Date Night // Barbara and Jason

Jason made the arrangements that morning. He woke up, half depressed for some reason. He needed a change, or at least to get out of town for the night. He was stressed, and so was Barbara. They had been fighting a lot, they both had separate ideas on how to raise their adopted daughters and it all added up. He realized just how badly he needed a break when he found a gray hair after his shower.

He had arranged to meet his seven-month-pregnant wife at the college campus where the both worked. He had no classes that day and spent the majority of it correcting papers while watching the horribly edited Star Wars on Blu-Ray in the newly made Game Room down in the basement. He loved the movies, and was halfway through Return of The Jedi when he turned it off. Seeing the Ewoks blink was too much fuckery for him to handle.

Going upstairs and throwing on a suit, with a nice red tie to match his ginger hair, he packed an over-night bag and headed to the garage. Whistling to himself, odd enough. He could sense tonight was going to be a good night. Just him and his wife out on a date in Metropolis.

He got into the Humvee and soon found his way into the front of her building. He waited while he fiddled with his wedding band, singing along to Frank Sinatra, it was going to be one of those nights. 

Doom/Oracle (Drabble/maybe RP)

((This was originally written in response to one of those “You find me tied up, gagged, et cetera” prompts))

Doom walked into his bedroom; a chamber which, in truth, he rarely bothered to use since his suit filtered out the toxins that would normally be removed by a night’s rest. He was not surprised to see someone had trussed up a turkey in his bed - it was not the first time some lesser villain had thought to do him a ‘favor’ by delivering him a hogtied hero or rival.

However as he approached, he was mildly surprised to note that someone had caged the rather elusive Oracle. He would have to find out who had made the arrangements, and if it did not turn out to be some sort of treachery there *might* be a reward forthcoming.

He crossed the intervening space; powering up his gauntlets just in case. A repulsor blast at close range generally provided sufficient time for proper countermeasures when a subject proved belligerent.

Unconscious. Well, that would never do. Doom reached over; placing one metal palm on her chest and delivering a modulated pulse; just the right combination of pressure and voltage to shock the system and forcefully rouse her to consciousness.

“You are awake,” he proclaimed, almost as if defying her to prove otherwise.

Consciousness, whether preferred or not, was not really a choice Barbara got to make; the jolt to her system caused her body to kick in with an upswing of adrenaline; she came to, and immediately discovered the very precarious position she was in; neatly tied with very awkward knots, gagged, and no sign of her … chair. These were first observations, followed by the fact that she appeared to be in an honest-to-goodness medieval castle. She corrected herself quickly; the decor was authentic Eastern European, but the place had clearly kept up with the times given the amount of technology around her. The fact that this was clearly a bedroom also did not escape her; an unsettling thought that she shelved for the moment while she took in more details.

Thirdly, she took in the figure in the room with her; this took the least effort as the figure was very good at being not visually subtle - the metal body suit and pretentious green cape, the mask, the regal bearing; all of these things led to one of two conclusions - Victor Von Doom, or, if her (more limited) data on the Marvel realms was correct, one of his robot doubles.

Doom strode over. “Do not bother screaming; there is nobody within these walls who will respond, and nobody outside of them who can hear you right now. Additionally, it is tiresome and makes conversation unpleasant Oracle,” he remarked as those metal fingers drew the gag away. Already, sensors in his armor were picking up traces of chemical compounds in the cloth. Whomever had done this had been -very- thorough in their attempt.

She did, in fact, not scream; did not speak - at least not yet; but simply worked her jaw about to ascertain that it was not broken or otherwise permanently damaged. Here, at least, she had some luck; though in retrospect if she was meant to talk then maybe she would have been better off if she could not.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. But I’m not sure what I could offer in that regard, other than some sensor readings which suggest either tears in space/time or the use of technology to open temporary portals.”

“It is one” he smiled “And I figured you could at least hump me compile the data…. ”… Ted thoguht or a second “really not sure if i’m doing this on purpose or not. ”

X - Secrets

 virtualbatgirl said:

Do you mean to tell me I’m not at the top of my game?

“No,” the monarch replied with just the faintest hint of irritation.  “I mean a woman of your talent and drive, one of your commitment and zeal could be doing what needs to be done on a significantly larger scale.  I am, in fact, implying that a fish of your size should swim in a -larger- body of water.“

Barbara grinned. “I’m already watching the better part of the Earth. Is a planet of billions of people so small?”

“Your planet practically teems with alien visitors.   Knowing what is going on even as far your Moon would give you significantly more warning and reaction time,” Doom replied calmly.  “And given time, those who desire to work unseen will figure out your blind spots,” the monarch replied.

Some One New

Target distance set at 134.4 meters.

Wind at 12 mph, clear night sky.

At the pull of the trigger Black Mask would need a new accountant. Doran though he’d look into someone who didn’t beat his wife so much she would come to him in a professional manner.

He checked the cable attached to his waist and jump down the side of the office building until he reached his desired position. His HUD connected to the scope of his rifle and he lined up his shot. A shot through the esophagus would fill the requirement of pain the wife asked for, nothing quick and clean, a suffering demise. He had a clear shot, until his eyes were assaulted by a bright green symbol in his HUD.