Sticks and Stones

Summary - Elizabeth Lucas is a doctor who is assigned to the Enterprise for their 5 year voyage into uncharted territory, but she also has another speciality. 

Warnings - swearing, angst, mentions of blood.

Doctor Elizabeth Lucas had a reputation, firstly for being one of the best doctors in the Federation, but also because she was rumoured to be extremely kind and very intelligent. So, when Jim was handed her transfer orders the day before the Enterprise was about to set off, you could say he was excited about the new crew member joining his ship. There had been strict orders that she wear a emerald green dress, mainly so that people could identify her easily if they needed her; but also because she was senior to most people on the ship, because she had another area of expertise.

Rumours were rumours, but you couldn’t ignore the rumours about Elizabeth Lucas and those hands of hers, the same hands that time and time again proved to be magical. The only thing that Jim worried about was telling Bones that he had a partner, who was better than him, but didn’t want his position, but he had to listen to her anyway… and Bones didn’t take it well at all, he cussed and messed his room up, but then he began to criticise and doubt the talents of the doctor who would be joining them. Now, let me remind you that Elizabeth, other than having goddess-like hands, was also undoubtedly stunning. There was dark chocolate hair that reached her waist in beach waves, dark hazel eyes which glowed against her olive complexion, there was also the fact that her body was healthy, she had an hourglass figure and the curves were hard not to stare at. So when Jim actually met Elizabeth, he couldn’t help but stare and blush when she giggled at his reaction before telling him it was alright.

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From neighbors to something more (mini drabble)

Olicity // AO3 // 4013 // more fics //

Summary: Felicity moves into a new apartment and doesn’t really have the most natural relationship with her neighbor, the one, and only Oliver Queen.

A.N: I wrote this some time ago and I thought why not post it now and get it off my chest.

It had only been a week since she had moved into her new apartment in the middle od Starling. Most of her moving box’s had already been unpacked but there was still a lot to do around her apartment. Next, to her full-time job in QC’s IT department, she had never had the time to make her last apartment a homey living space. If she wasn’t at work, working extra hours she was either asleep or working from home. This apartment had been a treat to herself for working overtime and she had made a promise to herself to finally die down on the workaholics’ act and start living like any normal adult.

She had only just met the neighbors that lived across the hall from her, a lovely newly married couple with a baby but not yet the who lived in the apartment next to her. Whatever kind of lady’s man or playboy that was living next to her had already managed to get on her nerves after only being neighbors for a week or so.

In the first seven day’s of living in her new apartment, she had heard him having sex at least five time’s, having his friends over for a poker night and a night of watching whatever sport they had been watching that night. There hadn’t been that much noise the first night in her apartment she had found out about the sex thing. His and her bedroom apparently shared a wall. And the wall wasn’t really soundproof.

She hoped that it would die down and not have to be the neighbor that complained about all the time. But it didn’t, so today it was the weekly poker night and it was only eight o'clock and they were already yelling about who had won the first round of the night. Finally, after a month of putting up with the noise and the very active sex live off her unknown neighbor. So tonight was the night she would knock on the door and tell them to keep it down tonight because after the stressful day at work, the only thing that she wanted tonight was a quiet night in, in only her pj’s, binging Netflix and eat the tub of ice cream that was the only thing that she had in her freezer.

“Come on, opened the damn door.” Felicity had said to herself after it took awhile for someone to open the door and she was on the verge of turning back.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any fic recs for a nurseydex fic from nursey's point of view? i can barely find any ;_; so i came to the nurseydex queen haha

I know, there is definitely more Dex POV fics than Nursey POV fics (and I know I am part of the problem :/ I am trying very hard to work on writing more from Nursey’s perspective. I relate to Dex a lot, so I instinctively gravitate to him, but I am trying to be better).

