vise words

enjoythecalmbeforethestorm-deac  asked:

sorry if i ask a lot of questions, but i wanted to make sure how do you pronounce the characters' names? i tend to pronounce them in japanese (those that can be, like ren or sorian) but i know that's not the case for everyone.

Some are pronounced as it is spelled though there are a few exemptions 

Ramia is pronounced Ram-ya

Ibias is Eeb-yas

Firenze is Fee-ren-zeh

Spinne is Spin-nuh

Vise is pronounced like the word “vise”,

Malum’s um is pronounced like pendulUM

And lastly, since a lot of people have missed this, Nero also low-key showed the pronunciation of Seel when it was first introduced. Seel is pronounced Zell.