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pining!keith scenario in which him and lance go stargazing and he doesn’t stop staring at lance the entire time with a huge lovesick smile on his face while the blue paladin is distracted because his full attention is to the night sky.

lance: dude are you even looking at the stars?

keith, lost in lance’s eyes: oh trust me i am.

Baidu virus warning

There has been a virus malware that is using your skype and Facebook to send a link to the Chinese domain Baidu[.]com. This link is NOT being sent by the person but by the virus.


It will redirect you to another site that IS malware and it will attack all your files on your computer. If you get someone sending you a link to the domain of baidu DO NOT OPEN IT. Disregard the message and tell your friend that they have a virus on their computer.

If you do get this virus you will need to remove the malware via a virus protection program. Once it’s removed, change all your passwords and make sure all your files are backed up and not corrupted.

Share this warning so people know that baidu[.]com is a malware virus and it is spreading quickly. And as precaution, don’t open links with urls that you are not familiar with.

▒ [this won’t hurt I promise…] ▒
▒ […well, maybe a little] ▒

☆ inspired by @maddox-rider and her virus!phan au ☆

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