So I’m going to rec some fics for you! They are all from Nursey’s POV (or at least at the beginning, if they switch POV somewhere in the middle, my apologies, I didn’t re-read them all as I was putting this together). Also, while these are all from Nursey’s perspective, that doesn’t mean they’re about Nursey? We still see a lot of Dex’s backstory just through Nursey’s eyes, so yeah… I just wanted to point that out. I love all of these fics so much though, and I hope there’s some new ones on here you haven’t read before!


Tending a Fire by @holsterr​ -  Derek doesn’t know how to write it down; that rich loud copper-red burning against a dream of a blue, true sky.

And here’s some more great fics!!!…

Not Your Boyfriend by emmagrant01 - “So Farmer, do you… uh.” Derek feels his cheeks warming. “Do you think Dex and I are… dating?”Dex makes a sound like he’s sucking a breath through his teeth.“Aren’t you?” Farmer looks back and forth between Derek and Dex, and then blushes. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry, I just assumed.”

The Mechanics of Poetry by @omgericzimmermann​ -  In which Nursey doesn’t know how to drive and Dex takes it upon himself to teach him. In which Derek Nurse is a love struck fool. In which Will Poindexter’s problems have problems. And sometimes they play hockey.

Crossed Wires by lecrivaineanonyme - Will snorts. “You are unreal,” he says, shaking his head. “I’ve had people in here crying because they downloaded a virus that can be removed in two minutes, and here you are with pie-filling in your computer, joking about how at least you didn’t fucking put rice in it.” Derek grins. “It’s chill,” he replies, scratching the back of his neck. “Why worry? I know you got my back.” Also known as the one where Nursey is constantly fucking up his laptop and Dex is the lucky Best Buy employee who gets to fix it.

Don’t Mind You Under My Skin by @jayzimmboni​ -  Dex shows up to hockey practice one day with what looks like a hickey near his hip, and Nursey is not okay, Nursey is not chill, Nursey is incredibly jealous.

Row Upon Row by akadiene -  Derek goes to Maine with Dex for his grandmother’s funeral. He didn’t have any expectations, which is good, because they would have all been surpassed.

It’s Never Just A Minute by nightswatch -  Nursey and Dex are involved in an undefined something. Maybe it’s not that great of an idea to leave it undefined, though.

A Poet is A Nightingale by Kt_fairy - Derek was fresh out of Andover ready to breathe lungfuls of fresh, non privileged air, ready to not have to get in first with jokes about his middle name, not have to be ready to defend himself at any moment, to experiment with girls and boys with no need to have excuses ready. To grow surrounded by like minded people, to just be. Then there was William J Poindexter with that fucking republican sticker on his laptop. Jesus christ, of all the dudes in Samwell to like guys why did the one with the eyes like a fucking cliché of sunshine on autumn fucking leaves have to be so obnoxiously fucking straight!?

You can also scroll through this tag on my blog. It’s all nurseydex fics, but since most of them are tumblr fics, you should be able to tell pretty easily which ones are in Nursey’s POV. (Of course, I can always rec some to you as well! Just let me know)

And of course, the first fic I wrote for this ship was from Nursey’s POV, even though it gives more of a backstory to Dex because we see his family:

Tattoos, Cutoffs & Converse  Other than you know, the weird tension and Dex’s constant blushing, dinner goes relatively well. The younger Poindexters keep conversation flowing, bouncing between their week at school and sports practices and dance recitals and arguing over who is the best a fishing. No seriously. He could not make this shit up. It’s too warm in the house and Dex’s mom laughs too loud (call me Colleen, Derek, please) and Dex’s knee keeps nudging Derek’s under the table because there isn’t really room for eleven people but he wouldn’t want to change a thing. Later though, when Mack starts making excuses to leave and Dex insists on walking him out, Derek has to force himself to ignore the ugly feeling curling in his gut. He wants to keep Dex to himself, wants to lace their fingers together and write pretty words on his arms. But Dex like someone at Samwell, and the chance that it’s him seems to get smaller and smaller the more he thinks about it.


