viscount of chagny

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i submit for your consideration: also, lesbian viscount de chagny

here is the beautiful thing about lesbian phantom of the opera - MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES.  

- lesbian raoul, in which christine is being stalked by the King of the Nice Guys and she runs into the arms of her childhood friend who is a fancy viscountess that can also swordfight in a graveyard (thanks joel schumacher)

- lesbian raoul AND lesbian phantom.  a great heaping pile of gay drama on top of the frenzied gay mania that is always firmin and andre, and everyone else is exhausted with the endless homosexual hysteria what with all the fighting and singing and chandelier-crashing 

- honestly, my favourite, because i’m still 13 years old and love weepy villains who do Bad Things But I Love You So Much My Beautiful Hero Lady - which is just lesbian phantom, wailing and playing the piano in her weird underground music hovel/potential sex den, whose mask is definitely not a metaphor for concealing her sexuality, why would it be, and i definitely don’t cry when christine kisses her and she sings her sad little christine…. i loooooooooooove you.  and i promptly become 13 years old again, telling everyone to SHUT UP THE PHANTOM IS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD… I WILL LOVE HER FOR US ALL.  

Klonnie/Beremy AU: Phantom of the Opera, requested by theoriginalhighbred

Bonnie as Christine Daae, Klaus as Erik (the Phantom of the Opera), and Jeremy as Viscount Raoul de Chagny.

“What is it that I did?” Bonnie demanded, sharp and desperate. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Her words echoed through the cavern, and the multitude of lit candles were flickering, wavering. The skirts of her gown swept along the edge of the lake as she reeled back and forth like some trapped animal.

“The choice is simple, Bonnie.” Klaus’ eyes were wild, any semblance of control seemingly lost along with his mask. “A life of love with me, forever free of loneliness. Or send him to his grave.”

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