Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle…

The other day I realized N’s hair kind of looks like Zoroark’s mane, and then I made a little Beauty and the Beast story with the protag from Black and White. Beast N lives in a castle in Kalos with his servants, who have all been cursed into the bodies of inanimate object ghost Pokemon. ANYWAYS, I’ve been doing this instead of studying for my finals so I’m going to go retreat into a shadowy hole now. Hope you enjoy and see you on the flipside! -Kat 


Excited to share development art from Fresh Off The Broom, a webcomic that my lil brother is helping me write! It’s about witches, gamer nerds, and gay crushes, and it touches on themes of family and preservation of culture.  Magic is important to the story, but in a very everyday, mundane way. Can’t wait to share more!


Hi guys! My name is Kat Tsai, and I’m a university student trying to make it in the entertainment and illustration industries, with interest in visual development, character design, game/animation assets, and illustration! I’m currently looking for internship opportunities and freelance work, and I hope that maybe someone on the internet can hook me up with something! You can email me at chuwenjie96@gmail.com. Signal boosts would really be appreciated! I’m having a hard time finding work for the summer so any kind of help would be amazing!