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Poe & BB8, touch ups.

Poe hunkers down in front of BB-8, paint pot in hand.

“Okay buddy, this might tickle a bit.”

They both know it won’t, of course. But it’s part of the fiction they both sustain, the story of BB-8 being alive that they both tell because it’s something that makes the two of them happy, Poe having a constant companion and BB-8 having a loyal pilot.

BB-8 trills and rolls away as the brush touches their chassis. Poe laughs, wgas his finger.

“What’d I tell you? Come here.”


My badass, wonderful, beautiful, amazing, hilarious, good times having, fandom sharing, awesome FRIEND!!

First I will spam your awesomeness:





Varric will always be my favorite because we thats how we met, and you made me a Varric x Hawke fangirl (secrets sssshh!! dont tell sylar) 

But I’m super excited to take pictures of with your awesome MECHROMANCER!!!!





A while ago I said I wanted to do a cosplay spotlight on all my amazing cosplayer friends, only I got distracted by ME3 and then by finishing up the Corsair. Well I can’t sew while eating nachos, but I can type!

The first person I want to show off is the woman to whom I owe so much and will never be done repaying: the marvelous Melissa, aka virusq.

The first time I saw Mel’s Varric, it was back when fandom was still on LJ (ahaha) right after Phoenix Comic-Con. Female figure be damned (and damn, that was the best, albeit painful, binding I have ever seen, oh my god), she embraced that cosplay in such a beautiful way, so that you could see Varric in the way she set her jaw, the way she held Bianca (and oh, Bianca), the way she spoke and laughed (it was all about her mischief)….

She loves Varric (in more ways than one, wiiiiiiink), and you can tell when she cosplays Varric. In fact, I think she helped me be a better Isabela, because I finally had a partner-in-crime, someone I could nudge in the side and snark with and share knowing glances, in situations from “oh man someone said something that can be construed as dirty” to “oh my god those two are so adorable how do we even deal with it.” Because Mel has what I think is most important to cosplay: the love for the character you’re cosplaying—not that you need to act to be a cosplayer, but it meshes so well with my own style of cosplay that it was easy and an absolute pleasure to fall in stride with her.

And … dat Bianca. I want to steal her forever, no matter how heavy she is. And she’s remarkably heavy. Damn, Mel, I’m still in awe of the fact that you’ve carried her around so much!!

Sadly, Mel hasn’t documented a lot of her other cosplay (I’ve included one picture of her Celes in the set above), but if she’s tackled it with the same love with which she’s tackled Varric, then I’m bound to love it as well.

Mel, whoever you choose to cosplay next, be it Sigrun, EDI, Shepard, or that damned Trickster that I know you started gdi, I am eagerly waiting to see how it’ll turn out. But more importantly, I’m so excited to see you again at SDCC!!!!

With love from Isabela, to the only Varric she’ll ever love <3


Allegra’s Cos-Friends


((vv This was written before haha vv))

GENDERSWAP EVERYTHING. Everything stays the same because Firefly is priceless so I can’t really tell you ~plot~ but do want what.

Especially looking forward to WashZoe (WashZeke?) gender swap because of reasons. Very, very adorable reasons. Wash is adorable in every way anyway. Of course Mal doesn’t get any less badass. Perhaps only gets more badass. Neither does Jake. ;D And then there’s the cute doctor Simone? Nah, that’s boring, Samantha? Yes. Sam. Haha. And her crazy cakes berserker brother Reed. Then we have pretty companion Ian or, better yet, Innocent because irony. Ian can be short for Innocent, anyway, mostly because I said so. Preacher Didrika Book. Kailash “Kyle” Frye the mechanic. (Have I mentioned that naming character is super fun?)

Thing I clearly shouldn’t be doing right now but my final is going faster than I expected so I’ll doodle.

Two hours later: And of course I went a bit over board, who did not see this coming /siiiiigh THAT WAS FUN THOUGH. Female => Male is hard though because it’s like adding facial features is the opposite is smoothing things out. I TRIED. First Firefly fanart A+. I think.

Fic Cookie

@Musanocturnis & @virusq, I wasn’t actually hoping for the pr0n one (I only shared things I thought would be decent snippets!), but I do hope it’s entertaining.

For those not following my fic escapades, the following is a not-yet-posted, may-never-make-it-to-the-real-deal scene for my ME3 fix-it-fic Sunset & Evening Star. It’s about pr0n! But it doesn’t actually get particularly raunchy. Sorry. :P

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Snap Wexley, overrides.

When Poe is taken by the Resistance, the protocol is very clear. They’ve got to delete all his old codes, make sure nothing he gives them can be used. Besides. The codes aren’t any good to a dead man. The job falls to Snap Wexley.

He stares at the screen a good hour, eyes burning in the dim blue light. Give it one more day, he thinks. He’s out there, somewhere. 

Give it one more day.

