappy Weekend!

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So if you haven’t heard by now, it’s going to snow this weekend. Some of you may be thrilled but if you’re anything like me, you are already putting the traction cleats on your boots and hoping that the Meteorologist, who is usually wrong, will live up to his terrible reputation again. Lol. If in the event he is right and we are hit with a snow storm, I found the perfect recipes to make up for the crappy weekend weather. These recipes are from Chef Ivy Stark, Executive Chef at the famous Dos Caminos, from her new cookbook entitled:  Dos Caminos’ Mexican Street Food.  These recipes look super easy to make and absolutely delicious. Who said nothing good came from cabin fever? Lol. Since I very much dislike snow, it looks like I’ll be cooking a Dos Caminos Brunch at the ViseNyc Office this weekend. Who is down to trek it to Harlem? Let me know if your down and bring some of the ingredients listed in the recipes; its rude to show up empty handed. Lol. Click here for the recipes.

Buen Provecho.      


So lately I haven’t been feeling the Holiday Spirit. Maybe it’s my work schedule, maybe it’s the erratic weather patterns, or maybe it’s the fact that I had to take out another credit card to pay for all these damn gifts; thank you extended family. Anyways, i’m cruising through Chelsea looking to score some wine for a Holiday Party and I came across this really beautiful bakery called Lulu’s on 15th and 8th. As any of my friends would tell you, i dont really have a sweet tooth. I have more of a MEAT TOOTH! I would rather indulge in a steak over a caramel flan or a medium rare burger over an artisan made doughnut any day! But there was something about this bakery that caught my attention. They were serving Homemade Eggnog Twinkies! As a kid, I used to love Twinkies! Who didn’t? But the fact that they were eggnog flavored kind of repulsed me. I hate eggnog and its thicker, more viscous, Latin cousin, Rompope! I’m sure there is an accent somewhere in there but im too caught up in the Holiday Spirit to figure out which alt key code would provide that accent for me. Anyways, I was so repulsed that I had to walk in and TRY IT!!!

Say what you want, @FoodDudeNyc is an adventurous eater! My Andrew Zimmern ways may have lead to many nights beside my toilet but this culinary risk would not be one of them. This Eggnog Twinkie was, for lack of better words and in the spirit of all things Chelsea, “FABULOUS!” It was soft, moist, and not incredibly sweet like most eggnogs and best of all, you could taste both the cinnamon and nutmeg! They weren’t overpowered like they usually are in its liquid form. Between you and I, I devoured the whole damn thing elementary school style; two bites (two and a half, maybe)! I liked it so much I bought a few to take back to the office but again, between us, only two survived the eight block journey to my cozy little office. Oh well, I only really like two people in that office anyways, Merry Christmas Mother F*ckers! I give to thee the gift of Deliciousness!  

This Eggnogg Twinkie has made me a believer! It definitely got me into the Christmas Spirit!  So much, in fact, that I may even consider breaking out my plastic Christmas Tree from storage! Watch out now! Trust me, run to Lulu’s on 15th and 8th before they’re gone! Stockpile them as if the apocalypse were tomorrow! Twinkies last forever anyways! You won’t be disappointed!

Buen Provecho!

Tweet me your feedback and photos at @ViseNyc or @FoodDudeNyc!          


Its hot, its muggy, and the ladies are out in full effect. Time to make em’ move with this killer Moombahton Mix we found on You Tube. Shout out to LA’s DJ Sleeper for these 8 minutes of flavor. Buen Provecho.

My Sub
  • My Sub
  • Big K.R.I.T.
  • Return Of 4Eva


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This is one of my favorite projects out right now. It dropped yesterday and when I turn my ipod on this is the first album I look for. Big Krit is definitely painting an updated picture of a young person from Mississippi. Check it out one of my favorite tracks called “My sub” classic material.Join the band not the wagon.  Here’s the link for his project.


Here is an article I found really interesting and it basically turns all of NYC’s beloved corner store Chinese Food Restaurants into a house of LIES! Lol. Shout out to the good folks at for putting this hilarious list together. I am not surprised but I will never look at an eggroll the same. Check it out here. 

VISENYC: We Are That Flavor In Your Ear