Term is wrapping up and I’ve not managed to regularly post stuff from school! >_< This is the character lineup and color script from our colour class at school this term, from the story Rappacini’s Daughter. More to come! :) 

Some of my thoughts on the color script: I tried to do this thing where the streets of Morocco (essentially, ‘outside’) was blue, and blue is Giovanni’s color. As he enters the garden he is the only blue spot, but is soon overtaken by the warm oranges of (infatuation) and the light of the garden, which starts out to be this warm, inviting thing. Soon that orange turns sinister, and then purple, the color of the poisonous flower, overtakes everything as he realises that he, too, is poisoned. Then blue makes an appearance again! An antidote from the outside world! But the outside is the antithesis to Beatrice, and is what kills her. I really enjoy these sorts of color/symbolism/narrative tie-ins.. 


Inking tonight! 200% slower than average in this video because inking while filming is hard xD #art #drawing #illustration #sketch #sketchbook #sketchaday #characterdrawing #characterdesign #characterart #comics #comic #villain #conceptart #visdev #visualdevelopment #artistsoninstagram #personal #project #costumedesign #fashion

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So I thought I would share some visdev pieces that I’ve had on my portfolio for a while! The project isn’t complete, but I’ve been adding new drawings to it once in a while when I have time. You can check out my portfolio here! (And of course, I’m also looking for internship/work opportunities for the summer, so if you like my work and are interested in taking me on for a project, you can email me at chuwenjie96@gmail.com!)


Final Fantasy Drawings compilation! 
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Moana Visual Development, Part 1.

Here are some of the very first drawings I did for Moana (Minus the last one, which was done later in the vis-dev stage). I was fortunate enough to work on the film in its very early stage thanks to the graciousness of Ron & Jon. Working with them alongside Jennifer Lee and Fawn Veerasunthorn is one of my fondest memories at Disney.

I have lots of Moana artwork that I want to post here, and am still trying to figure out exactly how to group them. Stay tuned! (For more work, you can also check out my instagram: @minkyu_lee_animating)

Moana is out in theaters now! 


Hi guys! My name is Kat Tsai, and I’m a university student trying to make it in the entertainment and illustration industries, with interest in visual development, character design, game/animation assets, and illustration! I’m currently looking for internship opportunities and freelance work, and I hope that maybe someone on the internet can hook me up with something! You can email me at chuwenjie96@gmail.com. Signal boosts would really be appreciated! I’m having a hard time finding work for the summer so any kind of help would be amazing!