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”This is going differently than I imagined.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” When Dick Grayson was brought on as a congressional aid to Congresswoman Barbara Gordon he thought it would be good for his extra curriculars when it came to college life. What he didn’t know is that the Congresswoman would take a liking to him.

Now he was in her office, but not for official business. They were in the middle of some heavy flirting. “You know, I’d love to spend some time with you outside the office, if you want?”

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which people can you identify in dick/bab's wedding?? from convergence nightwing/oracle #2?

I honestly can’t say for sure because the art makes it hard, but from right to left:

EDIT: virtualbatgirl and graysonkate have helped me out with what I wasn’t sure about, so this is almost definitely the correct order

  • Lois and Clark
  • Dinah
  • Helena
  • Zinda
  • Bruce
  • Alfred
  • Wally
  • Cassandra and Stephanie

I’m really hoping everyone that’s missing is just off-panel.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. But I’m not sure what I could offer in that regard, other than some sensor readings which suggest either tears in space/time or the use of technology to open temporary portals.”

“It is one” he smiled “And I figured you could at least hump me compile the data…. ”… Ted thoguht or a second “really not sure if i’m doing this on purpose or not. ”

X - Secrets

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Do you mean to tell me I’m not at the top of my game?

“No,” the monarch replied with just the faintest hint of irritation.  “I mean a woman of your talent and drive, one of your commitment and zeal could be doing what needs to be done on a significantly larger scale.  I am, in fact, implying that a fish of your size should swim in a -larger- body of water.“

Barbara grinned. “I’m already watching the better part of the Earth. Is a planet of billions of people so small?”

“Your planet practically teems with alien visitors.   Knowing what is going on even as far your Moon would give you significantly more warning and reaction time,” Doom replied calmly.  “And given time, those who desire to work unseen will figure out your blind spots,” the monarch replied.

Our Future // Jason and Barbara [Flashback]

It had been a total of six days after Hawaii.

Jason and Barbara had gotten back fairly easy, no troubles besides a quick talk with a private detective back in the middle of the International Terminal at the Gotham Airport. After words were thrown, they had left the airport and back into the air that was Gotham.

That night he had spent the night at the Clocktower, and then with the next. After that though, for the next three nights, he had been back at the Loft. Barbara had to get back to School and Oracle, and he realized that he couldn’t be the center of her life. He wanted to be, more than anything, but he couldn’t.

Sitting in the loft, on a soft couch that hung from the ceiling by chains, he was busy on his laptop. Open was an application to Gotham State University. For a professor job.

Only the “Name” field was filled out. He didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t seen Barbara in a day, when they had met for dinner and a movie the night before.

In the distance a storm was brewing.

He took out his iPhone and clicked the “Batboobs (Sexy)” name that was on his recent texts list.

[Text] Storm tonight. Movies and take out?

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Alfred allowed himself into Barbara’s apartment, knowing her security systems would alert her to the fact that he had arrived so she shouldn’t be surprised of his arrival unless she was asleep which given the time would not be a surprise.

He held several bags of groceries as he pushed the door open and quietly closed it behind him, then placed them all on the counter top in the kitchen. That’s when he noticed the small amount of mess.

“Hmm…not quite as bad as Master Richard, but still not great.” He muttered quietly to himself as he began stocking up the cupboards and cabinets with various foods, fruits and vegetables.