City We Keep: A 99er Story: Part 2

Part 1

Featuring: Sing, Epsilon, William, Tiny Delta, Prep, Xanthippe, and Lima

Summary:  When a string of murders happens too close to home, Sing and her fellow 99ers take it upon themselves to push the case along.

(A/N): It’s weird. I’ve always wanted to write something from Sing’s point of view. But there’s always the question of who she interacts with. Aside from her obvious boyfriends and the other succubi + Kappa and Love, you wouldn’t think she hangs around anyone else. But I wanted to show some of the more oddball 99ers hanging around each other. Like a Breakfast Club of random 99ers. So I guess this is a story about The Beauty Queen, The Paranoid Genius, The Actual Genius, The Conscientious Objector, The Spooky One, The Tough Guy, and The Disrespect. Click that Read More my friends.

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The Marble Plague is an insidious condition that creeps across the victim’s skin, immobilizing limbs and claiming body parts. There is no cure, and sufferers cannot remove their stone without risk of further injury or even death. They can, however, gently carve the surface to become more presentable; some might even call it an art.

Part of a key concept in the story/world/book I’m putting together. So much more of this to come!

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A new virus #humanitywillsoonmarchinmasses #thebeginningofourdownfall #judgementday 〜 おきゃむら

Virus Warning!

If you receive a message saying:

“Hello somebody wrote something about you on this blog. visit [link]” don’t click the link.

It is, from my understanding, a Trojan Virus; meaning that the message will be sent to everybody else either following you or that you’re following (I was sent the message from a mutual that hasn’t messaged me before).

Stay safe!

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