viscole asked:

If you had the power to freeze time, what would you do with this new power?

A lot of thieving, for sure. Time to rob a few banks, play a few pranks, that sort of thing. Maybe have a wank in public because hey, why not. I feel bad but yeah I think stealing is high up on the list man, I gotta get some money so I can unfreeze time, get me a house, move all my friends into it (okay maybe not ALL of them, I know some crazy heathens) and just improve my quality of life. Maybe assassinate some folks. 

Man, my morals are fucked. 

davidbascombe asked:

OC Asks: P

I got P twice with privatepomegranate too so here we go.  P: purest, most perfect cinnamon roll.

Viscol’s Cinnamon Roll Resume

  • Thwarted an assassination attempt by bursting into tears then offering the assassin cookies from her pocket
  • Works in a bar full of assassins, thieves, and drug dealers but has no idea what any of them do because she’s too busy baking them cakes and making sure they’re healthy.
  • Wiggles every time she’s complimented.
  • Wiggles every time she’s excited.
  • Wiggles.
  • Has pockets FULL OF COOKIES.
  • Dates the world’s dumbest most sexist assassin but still sees a million things in him to love.
  • Runs an orphanage and a temple for wary travelers.
  • Trades entire baked hams to two different people so that they do not eat fire squirrels.
  • Turns into a squirrel and runs up a tree when threatened, nervous, scared, or spots a nut.