Gas quickly nodded “yea…” there was no way gas was gonna leave virus durn his surgery. He didn’t care if he had to be silent or whatever durn the surgery. He just cared about being there for virus

The Doctor lead Virus to an old and dusted mattress to lie down on it. The Doctor led his hand to the back of Virus’ collar bone to press it and get him unconscious so he could start the surgery. The Doctor would kock him out every time Virus intended to wake up. He took a small scalpel to clean it, opened one of Virus’ eyes and pass the scalpel extremely careful over the thick layer on Virus’ eyes and remove it slowly. It took nearly one night to clean one of his eyes completely to then go to the other. 

Once the thick layers were finally removed from Virus’s eyes, the Doctor proceed to wet the eyes to clean the small pieces of the layers remaining on them yet. Then he covered Virus’ eyes with a black fabric tied around his head, and walked unto Gas.

“He shouldn’t see light right after the surgery. Much less in the day. Else, he’ll damage his eyes. Passing from black to pure light can burn his eyes.” 

The Doctor looked back at Virus. 

“He’ll have to wear that fabric for at least two days so he can slowly perceive the light. Make sure to remove the fabric when the sun is setting so the light won’t be so hard on him. Got it?”

If Bleach characters worked in IT...

As requested by dejurka-bleach. :)

In this list, we will pretend that Bleach characters live in the human world and happen to work fixing computers. And because “removing a virus” is the only computer-related problem that doesn’t fill me with intense confusion, we’re going to go with that. So! If Bleach characters worked at a computer repair place and were asked to remove a virus from a laptop, what would their approach be?

1. Lisa: Invasively helpful

Lisa: Hey. Virus is gone.

Customer: Thank you!

Lisa: I also bookmarked you some better porn sites.

Lisa: Because seriously.

Customer: Um

Lisa: Seriously.

2. Yamamoto: Grumpily helpful

Yamamoto: Such a bad consumer. Making me fix your computer.

Customer: I’m…paying you?

Yamamoto: So bad.

3. Soi Fon: Inventively helpful

Soi Fon: Virus is gone. I invented a new program to kill it.

Customer: Wow!

Soi Fon: Also, I made it so that you can’t single click anything.

Customer: What

Soi Fon: Double-clicking is better.

4. Nnoitra: Not helpful

Nnoitra: I killed your pitiful virus.

Customer: Um…thanks?

Nnoitra: Also destroyed your hard drive.

Customer: What

Nnoitra: It was looking at me funny.

5. Kurotsuchi: Questionably helpful

Customer: Um, you fixed my computer last week.

Kurotsuchi: And?

Customer: And did you like, put more viruses on it? Because…yeah.

Kurotsuchi: I did put on a virus to kill  the virus you had.

Kurotsuchi: The next seven were for science.


Kurotuschi: Science.

6. Urahara: Questionably helpful

Customer: Dude, you infected my computer with malware when you removed the virus.

Urahara: Oh, sorry about that!

Customer: …I’d like it fixed.

Urahara: Really? Apologizing isn’t enough?

7. Orihime: Miraculously hefpul

Customer: M-my computer runs like new! What did you do?

Orihime: Um, I fixed it like you said.

Orihime: Why?

8. Ichigo: Surprisingly helpful

Ichigo: [humming]

Customer: Um, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but

Customer: You are literally just keyboard mashing.

Ichigo: Is that a problem?

Customer: There’s no way that could possibly work!

Ichigo: It’s fixed!

Customer: But how

9. Tosen: Diagnostically helpful

Tosen: I can tell just by looking that you have been infected by the White Virus.

Customer: The computer isn’t on.

Tosen: And?

Customer: Also aren’t you -


Customer: Never mind.

10. Kira: Overly helpful

Kira: Here you go. 

Kira: I removed the virus and added some features, free of charge.

Customer: My computer is like 10x heavier now!!

