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A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 117

- Akira woken up by an optimistic alarm named Banjou

- Akira wakes up and her pudding boi son is gone

- Kaneki you cannot just tell your mother you killed your father like that

- Hori chie gonna send porn to the CCG in the hopes some poor soul opens it to receive her virus

- Couple goals having angsting in the same garden

-Amon: I might not have my badge but I can still give your ass a citizens arrest

- Touka: Bitch I’m not in the mood to roast so enjoy some roast

 - Touka don’t need no dove to tell her she’s great

- Urie gets married to a beautiful promotion

- Ive ran out of fingers to count fruits name changes

- Furuta is such a joke he actually becomes one

-Ui cause of death second hand embarrassment

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Group therapy at goat to the song “why can’t we be friends”by WAR

Talking Smack. [Sequel to “You’re Not a Loser.”]

Imagine you being featured on an episode of Talking Smack along with James Ellsworth. Knowing that you are Dean’s girlfriend, he tries to plead his case to you and to the world about how sorry he is, but due to your raging hormones, you lose your temper.

You can find “You’re Not a Loser.” here. Enjoy!

It’s been a few weeks since the last time you and Dean were together, and each day you missed him like crazy. But ever since your time with Dean right after his match at Backlash, you’ve been feeling sick and throwing up on a daily basis. At first, you thought it was just a stomach virus, but a couple of days before you left work to see Dean face AJ for a chance to become the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, you decided to take a pregnancy test.


“Y/N! I’m glad you’re here.” Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, caught you in the hallway near the catering area. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ooh-kay.” His urge to talk to you caught you off guard. “What’s up?”

A smile appeared on his face. “Well, I was wondering, how would you like to be a special guest on Talking Smack tonight right after Smackdown Live?”

Your eyebrows furrowed together and your eyes widened at the request. “M-Me? You pointed at yourself. “Why me? I’m nobody around here.” You chuckled.

“Well, believe it or not, you actually are somebody around here. See, fans have been dying to know since Backlash your opinions about the feud between AJ Styles and your boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. I think it would be a good idea to get a different, and more personal, point of view in all of this. What do you say?”

“Well, with all do respect Daniel, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Dean and I are trying our best to keep our relationship out of the public eye, and if you put me on Talking Smack then that’s just going to ruin everything. So thanks, but no thanks.”

Daniel nodded his head as his smile faded. “I see. Well, I can respect that. But if you change your mind then let me know before the show is over.”


“Can you believe Daniel Bryan wanted me to be on Talking Smack tonight?” You chuckled, still in disbelief.

“Maybe they want to talk to you about being on Total Divas.” Dean joked.

You smiled and nudged his arm. “I highly doubt that. I’m not a diva, and even if I was I wouldn’t want to be on that show anyway. No offense to the other girls on that show, especially Nikki since she is my friend, but…just…no thanks.”

“I hear ya’.” Dean smiled at you as he finished taping his hands and punched the palm of his own hands one at a time. “I think you should do it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. Definitely. I mean, I know you’ve been working on getting a career in anchoring or broadcasting for the news. Maybe you should give it a shot tonight on Talking Smack and see if you really like it. Who knows? You might get some exposure, and maybe Daniel will hire you for the show.”

You thought about it for a moment. “Well, it would be nice…” You were about to say something else, but a knock at the door broke you away from your thoughts.

“Dean, you’re on in two minutes.” A crew member spoke as he poked his head into the locker room.

Dean gave a slight nod and turned back to you. “That’s my cue.” He smiled and stroked your cheek. “I’ll see you later doll face.” He then leaned down and kissed you passionately. His beard gently scratching at your face as you kissed him back. Just the feel of his beard alone was sending your hormones in a frenzy and he noticed. He smiled in the kiss and pulled away. “I promise, we’ll do that later.”

“You bet your ass we will.” You giggled. Dean winked at you and as soon as he turned around to walk away, you grabbed his ass and winked at him. “Go get ‘em tiger.”


While Dean was out doing his promos with James Ellsworth and interviews before his match, you caught up with Daniel Bryan and told him that you want to be on Talking Smack and he seemed thrilled to have you.

You spent the rest of the evening getting your hair and make-up done and you watched Dean’s match with AJ. James Ellsworth was in Dean’s corner, and just like Dean, you weren’t sure if it was a good idea. He could really get hurt out there and Dean won’t be able to protect him this time. You stayed at the catering area and cheered Dean on until it happened. James Ellsworth hit AJ Styles with a Sweet Chin Music in front of the official. James Ellsworth single-handedly ruined Dean’s chance at the Championship title. Your mouth dropped open in shock, and your heart began to hurt at the sight of Dean’s face. This is not good.


“Babe, I’m sure it was an acci-“

“DON’T YOU FUCKING TELL ME THAT IT WAS AN ACCIDENT Y/N!” Dean shouted at you and it made you flinch. You wanted to say more, but it was already time for you to leave to the set of Talking Smack.

