W.I.P Art trade for a friend. @ericetienne aka @ericatnite. Still a LOOOOOT to finish. Such as Light, perspective fixing & details. His two babes have a crazy potential for creativity. I could have done NSFW but i just got triggered by how much charisma for so simple art style they had into them.

Here, I went with his dom wolf girl ‘ Agatha ‘ being a merc with her bud the polar bear ‘ Iva ‘. Motherly, kind and cheerful . Together, they hunt some bad guys in some Canadians landscape in their mighty military truck.

Now they just chilling in their favorite rest road restaurant after a good mission. Dude. The way @ericetienne draw them, would make on of the most awesome duo cartoon network character. Mixing powerpuff girls (old school version) and cowboy bebop. I WANT THIS.