viscount dumar

DA2 Character Summary
  • Hawke:hi I'm here to flirt badly and sorta save Kirkwall
  • Carver:might be dead might be alive
  • Bethany:our family is pretty messed up
  • Varric:well, shit
  • Fenris:trying to forget my past by constantly talking/thinking about my past
  • Anders:I fucked up big time
  • Aveline:I didn't sign up for this
  • Merrill:I don't need help (please help me)
  • Isabela:guess how many shots and people I can do in one night
  • Cassandra:tell me about the champion
  • Arishok:gimme the book so we can bounce
  • Viscount Dumar:my son's going through a phase and I'm too old for this shit

Kirkwall was now in need of a viscount. The new knight-commander, Meredith, appointed Marlowe to the seat, much to his surprise. Just before he was crowned, he met in private with the knight-commander at the Gallows. Marlowe was escorted, surrounded by grim templars, to Meredith’s well-appointed office, and there, she explained her reasons for the choice. Kirkwall was filled with entitled degenerates. Marlowe was different. His family had always been humble. They never grasped for power or gold, never felt that it was owed them. “With my help, you will turn this city around,” she said. “We will be allies.”

Meredith’s message was clear: Remember who holds power in Kirkwall. Remember what happened to Threnhold [the previous Viscount] when he overreached. To drive home her point, she presented Marlowe with a small carven ivory box at his coronation. The box contained the Threnhold signet ring, misshapen, and crusted with blood. On the inside of the lid were written the words, “His fate need not be yours.”

—  The World of Thedas, Vol. 2 (pg 184)

(781): I did not just catch my dad watching porn.I did not just catch my dad watching porn. I did not just catch my dad watching porn.I did not just catch my dad watching porn. I did not just catch my dad watching porn. I did not just catch my dad watching porn. I did not just catch my dad watching porn.

“Following the Qun” chokes me up more than any other quest in DA2.

A lot of people are deeply moved by “All That Remains,” and I don’t blame them, but this one hits me harder. In AtR, the emotional burden is borne by Hawke and it’s up to him or her to find closure. The outcome is outside Hawke’s control, but reaction to that outcome is not. In FtQ, the Viscount bears the emotional burden, and the entire city will suffer the consequences. Seamus was an innocent - idealistic, but an innocent all the same - and Viscount Dumar’s grief is gut-wrenching. On some level, children expect to outlive their parents, but no father expects to survive his child.

It just makes me sad.


Friends In High Places: A Series

I did these a little while ago, and I was iffy on them…finally got a chance to upload them, so here they are. Each have one of their own quotes; Orsino’s is carved into his face, Meredith’s is written on her forehead with (mages’) blood, Elthina’s is soot, and Dumar’s is paint.