“I have to go. But we’re not done here. We need to talk when I get back.”


You watched the entire episode of Talking Smack from the side and right now your frustration level was on high, but it seemed to fly off the charts just from Renee Young’s little chuckle after saying “that sucks” about Dean no longer having the number one contender’s spot. But you had to keep calm and not let anger get the best of you. This was your very first time appearing on a live broadcast for anything and you didn’t want to screw it up. As the hour went on and you listened to James Ellsworth plead his case from the moment he walked out onto the set, you genuinely started to feel sorry for the guy. You could tell that he really didn’t mean to do what he did. He just got caught up in the moment. You started to think maybe there was a way you could talk to Dean and maybe get him to not hurt James for his mistake.

“Well maybe this is a good time to bring out our next guest. She is the girlfriend of mister Dean Ambrose himself. Ladies and gentlemen, Y/N Y/L/N!” Renee announced.

You walked out with a small smile on your face and took a seat next to Ellsworth.

“Y/N, thank you for joining us.” Renee continued once you were handed a microphone.

“Thanks for having me.”

“So Y/N, tonight was a big night for Dean Ambrose, but seeing how it all turned out, what are your thoughts on that?” Renee asked you.

You sighed as you looked at all three of them. “Well,” You then focused your attention to Ellsworth. “Look James, I know that you had good intentions of being out there in Dean’s corner. You wanted to show him support and gratitude for everything he’s done for you. Your heart was in the right place. Your foot, however, wasn’t. And I-“ You stopped talking when you noticed both Renee and Daniel giggling. Maybe it was your hormones acting out of whack, but that really pissed you off. “Why are you two laughing? Did I say something funny?”

Your reaction caught both Daniel and Renee off guard and they honestly didn’t know how to react, so they both stayed quiet.

“You know what? You wanna hear my thoughts? You wanna talk some smack? Fine. Let’s talk smack.” You adjusted in your seat as your adrenaline pumped through your veins. “Because I am so sick and tired of everyone not taking Dean serious around here.” You looked straight at Ellsworth. “James I am going to be blunt with you. I understand you are worried about what will happen because of what you did tonight, and you should be! Now, I can sit here and tell you everything in the book to make you feel better. I could’ve told you that everything was going to be all right. That Dean wasn’t going to be mad. That he will forgive you for what you did. But if I told you that then I would be lying to you. Dean is just as unpredictable to me as he is to every person in this entire roster, and the one thing that I can’t and won’t do is lie about him. You may not have seen him after the show, but I did, and to say that he is pissed off is an understatement.”

You sighed as you tried your best to get yourself together before speaking again. “Look, in this business there is no room for mistakes, and Dean lives by that quote religiously. You cost someone a match, it’s a big deal don’t get me wrong, but it can be easily forgotten if it wasn’t important. However, if you cost someone a match for a title, or even the chance to be a number one contender for the title, that’s huge. That’s huger than huge, and Dean is not just gonna let that go.”

“So, how do you feel about him not having that number one contender’s spot anymore?” Daniel asked.

You looked at all three of them as you began to answer. “You know, I’ve told Dean time and time again that he is a champion in my eyes no matter what. With or without a belt. But I’ve been with the man for seven years now, and I know how much this means to him.” Your anger started to rise again and it showed as you spoke. “I know how much it means to him to be champion. I know how much it means to him to have that belt around his waist. I know how much it means to him to be the top dog. So to see him back there so angry, upset, and hurt because the only opportunity he had left at the championship, once again, slipped through his fingers makes me angry, upset, and hurt for him! And I don’t appreciate either one of you,” You pointed at both Renee and Daniel. “laughing about it and treating it like it’s some big joke!”

“I wasn-“ Renee began, but you cut her off.

“No! Renee, it is my time to talk and I’m not about to let you talk over me like you do everyone else!” You looked at Daniel. “You wanted me on the show, now you’re getting what you asked for!” You sighed and focused back on James and began speaking on a much calmer tone. “Look, if you’re looking for some sort of answers from me about what is going to happen, then you’re asking the wrong person. Dean is a very unpredictable man, and it doesn’t matter if you try to confront him tonight, tomorrow, next week, or even at Survivor Series. I can’t guarantee you that he will reason with you. All I can tell you is that Dean isn’t going to let this go. And you better watch your back.”

With that, you dropped your microphone on the table and you heard a pop and quick static noise before walking off the set and leaving Renee, Daniel and James speechless. Certainly tonight’s episode of Talking Smack was going to be the hot topic of the locker room and the entire WWE Universe tomorrow, but now that Talking Smack was over, you have a new topic that you didn’t know how to break to Dean at the moment. You’re pregnant.

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Mad waves cheerfully bouncing on his blood stained trainers “hello mom!!!”

