visambros drawing


Lilly Caul redesign (also known as Lilly “has gone through alot” Caul)

This is the first piece I’ve finished for my summer portfolio project. I don’t think I’m going to end up using this in the final portfolio, but it was still good practice to have. This was my thought process for this piece:

  • In general: “How would Lilly look if we saw her in Season 3″ was basically what I was going for. I wanted her to look a bit weaker than when we last saw her, like the apocalypse hasn’t stopped being hard on her, while still containing the inner strength she had in Season 1.
  • Face: If I remember correctly, in episode 3 of season 1 it’s implied or stated outright that Lilly hasn’t been sleeping well. Her eyes being dark and somewhat sunken in shows that even after she left the group, she still hasn’t been sleeping well (maybe her sleeping habits have gotten even worse, if that’s possible). The scar on her face came from a run in with other survivors.
  • Hand/Missing fingers: Her hand got bitten by a zombie and she had to cut her fingers off to keep from turning (if you’re wondering why her fingers look so gangly, it’s because I used my own gangly fingers as a reference).
  • Cane sword: Another signifier of Lilly having gone through alot. She messed up her leg so she needs a cane to walk. She was lucky enough to find a cane that held a concealed weapon in it. Even with her new handicap, she can still defend herself if need be.

And yeah, I think that’s about all I have to say about this.

I’ve always known that I needed to improve my artistic skills. However, there was a part of me that believed that I was just as good as artists in the professional field, and the only thing that was holding me back was a lack of effort. 

I’d think things like “I’ll do a better job next time, I was just tired” or “I can do better than this, I just didn’t try hard enough” whenever I drew something that looked awful. And though that might not have been a complete lie, the truth of the matter is I told myself those things because it was easier to believe that I could do better rather than admit that this was the best I could do

I realize now that admitting that my current art skill was where it was allowed me to look for more ways to get better without giving in to feelings of hopelessness over my lack of expert abilities in drawing. 

And this can relate to all aspects of life. If you want to improve on something- whether it be artistic skill, character flaws, whatever- you first have to admit that you need to improve.

I haven’t draw anything super detailed in a while so I decided to do some black and white practise based off a picture I got off of Google. I was going to put more detail into it but I’ve been working on this for days and I don’t want to work on this anymore. My mom asked me if I was going to draw more like this soon and I was like Σ(゚д゚;) internally but I probably should because I can always use more practise (considering that I can’t draw nearly as good as this when I don’t have a reference in front of my face).

Also here’s a close up of the ear since I put a buttload of detail into it and you probably can’t see it much:


25th piece for the portfolio project; a redesign of Superman. 

When I brainstormed a design for Superman, I thought of new limitations for his powers and how that would change what he wore. Superman gets his powers from the sun, right? So what if that ability were very sensitive? He’d be nearly invincible on a bright and sunny day, less powerful if it were overcast or rainy, and at his weakest when it was night. 

If that were the case, it would make sense to have much of his skin exposed so he could absorb the most amount of sunlight possible. Due to this, my initial thought was to have him wear underwear and hardly anything else. However, I didn’t feel like slapping underwear on Clark Kent and calling it a redesign would be good concept art practice, even if I were to use the excuse of “muscle practice” (hell, even when I actually used Wonder Woman for muscle practice, I still bothered to redesign her outfit). 

So, instead of making him nearly naked, I decided to give him some translucent clothing. And no cape, because that would get in the way of him absorbing sunlight.


This isn’t a tutorial (I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time to make a tutorial), I just wanted to put my process up on here too. If you’re wondering why there’s a sudden jump in quality from picture 4 to 5, it’s because I saw my past work and realized that 4 didn’t look as good as my previous work, so I got mad at myself and really buckled down to try to make it look better. And when I did that, it only made me want to do better (hence why I fixed most of my errors from 5 to 6). But then I got too tired to make it look perfect. 

Also this is the reference I used (I cropped it from the original picture):

I tried to make it look exactly like him but I didn’t quite manage it.