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Somehow, though he had refused it, he had ended up with the pendant anyways. She must have hidden it, somehow, slipped it into his robe where he wouldn’t notice–but why? Wouldn’t that undermine the entire point of giving it to him? It was hers, it was for her, from Dr. Klim. He didn’t want it. He didn’t need it.

So he was going to give it back. He was heading to sector one–again–to do just that. This time he hadn’t even considered leaving the armor behind. Really, at this point, it wasn’t an option. There was blood all down his front. Someone might recognize him. He could get sick again. If anything, he could use the armor to remind himself to keep hold of himself, and not kill anyone again. To remind himself to have humility, too.

He got lost while he was thinking about it. It was very, very easy to get lost in sector one, and it took him nearly an hour to find the apartment building. When he did, he entered, and went up, and knocked quietly on her door. Would she hear him? Or–should he knock louder, should he wait…?

He decided to wait. If she wasn’t home, he could leave it, or… he was soon distracted out of his reverie, though. By the elevator arriving once more.

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A lot had happened in this city since Sigma had arrived, and it was just plain weird. First two giant storms, and then he was stuck being old for a bit. He was stuck rooming with Dio–which really wasn’t the best of situations–and had run into Kyle, which was kind of awkward. Honestly he just wished there was someone he knew that didn’t make him feel weird.

Lucky for him, he spotted just the person. It was easy to find her, since her hair was pretty bright, and he jogged over to her. “Luna–hey! Luna!”

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Lotus sighed, pacing the city, trying to find somewhere to go. It was a large city, yes, but exciting places were a little…hard to find. Though that one area with the shifting buildings was intriguing. It didn’t happen all day though, so waiting and watching it once or twice had bored her and made her set out for something new to do.

Becoming lost in thought, she accidentally bumped into a woman, stumbling a bit as she lost her balance temporarily.

“Sorry, sorry–wasn’t paying attention.”

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“I-i-it’s… s-s-s…. storm-ming.“

Dio had left for only a minute–long enough for Kyle to propose a question, which Luna hadn’t had time to answer–when he returned, soaking wet, clearly miserable. He was shivering, too. Had his hat been ruined, though Kyle took such care with it before? It served him right.

But that, that sort of drenching, had come from a storm? Kyle had never seen a storm before–rain, yes, in the city, but nothing that could do that. Was that normal? It might have been; he would have no way of knowing.

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Drabbles: Daughters

((why would you,,,))

Lotus sat staring at the computer screen. Even after hours of trying to hack into the main server, she got nothing. No sign of a budge in the blockade of protection, nothing. It made her furious. She’d been able to hack plenty of things, things that made her previous employers proud. 

And now she couldn’t hack into a simple city’s main server.

“Dammit!” She yelled, throwing the keyboard away from her, tears pricking at her eyes. All she wanted was to speak with her daughters–even just to make sure they were okay quickly, not too long. Just explain she was going to be gone for a bit. 

She choked back a sob, wiping at her eyes, trying to think the best of her daughters’ well beings. They are okay, she thought, they are okay and safe and not in this strange city…

“Nona, Ennea,” she whispered, sniffling in to hold back more tears from coming. “I’ll come back, I promise.”

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Ah yes hello! I was wondering when you say 700 words do you mean 700 words each reply or 700 total words in the whole over all thread? ))

Nope!  Don’t worry, we don’t expect 700 words in each reply!  The 700 words is a total for the whole thread!

Sorry if I worded it badly, but I hope it’s cleared up now!

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yolo ♪♯ ♫ ✉☑♚

♪ for the song our muses will have sex to.

Blue Birds Lamentation (i’m not even sorry)

♯ for what my muse finds attractive about yours.

“Uh, well, Luna’s really pretty over all, but…I really like her hair. It’s a nice reddish-peach colour.”

Send me a ♫ for what my muse thinks of yours.

“Luna’s real sweet and kind—kind of like the ideal mother I guess. But she genuinely cares about everyone which is real nice.”

Send me a ✉ for a kiss.

A…kiss. Okay well that was easy. He leaned down and pecked Luna on the cheek. Simple.

Send me a ♚ for a hug.

Now she wanted a hug? Why? Because later on in his life he was Dr. Klim and she felt something towards him? Either way a hug was pretty simple. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a light squeeze.

Send me a ☑ for a one night stand drabble.

What had just happened. Everything seemed to be a blur—but here he was laying next to a sleeping Luna. Everything that had lead up to where they were currently…it was surreal almost. He was all for a one night stand, no question it was just how he rolled, but to think it would have happened with Luna was…strange in a way.

But it had happened and Luna was sleeping peacefully next to him to confirm it. Reaching over to brush her hair out of the way, he leaned in the kiss her forehead, scooping her into a hug before falling asleep as well.


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aa right back at you tenfold, luna and chihiro-mun!!! ^q^ ))

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screech aaa yes totally!!  did you have any ideas in particular?  though I have to go soon and won’t be back til a little later, so I won’t be able to write it for a little bit hahah.. but if you have an idea in the meantime you can shoot it my way or write it yourself if you feel like it, but you totally don’t have to! uvu and i’m ok w/ pretty much anything so yu p ))

It wasn’t so much cuddling as putting a pale hand on her shoulder and saying, “I’m sorry.”

For everything, he meant. For treating her as inferior, when really it had been less of a problem with her than with his intentions—she was lovely, really, but he had wanted someone who would take care of them of their own free choice, not because his father had programmed them that way. For betraying her in the game, when she allied. For getting into a fight with Dio in her apartment, and for having killed him.

He hoped she could see in his uncovered eyes that he meant it.

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Well first I guess you should ask them if they are interested, yeah?

“That does sound like a good idea. Though I can imagine what their answers will be…

Ah, Dio, and Luna. Would you like me to put my incredibly meager planning skills to the test and set up a date for you two? I would advise against it, because I will likely forget something very obvious and land you both in a lot of very unnecessary trouble.”