bacteriophage is a virus which infects bacteria. In particular, the bacteriophage T4 is a virus which infects E.Coli, a bacteria that has been used extensively for molecular biology research. The bacteriophage T4 exemplifies the life cycle of viruses.

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All week, everyone just seemed to be getting sick. Peter thought nothing of it until he started to feel pain. He left his home in hopes to reach a hospital soon. With his headache now taking over, he walked all over not knowing if he’s going the right direction; he was using his gut instinct to lead. He felt cold all over and in know time, he couldn’t breathe properly. He leaned on the lamp post, desperately trying to catch his breath.



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Mimivirus - making us think again about virus classification

Mimivirus – making us think again about virus classification

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This article – by one of the discoverers of Mimivirus – argues that the new giant DNA viruses are different from other viruses and that as a result, we neew to create a new brach of microbes. Other virologists are more cautious, suggesting that Mimivirus can fit within the current scheme of virus taxonomy. Either way, this is a good read.   Mimivirus inaugurated in the 21st century the beginning…

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Hawaii declares state of emergency over Zika virus, dengue fever outbreak

David Ige declared a state of emergency to fight mosquito borne illnesses including dengue fever and the Zika virus.
There have been no locally transmitted cases of the Zika virus in Hawaii, Ige said in a news conference Friday.
Hawaii is rushing to build up its mosquito control staff after a December report from the Centers for Disease Control highlighted deficiencies in the state’s vector control department.
The state has been in the midst of a dengue fever outbreak on Hawaii’s Big Island, where there were more than 250 confirmed cases.
But there’s concern that the islands could be at risk because mosquitoes that can carry dengue fever also can carry the Zika virus.