(by the-tml)
Virpominen is an old Finnish Easter tradition. Little kids dress up as witches or other traditional Easter characters (or something else related to the spring. It’s really not that strict these days.) and go on a tour to give decorated willow branches with pussy willows to their neighbours and friends. Meaning behind this is to wish them healthy and happy life. Usually little witches also say a poem when giving the branches away.
“Virvon varvon,
tuoreeks terveeks tulevaks vuodeks,
vitsa sulle, palkka mulle”
and what-about-same in English:
“Virvon varvon,
fresh healthiness for the upcoming year,
willow for you, wage for me.”
As a thank you gift for the pussy willows people give little kids Easter eggs or other sweets that they collect into their baskets. Basically this is our Halloween. At Easter.