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I'mma start with you baby cause you beautiful

therentyoupay: KRIS IS SO AMAZING AND INTELLIGENT! I’m so happy to share a mutual friendship with her because I already have so much respect and admiration. She’s an incredible writer that has all the nuances and literary tact I wish I had. Literally every fic she’s written is on the favorites for ever. Her skill and patience in writing is something I try to strive towards in my hobbies too. Tahnorra, Jelsa! ARGH GAWD. I sware if we ever did hang out I might just force you to sit and write all the things just so I could read them! Hahahah!

renlyslittlerose: LEMON! Lemon is so frikin smart (why are all my favs so much smarter than me?) She’s a gentlewoman and a scholar. She introduced me to the finer points of ASOIAF and I’m constantly learning new things from all her posts. Literature, history, psychology, I always get a more enlightened feel from her posts than some things I read in school. NOT TO MENTION SHES HILARIOUS.  

noctunu: I could literally stare at Jay’s blog all day thinking ‘lovveee meee.’ I want so direly to hang out with you and make costumes and watch Hannibal and hug you forever – hopefully that’s not creepy! She’s such a sweetheart and so bright and creative. Also she has the finest taste of men ever. ;D

:  Literally the best woman you will ever meet. She can make me laugh into oblivion, inspire me, or just fan out like crazy with me. Someone I can really actually depend on and talk to about anything. Be it cosplay troubles or career plans, or Bioware meta. Honestly, she has an answer or idea to like everything!! Your my Varric, my right hand, and one of my best friends!! 

keepcalmandstruton:  THIS MUTHERFUCKA LET ME TELL YOU. Deborafulpope is equal parts a talented and supreme lady and also a worthless doofus. For example I could say “YOMAN MEHOYMENOY COME TO JOLLYROGER” And she would understand what that means– AND she would most likely dress in something elegent and sophisticated when she showed up. She’s (IMO) the epitome of what RISD talent looks like, in mind and on paper. She SHOULD be (will be) one of the best concept artists in the buisness. Otherwise she makes hilarious and intelligent jokes, as any spongebob fan does. 

virusq asked for 74. (Are You Challenging Me?) Titan female. Cayde-6.

It’s not usual to see Guardians having a drink with the Vanguard, or to see the hangar bar this full. Maybe because Xur left, people who had come here to buy now gravitated to partying the mystery of the Nine away. You’ve had a few with friends and compared gear and swagger. That’s what takes you to the Vanguard: just a few steps, and he’s there at a table alone. You say the first thing that comes to mind.

“Why don’t you ask the Cryptarch to give me some armor I can use, not this Hunter stuff?”

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Zip Me. Complicated armor pieces. Your choice of whose armor. :d

Natasha flexes her fingers inside their new metal casing and smiles that wolfish grin of hers- electric and hungry and, frankly, terrifying. It’s hot as hell. Tony twitches the tube running out from his shirt to the gauntlet.

“There you go. All hooked up.”

He shifts, suddenly, inexplicably nervous. “You’ve got your hand on my heart, there, basically.”

She raises one perfect red eyebrow at him, and he feels the aforementioned organ lurch. Just a little.

“Be careful with it, huh?”

There’s a faint whine as the gauntlet’s repulsor powers up, light pulsing in Natasha’s palm, and her eyes flicker as she scans the room for targets. Tony gets the feeling he’s just made a brilliant, wonderful mistake.

“I’m making no promises, Stark.”

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Are you sure? It looks like a disgruntled bean.

I swear, it’s a potato!

She left seed potatoes in the basement the year before last… or perhaps the year before THAT… and a few days ago she went down and cleaned them out. They were all pathetic, withered things, half rotted away, having tried and failed to grow without moisture, light, or DIRT. 

Except for that one.

The tiniest, toughest potato. 

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Tali/Kal, discussing the finer points of shotguns. Tali/Garrus, Tali admiring Garrus’ scars and the cultural impact they would have.

“A Katana?” Tali picks up the gun and turns it over. “That’s pretty old school, Kal.”

Kal'Reegar reaches out and takes his shotgun back. “No school like the old school, as the humans say.” he sights along the barrel, grandstanding a display of confidence for her. “It’s a good gun. Not as powerful as the Eviscerator, sure, but then it also has a bigger clip and doesn’t violate a bunch of weapons treaties.”

Not the important thing in combat, but it’s nice to know that the Fleet military isn’t going to bust his ass for carrying nonstandard gear, something Tali’s Shepard vas Normandy never had to worry about, he’s sure.

Kal puts it back on the seat between them, giving the gun a little pat as he sets it down. ‘Besides, I’ve had this one since Basic. Gotten kind of attached, you know?“

Tali nods, then looks down and does a double take. Lifting the gun again, she taps the barrel.

"Kal, why is there 'Vera’ painted on the side?”

Kal pretends not to hear her.

She’s never met anyone with scars like his before.

Scars mean battle. Scars mean the outside, mean danger and infection and death, all the things that her people have worked so carefully to avoid.

When she sees Garrus again, and notices the giant bandage covering his face, the shading of the textures where burned skin meets the unbroken plates, Tali can’t help but wince, the bottom of her gut falling away as she unconsciously registers the thousand different risks that he must have gone through, from the initial wound to treatment and recovery.

Shepard’s scars were neat things, healed ridges of skin, and the ones after Cerberus where more machine than anything, a red robotic glow that thankfully faded over time. But Garrus’ scars are raw and rough and real.

She traces them with her fingers, feels the flutter of his jaw as he tries to hold it steady.

“I know,” he half-jokes, that crack where sarcasm covers the truth. “I’m hideous.”

“Actually,” Tali says, feeling her way forward delicately, as she treads on broken ground, “I was wondering what it would be like to kiss them.”

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It is a crying shame that @Cherith is the only person on my Tumblr that reblogs Rat Queens.

It is also a crying shame that I did not follow her into temptation sooner.



[[I also highly recommend Sex Criminals for another strange and hilarious comic that everyone should be reading.  It is nothing like Rat Queens and yet, it’s equally enjoyable.  Those two plus Pretty Deadly are the only things I’m buying per issue right now.]]

Well I didn't expect THAT.

My boyfriend was here this evening, and he watched me play the beginning of the Citadel DLC. He’s also been reading my fic (he waited ‘til it was finished) and watched me play lots of ME2.

We got to the bit where you walk into the restaurant and see Joker at the table, and I made a happy noise…

…and BF said, “Yeah. I definitely want one of those hats.”