Kira: It’s how I roll.

11. Hiyori: Less than helpful

Hiyori: A virus, huh?

Hiyori: I will KICK IT BETTER

Customer: Maybe I’ll shop around.

12. Ukitake: Less than helpful

Ukitake: A virus, huh? I feel you.

Ukitake: Better get used to living with it forever.

Customer: What

Ukitake: Viruses can’t be cured, you know.

13. Tessai: Criminally helpful

Tessai: Here. It is fixed.

Tessai: I had to bend time and use an illegal program, but it’s fixed.


Tessai: Customer satisfaction is very important to me.

14. Riruka: Cosmetically helpful

Riruka: Here. Your computer is better now.

Customer: Um this isn’t mine.

Riruka: Yeah it is.

Customer: My computer isn’t pink.

Riruka: No, it WASN’T pink!

Customer: What

Riruka: What

15. Hitsugaya: Probably not helpful

Customer: Hey it’s been two weeks. I just wanted to know how it’s going?

Hitugaya: The investigation is ongoing.

Customer: Investigation…?

Hitsugaya: Your virus scan identified a virus.

Customer: Great!

Hitsugaya: So that’s obviously not it. I’m still looking for further clues.

Customer: What

Hitsugaya: Viruses are devious.

Customer: But

Hitsugaya: So devious.

Crossed Wires

I was afraid that I’d lost the inspiration to write for fandom. Then I fell into the Check Please! fandom and proceeded to write the longest piece of fiction I have ever produced. It feels good to be writing again. 

I do not own any of these characters or store chains. All mistakes are entirely my own. 

Relationship: Derek “Nursey” Nurse/Will “Dex” Poindexter

Characters: Derek “Nursey” Nurse, Will “Dex” Poindexter, Chris “Chowder” Chow, Eric Bittle, Adam “Holster” Birkholtz, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi, Larissa “Lardo” Duan, Shitty Knight, Jack Zimmermann

Warnings: Swearing

Length: 14,709 (I recommend reading this on AO3 because it is SO long)

[Read on AO3]

Will snorts. “You are unreal,” he says, shaking his head. “I’ve had people in here crying because they downloaded a virus that can be removed in two minutes, and here you are with pie-filling in your computer, joking about how at least you didn’t fucking put rice in it.”

Derek grins. “It’s chill,” he replies, scratching the back of his neck. “Why worry? I know you got my back.”

Also known as the one where Nursey is constantly fucking up his laptop and Dex is lucky Best Buy employee who gets to fix it.”

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your fics and I know its early but if you are feeling up to it, I have a Christmas prompt that I thought would make a cute fic. Imagine O making dinner for himself and singing a Christmas song that’s normally a duet. Suddenly, F who is living next-door starts singing along with him. Do with this what you will :) Bye.

thank you so much nonnie! I hope you like what I’ve come up with :)

“Been hoping that you’d drop in…..I’ll hold your hands they’re just like ice.”

Felicity paused her fingers over her keyboard as a male’s voice filtered through the walls of her apartment. Pressing her ear against the wall she realized it was coming from the newly occupied apartment to the left of hers. She found herself humming along to his rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside, which she had to admit was a fitting choice for the current weather. When she peered out the window, she saw that the snow that had been dumping on the city since she got home from work wasn’t showing any signs of letting up.

“I’ve got to get home,” she sung softly as she typed out a string of code.

“But baby you’ll freeze out there.”

“Say, lend me your coat…”

“It’s up to your knees out there.”

“You’ve really been grand…”

Her voice was louder than she intended and she was met by silence on the other side of the wall as the music was paused. She bit her lip as she wondered what his reaction was to finding out there was someone listening in on him.

A few seconds ticked by awkwardly before the music started playing again.

“I thrill when you touch my hand…”

She smiled, “But don’t you see…”

“How can you do this to me?”

