Here is Scott’s RFI-Rocker/RBI-Counter/RFI-Bracket/RBOIO Change of Edge/RBO-Twizzle 3½/RFI broken down in a graphic. The top photo is a terrible attempt made by me. You can get a better explanation with gifs on the twitter thread I made lol. The bottom photo is a great graphic that shows off the ice coverage and turns super well made by the lovely twitter user mid19c.


Three-time Olympians: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

“Should Pyeongchang be their last competitive performance, then let it stand as the shining example of everything that they are - graceful and beautiful dancers, aspiring teammates, respectful competitors, proud Canadians, and most notably, the best of friends. Because in the end, their skill and talent has made them champions, but their trust and belief in their [21]-year partnership has made them unforgettable.


Scott Moir’s one foot section turns in Virtue/Moir’s Moulin Rouge Circular Step Sequence: RFI-Rocker/RBI-Counter/RFI-Bracket/RBOIO Change of Edge/RBO-Twizzle 3½/RFI (x)