Made a tutorial on how to get Virtualbox remote display working since setting it up has some pitfalls like the fact that you can turn it “on” without having the actual module installed.

Showing IP address on login screen

If you want to show IP addr on login splash screen after reboot there you go. Edit file

# sudo vi /etc/rc.local

insert just before line “touch /var/lock/subsys/local” :

sed -i_bak -e '/Addres/d' /etc/issue
IPADD=`/sbin/ifconfig | sed '/Bcast/!d' | awk '{print $2}'| awk '{print $2}' FS=":"`
echo "The IP Addres is: $IPADD" >> /etc/issue

Why do I think that this can be helpful? I don’t know about you guys but I use VMs a lot and it drives me nuts if i can see VM screen without knowing what is the IP address and specially if i have to check it manually and I have so many virtual machines up and running in the same time!