virtue of blue

Trigger Babies, makin’ our delusions come true!

Trigger Babies, we’ll get triggered on behalf for you!

When the real world isn’t like Tumblr,

Chuck a tantrum like Triggly-Puff,  

You find others won’t conform to your views,  

So you want to ban all the stuff, 

I love safe spaces! I like to thin shame! 

I love censorship! do slut walks for rape!

I virtue signal, I got blue hair, I failed biology! “Patriarchy” isn’t fair! 

Me; I invent genders, racist! sexist! homophobic! transphobiiiiiiic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Nanny State:  Is everything all right in here?


Trigger Babies, you’re a fucking cis white male!

Trigger Babies, we’ll cry rape and throw you in jail!

Trigger, Trigger, Trigger, Trigger, Babies, Babies, Babies, Babies

Disclaimer: I don’t own muppet babies theme song that I abused for this parody.


Popularity is the slutty little cousin of prestige.

Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014) Dir. AlejandroGonzález Iñárritu