vis 70n


someone made this video for their vis 70n final project

it was definitely one of my favorites! good job guys!

i heard that the guy performing was also the one who wrote the poem


i finally found it!!!

monday night all of the TAs from vis 70n selected 7-10 final video projects for the entire class to watch. there was one video that i really loved and thought was hilarious but couldn’t find it on youtube :(

determination – i finally found it and now you can watch it too!

great job to whoever made this!!!

i’ve been assigned a constraints video for my vis 70n class and i’m pulling my hair out! this is definitely not one of my favorite classes… or assignments, but it’s got to be done.

i decided that the best “conceptual” thing i could come up with was to do an art project thats been on my “to try” list for a while, film it and make a short video. after it was shown in class, i would just agree with whatever they came up with as an explanation for what they saw. 

at least making the art was fun…