Virus stands a couple of steps behind mad glitching irritably you can tell by his voice he’s frowning “don’t call me that i’m not a child”

how got7 takes care of you when you’re sick

In spite of having some virus for the past couple of days, i decided to cheer myself up by experimenting and writing one of these. Please Enjoy ^_^

Jaebum: He would be all over telling you he “told you so” but after you pout at him he’ll say he’s just kidding and run to the closet and find all of the blankets and cover you to death so you’re warm enough. He’d watch over you as you lie down and rest and be there when you wake. He’d also have gone to the nearest convenience store and bought you your favorite fizzy drink like Ramune because fizzy drinks are surprisingly okay for stomach problems. 

Mark : Mark would be more of a silent person at this time,just depressed at how miserable you look. He would ask “are you hungry” or “do you need anything?” and i can imagine him dropping the occasional aegyo when you’re feeling a little bit better to cheer you up. He also make you some homemade chicken noodle soup(the ones from the cans lol) and feed it to you, but nothing too fancy because you aren’t feeling well and he might set something on fire without you being there to monitor his cooking.

Jackson : this boy would stop at nothing to show his affection for you especially at a desperate time like this. He’d offer to massage you, go out and buy you a lot of tissues and medicines and all around he’d just be there. He’d do anything to put you at ease since he knows you’re suffering, ( i mean have you seen the way he treats his mother?) He’d also want to stay home with you and watch his reality shows until you were sick of him.

Jinyoung : Jinyoung would read to you until you fall asleep or lull you to sleep with his smooth voice. He’d be very gentle and ask you where you were hurting and if there was anything he could do to help. He’d stroke your cheek and wipe away your painful tears. Despite you being a ball of sickness, he wouldn’t be as hesitant as the other members to get close to you and have you place your head on his shoulder. He’d also drink hot tea with you and tell you everything would be alright.

Youngjae : i think this cutie would frankly be quite scared since given his young age he probably hasn’t dealt with too many sick girlfriends. He would try to comfort you and play soothing songs on the piano. He would also try to make you laugh just because he misses seeing you cheery so much.

BamBam: Since BamBam is also quite young, i feel that he wouldn’t be as helpful in the helping you get better process as much as he would be  in the making you feel better process. He would shower you with compliments and say “you still look good even with no makeup and your illness”. This boy would use a whole lot of aegyo in trying to get you to interact with him and get you out of your funk. I also imagine him (maybe slightly against doctors orders) bring you Popsicles or ice cream to cheer you up.

Yugyeom : He would tease you for getting sick and then reassure that he’s just teasing and try to make you feel better by fluffing your pillow, getting you water, and refilling your tissues when they run out. You would say you were craving some food you knew you were not supposed to have(like pizza) and for a second he’s give in but then he’d be like “Noona, you cant!” and eat the bland congee with you that had been your meals for the last couple of days.

Like and let me know if you would like more scenarios!

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Exo Reactions To Them Dating Someone Exactly Like Them

This would be so funny to see in real life omg

I hope you like it xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *the couple that fuels each other’s weird sides, they’d laugh at each other’s jokes & be each other’s best friend, they wouldn’t be afraid of being publicly affectionate & would even use that to make people uncomfortable*

Chanyeol: *the happy virus couple, laughter, so much laughter, you’d never see them fighting or arguing unless it was about small things that they’d forget about 5 seconds later, they’d also be an affectionate couple who hug & playfully bite each other constantly*

Chen: *the couple who you almost never see, ever, unless it’s in between pranks, sex & snuggling for hours*

D.O.: *the old married couple, they’d bicker constantly but it wouldn’t ever lead to anything serious, then they’d calm down & show little signs of adoration when they think no one is looking*

Kai: *the giant toddler couple, imagine two fluffy puppies dancing around with chicken hanging out of their huge smiling mouths, that’s it* 

Kris: *the couple that constantly seems to have a lot of tension but never break up & actually put a lot of themselves into the relationship, they’d always have level heads about things except topic of who was right & who was wrong*

Lay: *the hard-working, clueless couple who love each other endlessly & don’t have any secrets*

Luhan: *the couple who is in a constant sass-battle & there never seems to be a winner, they break up & get back together constantly though they’d never admit when it was their fault, but they care about each other deeply*

Sehun: *the couple who shouldn’t be a couple & no one understands how they’ve been together as long as they have because all they do is talk about themselves & never show affection, but behind closed doors they’re each other’s whole world & they spend every moment wisely* 

Suho: *the annoyingly happy & positive couple who are always doing cute things together & randomly start kissing on each other in the middle of whatever is going on*

Tao: *the couple who fight a lot but can’t properly express why they’re angry so they just exchange frustrated looks, but when it’s a good day they’ll shower each other with kisses & love because they realize how perfect they are for each other*

Xiumin: *the couple that doesn’t take each other’s shit & have no problem speaking their minds, even if it leads to a few hours of not speaking, but when they make up, they have seriously amazing sex that lasts for hours & they’d do anything to make each other happy*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo