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I sang Anaconda as Aoba. Why? Why not. I’m not even sorry. I just can’t deal with any of myself right now. LOL. I hope you guys like it, it took a bit of time to actually put together.

Hersha would be a happy anaconda right about now lel.


I thought that this gem perfectly summarized their relationship, so I needed to draw it in Vitri.

I don’t have much to say about this, excepted that I still need to practide drawing these twos, and that I spent way too much time on this.

Also Christmas sweaters because it’s the period and I like Christmas sweaters.

I still hope you’ll like it (and don’t forget to like/reblog the original comic)

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Remember who you are... you are Virus. The one true illness of heartaches from fan girls in love with you. Remember... remember... remember...

Virus doesn’t give a shit.

(I would have drawn more of this, but sadly it’s finals time for me.)

dmmd boys' reactions to being called "daddy"
  • Aoba:spits out his beverage immediately
  • Koujaku:blushes profusely but goes along with it if it's what you want
  • Clear:"you must be mistaken, i don't have any children. do you need help finding your father?"
  • Noiz:smirks and proceeds to get really into it.
  • Mink:grunts. because that's what mink does in just about any situation.
  • Ren:Loses the ability to speak. blushes. stutters a lot. probably freezes up because wow he did not see that coming.
  • Sei:.....why would anyone call Sei "daddy". he's the least daddy-ish of them all
  • Mizuki:"what, me? ME? you actually mean me??????"
  • Virus and Trip:of course they're digging it. They'll probs be crazy about you acknowledging your submissiveness.
  • Toue:probably confused by it at first but being the pervy old man he is, it eventually becomes on of his biggest kinks and makes all his sexual partners call him "daddy" from that point forward.