viscount raoul de chagny

Klonnie/Beremy AU: Phantom of the Opera, requested by theoriginalhighbred

Bonnie as Christine Daae, Klaus as Erik (the Phantom of the Opera), and Jeremy as Viscount Raoul de Chagny.

“What is it that I did?” Bonnie demanded, sharp and desperate. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Her words echoed through the cavern, and the multitude of lit candles were flickering, wavering. The skirts of her gown swept along the edge of the lake as she reeled back and forth like some trapped animal.

“The choice is simple, Bonnie.” Klaus’ eyes were wild, any semblance of control seemingly lost along with his mask. “A life of love with me, forever free of loneliness. Or send him to his grave.”

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silly Phantom of the Opera comic idea

location: the lake beneath the opera house

[Christine is being rowed back to the passage that’ll take her to her quarters, the Phantom at the helm. Christine is lounging. The Phantom is looking uncomfortable.]

Christine: all I’m saying is he’s our new financier, and he’s been in love with me since we were kids. If you got on his good side–

Phantom: he should want to be on MY good side!

Christine: If you got on his good side, not only would he be cool with you and me, he’d be able to put money behind your demands. And then the new managers would have to do what you want. 

Phantom: …but what if he doesn’t like me?

Christine: he’s a sucker for a good singer; he’ll like you. 

Phantom: …you’re sure? 

Christine: Positive. And he’s a good kisser. Or he was when he was fourteen.

[The Phantom blushes and focuses on his rowing. Christine smiles, knowing she’s won.]

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