visas 2011

3 examples that show the difference between Obama's 2011 Iraqi Visa Policy and Trump's Muslim ban.

A member of the Iranian opposition — let’s call him Mehdi — flees Iran to avoid being arrested after organizing a demonstration in Tehran. Trump’s policy bans Mehdi from entering the United States, whereas Obama’s would not affect Mehdi at all.

A teenager born and raised in Germany — let’s call her Leila — has Iranian citizenship from her mother. If she wants to travel to the US on a school trip, Obama’s policy would mean that Leila could still enter the United States, but would need to acquire a visa before doing so. Trump’s policy would bar her from entry entirely.

A Lebanese Shia Muslim with a French mother — let’s call him Ahmed — travels to Tehran, potentially because he is a member of Hezbollah who was training with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Obama’s policy would subject him to heightened screening, because he recently traveled to Iran. Trump’s policy would not affect him at all, because he is a French-Lebanese national.

Black History Month: NCAA Gymnasts

February 8th- Kiana Winston (Alabama)

Kiana Winston (born June 12th 1996) is a former international elite gymnast who is currently a junior at the University of Alabama, majoring in psychology. She did her club training at Texas Dreams Gymnastics under Kim Zmeskal-Burdette and Chris Burdette.

Pre-collegiate Achievements:

  • 2009 US Classic Beam Champion 
  • 2009, 2010 and 2011 Visa Championships Qualifier
  • 2011 USA Junior National Team Member

Collegiate Bests:

  • Vault: 9.900
  • Bars: 9.975
  • Beam: 9.950
  • Floor: 10.000

Collegiate Achievements (to date):

  • First Team All-American on floor (2016)
  • Got her first 10.000 on floor against Florida (02/03/2017)
  • SEC Gymnast of the Week (02/06/2017)

Potential Comebacks 2014 - Sabrina Vega (USA)

Sabrina Vega was last seen competing at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials. While she was a member of the 2011 world championships team, Sabrina was not selected to be a member of the 2012 Olympic team. Despite this disappointment, she continued to train into 2013, changing gyms from Dynamic Gymnastics in New York to GAGE in Missouri. Early 2013, Sabrina had shoulder surgery to repair an old injury. This kept her out of competition for 2013. Fans of Sabrina are hoping to see her back in competition early next year and are excited to see what results the gym switch will have in her gymnastics. 

Past Results

2009 Junior Team of International Gymnix: gold - team; silver - all around, uneven bars, balance beam, floor

2009 Junior Pan America Championships: gold - team; silver - all around, uneven bars

2009 Junior Covergirl Classic: gold - floor; silver - all around; bronze - uneven bars

2009 Junior Visa Championships: gold - floor; bronze - balance beam

2010 Pacific Rim Championships: gold - team; silver - balance beam

2010 Junior Pan American Championships: silver - balance beam

2010 Junior Covergirl Classic: bronze - floor

2010 Junior Visa Championships: silver - floor

2011 City of Jesolo Trophy: gold - team, floor; silver - uneven bars; bronze - floor

2011 Covergirl Classic: silver - floor; bronze - all around

2011 World Championships: gold - team

2012 Secret U.S. Classic: bronze - floor