Sharing one of the thumbnail sketches that I picked for this mermaid painting.

I always liked those old school diver suits.  They have a lot more character to them compared to the modern ones :)

Raena has become an increasingly special character to me as I’ve continued writing Naddie’s story. She’s a forty-something, 5ft tall archery master, solid, dependable, and level headed, with a quiet optimism and an understated sarcastic streak that I’ve discovered more as I’ve written her. I’m really excited to have finally had the chance to work on her visual development again today, and I think I’m finally getting closer to pegging some of the things that visually convey my impression of who she is. Whew! Sorry to any folks I still need to catch up with in comments/email/etc. Today is the first day in a while that I’ve felt like I had a little more room to slow down and breathe.

[Please don’t delete my captions. Thanks! ^_^]


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle…

The other day I realized N’s hair kind of looks like Zoroark’s mane, and then I made a little Beauty and the Beast story with the protag from Black and White. Beast N lives in a castle in Kalos with his servants, who have all been cursed into the bodies of inanimate object ghost Pokemon. ANYWAYS, I’ve been doing this instead of studying for my finals so I’m going to go retreat into a shadowy hole now. Hope you enjoy and see you on the flipside! -Kat 


Yesterday was a really great day- thanks so much to everyone who has shown their support so far! I realized I haven’t caught up tumblr on some of my favorite work that came out of last month’s #JellyJam- it was a blast seeing how far I could push myself each day to expand the world of Jellybots.

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Enjoy :)



Continuing the party! Here’s Juro- feral child hero of the Yellow Faction in Shardbound
Kickstart with us:

He’s a rascal- more in tune with his pack of wolflike Primals than with his human compatriots. He has the ability to transform into a powerful creature at will, and imbues his attacks with the magic that stems from the deep link he shares with his pack. Finding his design was a balancing act of cultural cues, story, and consistency with the level of tech in the world- we settled on this direction, based in cold environs, with armor tied thematically and literally to the Primal creatures for which the faction is known. A touch of Rufio and we have us a charming troublemaker and hothead. Not much I love more than working with characters that help to tell the story of the world and their culture through their design!


Hey There! Have some neat Shardbound art and an announcement:

I’ll be streaming LIVE character design at 7pm EST with Spiritwalk Games over at

That’s just two hours away! Come say hi :) It’ll be good fun!

And for fun, here’s a drop of some new concept art- a few final Primal unit designs- magically empowered creature units for the agme, and one early concept of Fenya- a Green Faction hero with a suit of elemental stone armor and a whole lotta sass!