They finished out the song, ending with an in sync, “Baby it’s cold outside,” and she waited to hear what song would play next.

What she was not expecting was a soft knock on her door.

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Attention All Skype Users

I’m currently making this post from my phone, because my laptop is continuously blue screening and restarting itself.

There is a virus going around Skype, taking the form of a video message from a contact and linking you to an official-looking page with a link to download.

If you see this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. It is a virus that is incredibly difficult to remove, and when the virus is present, ads that interfere with loading websites will appear and warp your view of said websites. The windows will say ‘ads by doc’ underneath and are incredibly annoying and persistant. But that’s not the worst part.

Not only have I been sitting here for hours with multiple programs trying to remove this virus, but now, after the offending object count was 0 and I thought the virus was clear, an error called UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP triggers and blue screens my laptop, forcing it to restart. The only way I can get past the desktop screen is if I boot it up in safe mode.

Stay Safe.

Hi I just wanted to let you know that there’s a “personality test app” post that’s been going around for a while carrying a virus. It often gets reblogged to infected urls regardless of whether or not the owner has reblogged it intentionally, and I noticed that it appearred in your posts today. From what I’ve heard, it’s not too bad a virus to remove, but it’s got a nasty spread rate from the self-posting code!

Ugh, I knew it must be! I saw it on my dash and tried to scroll past, but my touch screen opened it up anyway. I thought it’d be okay if I didn’t do anything else, but looks like it got to me. Publishing this as a warning to my followers. Sorry guys. Now I have to figure out how to remove a virus from a tablet.

About the tumblr viewers virus (or not) thing.

I’ve seen some people freak out about this. I was too at first. That so-called virus is so annoying. 

So, here’s how you can remove them from your tumblr.

This is how it may looks like :

Now, go to your setting :

Click on the apps option :

You can see the unknown and unwanted apps in your apps setting, so :

Now, you are to click at the remove button :

Now, go to your blog and delete all the posts that the apps posted on your blog. You will have to delete it few times because that apps is so annoying as unwanted fucking shits.

And that’s all! Now you can have a very blast day w/o that annoying apps :D

Any tips on virus removal?

I got a really horrible one a couple months ago, or maybe just one month i don’t remember, but anyways this one was the worst i had ever seen. I managed to get things back to what I thought was normal, but over the past two days i’m realizing that it most certainly is not normal and I need to get it fixed. 

Some of the things that are happening, I cannot open any of the default apps like the picture gallery, I try to open it, it pauses on the opening screen, then minimizes itself in the taskbar, bringing me back to the start screen. Now, I can get the gallery to work so I ignored that problem, but it affects all the other apps like that. I have also determined that it is preventing the sound from playing in certain dvd players, as well as preventing the sound from playing in sims 3. I found out today too that when I try to click on the link in control panel to uninstall a program, it does absolutely nothing, and many of the other links act in the same way. This means that I cannot uninstall anything, and I’ve been having difficulties installing other things although it is possible. Origin also would not open this morning, and after running system restore it does seem to be working. Now I have been continually scanning and removing the same things that keep popping up in several different virus programs including avast, malwarebytes, and adwcleaner. No matter how much I do this, nothing changes. System restore is a no-go unless I can go back several months, and it only gives me 5 points from this month. I also already did a system restore to remove most of the stubborn virus when I got it so i’m not sure how much that would help. 

Anyways these are the main problems I am seeing, I am running Windows 8.1 on an HP laptop, and not sure what other specs would be helpful :P I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me <3


First of all if you see this in your feed DO NOT CLICK! it is a lie and does not work! IT IS A VIRUS!!

but if you do click it and your blog is infected Do not fear I think I have found the cure!!

Go here and disconnect the site from your blog… whether that is stalker or someother spam site… i am 90% sure this will work. I was infected with this virus, i removed it 3 hours ago and it hasn’t posted spam yet! I also removed past viruses! Go now and rid yourselves of the viruses!!!