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Beast of the Opera

Would anybody be interested in an upcoming Beauty And The Beast - Phantom Of The Opera AU? If so, reblog this post and I’ll tag you once I release the first chapter! It will become available in both Tumblr and Archive Of Our Own.

Pairings: Belle/The Beast (Adam), Gaston/LeFou

Summary: Belle Daaé is a young singer. After the death of her father, she arrives at the Opéra Villeneuve. There, she becomes a close friend to one of the ballet dancers, LeFou Giry, constantly tries to fend off the advances of her childhood suitor, Viscount Gaston de Chagny, and becomes the protégé of the mysterious “Angel of Music,” the Beast.

Note: A lot of things would have to be changed from the Phantom Of The Opera. For instance, Belle (Christine) ends up with the Beast (The Phantom) instead of Gaston (Raoul), LeFou (Meg) is in love with Gaston (Raoul), and a lot of other alterations to fit in with the BATB storyline.

Klonnie/Beremy AU: Phantom of the Opera, requested by theoriginalhighbred

Bonnie as Christine Daae, Klaus as Erik (the Phantom of the Opera), and Jeremy as Viscount Raoul de Chagny.

“What is it that I did?” Bonnie demanded, sharp and desperate. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Her words echoed through the cavern, and the multitude of lit candles were flickering, wavering. The skirts of her gown swept along the edge of the lake as she reeled back and forth like some trapped animal.

“The choice is simple, Bonnie.” Klaus’ eyes were wild, any semblance of control seemingly lost along with his mask. “A life of love with me, forever free of loneliness. Or send him to his grave.”

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Phantom of the Opera Medley - Violin and Piano - Taylor Davis and Lara (by ViolinTay)

Pure amazingness

The Phantom of the Opera, Manila (Oct 13, 2012)
with charming Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny (played by Anthony Downing)

Me: This is Janna. She’s a theater arts major. Her birthday a few years ago was Broadway-themed, and her cake was Phantom-themed.

Anthony: Really? How lovely! … So you do musical theater?

Janna [upper left^]: (melting but trying to be composed) Oh no, but I really do LOVE (you) theater.

(later on in the evening)

Anthony: So you’re from around here?

Me: Oh no. I’m, er, we’re all from way up north. We just came here for this.

Anthony: Ohhhh… Up north? Like Makati City?

Me: OH NO. WAAAAY UP NORTH, like Quezon City.

Anthony: Oh, we only got to tour the southern part of Manila.

Me: We wish you got to stay a little longer!

Anthony: I know! We got to go to places like Taal Volcano, and Pagsangha… uh Pagsa…

Me: Pagsanjan Falls?

Anthony: Yeah that Pag…sanhan…FALLS. I really wanted to see the beaches though.

Me: Well, that all the more gives you reason to come back!

Anthony: Yes! I know! *chuckles*

Dale (upper right^): We’re professional commuters… Maybe we could tour you next time.

Anthony: *chuckles*