Day 1 Intimacy SanversWeek, becasue why do things in the order they are supposed to

So i am doing day one after day four, which was after day five. You know because I love doing things in the right order!

@queercapwriting I hope you don’t mind I am doing all these prompts way too late and NOT in the right order…

Anyways, Enjoy!!!

Sanvers day 1 Intimacy

Her fingers tingled with anticipation as she thought about holding Maggie close to her, cuddling with her and feeling her soft skin beneath her fingertips. Alas that would have to wait though, since she was still very much stuck in the DEO under freaking quarantine.

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okay but can we talk about Alex and Lena for a bit

  • Alex and Lena bonding over science because they as sUCH HUGE NERDS 
  • and Kara and Maggie make fun of them a lot 
  • Maggie just looks over at Kara like ‘i cant believe we have to compete with science for their affection’ even thought they know its not true but just
  •  Alex and Lena being dorks. 
  • Alex asking Lena about her work with the isotope and how she was able to inactivate not only the isotope but the virus itself like!!!??!
  • Alex not only had access to ridiculously advanced technology at the DEO, but she was also working with her mother who is also a huge nerd, and they had information from the fortress of solitude 
  • Lena just goes ‘this is a piece a cake i luv science’ and did it in like probably less than an hour
  • Lena tryna be all secretive about it but one look at Kara’s pout and she tells Alex everything
  • Lena being Alex’s go-to for future science problems and they work together a lot
  • Lena giving Alex exclusive looks into the stuff she’s working on and Alex giving Lena some ideas for future technology
  • Trading technology w/ each other
  • Giggling over Maggie and Kara’s attempts at using science pick up lines
  • Also, coming up with increasingly complicated pick up lines that only the two of them really understand
  • except that one time Eliza was having dinner with the four of them and Alex has a particularly dirty one that makes Eliza smack her bc ‘Alexandra that is yOUR SISTER’S GIRLFRIEND AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS RIGHT THERE’
  • just, Alex and Lena bonding over their love of science (and Kara ofc)
Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Alex has been awake for 15 minutes but she hasn’t gotten out of bed yet. She’s content just where she is, looking down at the sleeping beauty next to her. Tobin’s out cold on her stomach, her face is turned toward Alex and her mouth is open, breathing lightly. Alex looks over at her alarm clock, 9:32; it’s time to get up.

“Tobin, wake up.” Alex says nudging the older girl.

“mmm.” Tobin groans but doesn’t move.

 “Come on we have things to do.” Alex tries again, putting her hand on Tobin’s back.

 “5 more minutes.” Tobin mumbles shoving her head under the pillow. Alex tugs on Tobin’s shirt but she’s giggling.

 “Tooobiiiin.” Alex whines and Tobin doesn’t budge. Alex rolls her eyes then gets an idea and grabs the girl’s pillow.

“Aw not my pillow! Give it back!” Tobin pleads rolling over and reaching for it. Alex smiles and holds it high above her head.

 “Nope, it’s time to get up.” Alex says.

“How about we don’t and say we did?” Tobin offers still going for the pillow.

 “Because people need us to show up.” Alex says lifting the pillow higher. Tobin is almost there her finger tips are just grazing the fabric and she lunges for it. She lunges a bit too far and topples them both over. They land laughing and the pillow forgotten on the floor. Tobin pushes herself up slightly, just enough so the tips of their noses brush against each other. They share air for a moment then Tobin leans down and kisses the younger girl. Alex is smiling when their lips meet but that doesn’t last long, especially when Tobin bites her bottom lip. Alex’s hands go to Tobin’s hips and the one hand that is not holding Tobin up cups Alex’s cheek. Alex’s ankle is moving to hook behind Tobin’s knee when her phone rings. Alex goes to pull away but Tobin holds tight and continues to kiss her.

 “Don’t answer it.” Tobin says between kisses.

 “Tobin, I have to.” Alex says pulling away and reaching for her phone but Tobin lunges again and snatches the phone before Alex can get to it.

“Tobin! Give it back!” Alex says reaching for it but Tobin moves away and presses answer.

“Hello, no this is Tobin Heath.” Tobin says using her free arm and legs to fight off her girlfriend.

“Tobin.” Alex hisses.

“Unfortunately Alex won’t be able to make it today, she’s come down with a stomach virus.” Tobin says and Alex punches her arm. “Yes, I’ll tell her, you have a good day too, goodbye.” Tobin says then hangs up. “Looks like your schedule just cleared up, guess we can stay in bed all day.” Tobin smiles, falling back down on the bed.

“Tobin you can’t do that.” Alex says but she’s not really upset.

“Should I have said that you’re hot girlfriend just got back from a long trip in Paris and you are going to do nothing but eat, sleep and have sex with her?” Tobin asks wiggling her eye brows. Alex blushes and hits Tobin with a pillow.

“Tobin! Paris has changed you!” Alex laughs.

 “Language of love, baby.” Tobin chuckles earning another smack. Tobin smirks then pulls Alex to her so the younger girl straddles her.

 “So you can pick first.” Tobin says.

“Pick what?” Alex asks throwing her hands around Tobin’s neck.

“Shall we eat, sleep or have sex?” Tobin asks like its nothing. Alex rolls her eyes but kisses Tobin’s forehead, her nose and then, as sexy as she can, her lips. “I’ll let you guess.”

 Tobin is a pretty good guesser.