Architectural Interpretation + Type Architectural Interpretation

This assignment was based off of the Bergisel Ski Jump designed by Zaha Hadid. We had to create a poster out of line and dot (or circle) and then create a typographic poster made out of a word or words that were relevant to the structure. I chose to use the architect’s name, Zaha Hadid. For both of the posters, My main components were an alpine environment (mountains, trees), motion of a skier down the ski-lift, and simplicity.
Fernando Padilla (2014)

facingimmensity asked:

Wow you have no idea how inspiring that was! And it is now that I'm actually finding out that it was your homework! Talk about great talent!! I myself am an amateur artist, but I haven't considered doing it professionally. I'm more into writing and acting :) Please! If it's not too much to ask, tell me about yourself! I'm sure that the person behind the art is as interesting as the art itself! Cheers. S.-

Cheers! I don’t actually do art professionally, actually.  I have little-known but very rewarding job in the movie industry: I am an engineer that works on artistic software (check my FAQ, I suppose).  I guess that describes my personality a lot.  I am very analytical, and I like organizing things, as boring as that sounds. :|  In my spare time, I read Wikipedia, make crap up for my headworld, and watch movies on Netflix. 

When I was ten, I had a pet rat which my dad had saved from a university experiment (control group, so he didn’t have anything wrong with him, persay).  I was so excited because I thought rats were really smart, so I put his food on top a ladder made of Popsicle sticks to see if he could climb it.  Unfortunately, laboratory-condition inbreeding renders you dumb as a rock, and all he did was knock the ladder over.  I took him for walks on a lizard leash.  His balls were huge. 

I also had a mouse named Energizer - she didn’t die for like, three years.  That’s like 150 for a mouse.

I was allergic to both of them.