The problem with actresses like Gal Gadot, is that they don’t necessarily support institutions like the IDF because they consciously hold anti-Palestinian views, but because it has simply been permeated in the institutions that they were surrounded with during their upbringing.

When the State of Israel forces both men and women to serve some 3 years in their armed forces, you know it comes with indoctrination about the need of that service. The IDF is a force of good, the Palestinians hate Israel (but they won’t explain why to you), etc. Granted, when organizations like Hamas do in fact attempt to bomb civilian populations, without any context as to why something like Hamas exists in the first place, comments like “love for the IDF in their battle against Hamas” becomes uncontroversial.

Looking back at Memorial Day, just how many US celebrities, conservative or liberal, made a social media statement in favor of their troops? Virtually all of them; learning about the full extent of US warcrimes is not something you’re going to get from institutional education in the United States. Granted, it is the same in Israel.

Expressing support for your country’s troops is the most vanilla, public relations act a public personality can make, because society has been conditioned to accept these statements. It’s hardly evidence of an ideological position, but it is an unconscious complicity in the crimes of these institutions, specially when you get to learn their true nature.


The future of DJing, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Learning & Design. 

All in one. 

This is a new musical instrument. A simple invention that changed the game. All the games. 

A simple IMU in a polyhedric, injection molded housing. Motion detecting and bluetooth enabled. 

Holding this controller - OTO (which comes from the Japanese “oto-no-katchi”, which roughly translates to “the shape of sound”), you can see the sound waves your are making in color and shape on a computer screen. 

In a virtual reality setup, the way you move these controllers could feed into the endless possibilities virtual reality goggles present. 

This project is a revolution in the music world. It allows for a new way to learn how to DJ through visuals and motions, making mixing more accessible that traditional DJ booths allow. 

A digital musical tool that transcends resonation and vibration, jumping to data and waves that can be represented in any way - light, color, sound - or all three. 

Imagine a new kind of performance… Imagine a new experience of music… Imagine a new educational tool… Imagine a new kind of symphony… 

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*Is loving the character details you write * Can you do one for Romano?

thank you!!

Romano is just as wildly misunderstood as his brother, and I really hate when people put them up to par, especially when they kind of destroy Veneziano’s character next to his. It’s just a weird mess and I think a lot of people misunderstand Romano’s ‘tsundere’ type quality to him 

I think a lot of people take his “Everyone only cares about Veneziano and he’s so much better than me” too seriously because honestly, like his brother, he’s an anxious mess. 

He’s the type of person who often blames others when they know the issue is their own fault. 

It’s almost as some sort of outlet to make him feel like everything isn’t his fault. Veneziano’s very supportive and usually takes the blame face first because Romano’s insults are actually pretty harmless (And Vene actually kinda goes through a lot of the same issues, they just deal with it in different ways) 

He has a lot of trouble communicating, and because he grew up rough (Hima never did anything about the time before Veneziano was born and how Romano was obviously beside Grandpa Rome as they built up the empire. I think even before Vene was born, Romano was pretty tough with love. He kinda built up this wall between him and everyone else) 

Swears almost became part of how he just talked to everyone (He can stop swearing to be polite, mostly around tourists and stuff) 

It almost sounds affectionate

And what I really like is a lot of the characters understand this is how Romano talks so they don’t feel hurt in any way 


He doesn’t mean a lot of the things he says, he just grew up very defensive and still acts tough and keeps his own boundaries like he probably did back when he and Rome were forming their empire. 


He does not hate Germany 

They got off at a rough start mostly because I think Romano is aware of one of the main factors to his grandfather’s death were the Germans (In Beautiful World episode 6 he sees German soldiers talking to Spain and immediately grows scared and actually tries to attack them) 

He was concerned for his brother’s well-being along with the fact that he was aggravated that Veneziano always seemed to be pulled away from him somehow (He explains that Vene and him finally patched things up and moved back together again, these two have been separated, reunited, and separated in repeat. The first time they were unified Romano tried to avoid him due to it being awkward but soon he grew attached to Vene and although he tried not to make it seem like he cared too much he really did) 

HOWEVER, Romano does not hate him anymore, he doesn’t constantly try to make Germany stay away from his brother, he accepts that Germany is his brother’s friend and can talk to him normally (With the addition of bastard which is virtually harmless). 


Unlike how he treated Spain when he was little, Romano’s actually really patient with him now and will wait until Spain wakes up on his own so they can hang out rather than forcing him awake. 

As Germany has described him he is "a guy who can do what he puts his mind into"

He made his way through life virtually by himself and he toughened himself up along the way and was able to repair himself to be the person who he always wanted to be while still making small mistakes along the way, and overall he’s just as bad ass as he always wanted to seem.

He started out rough and didn’t want to admit he was scared but he embraced the life he had and was able to turn into the Romano we all know and love!

The secrecy of the Wizarding world has been compromised. The Ministry of Magic has sanctioned an inquisition to uncover how a certain muggle has learned virtually every secret of their hidden world. That muggle is JK Rowling.

Destiel: The Great Top Debate

For roughly the past week, my Twitter feed has been all a-tizzy about who tops: Dean or Cas? Cas or Dean? And while we’re here, is it Top or is it Dom? Do they play kinky?

I’ve ridden the fence for a long time. When my shipping was in its infancy, I was solidly Team Top!Dean, if not Dom!Dean.

And then I switched teams, because of some things, like


and especially

But lately I’ve been thinking… The two of them have something in common besides the obvious fact that they’re hopelessly in love with each other: They have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. And neither of them processes it very well, because Dean never has, and because Castiel learned virtually all of his humanity, including emotional coping mechanisms, from Dean. And when push comes to shove, I’m not sure either of them will take it upon himself to exert authority over the other.

So I’m joining Team Switch, and here’s what I think would happen, if they’d ever get their shit together:

First of all, it’ll be Dean who makes the first move. It has to be. And it will be timid, his hands shaking, and he’ll be near tears because he’s just so unsure if he should be doing this, and what it means, and what they’ll do or say when that first moment of that first kiss passes. We’ve seen Dean Winchester face demons and Hell and the spawn of Purgatory, we’ve seen him face the apocalypse, we’ve seen him do all manner of physical feats without breaking. But he’s an emotional trainwreck and he knows it. The only times we’ve ever seen him truly break, it hasn’t been physically - it’s been emotionally. And so this moment, having to truly face his feelings for his best friend, to admit that he’s in love in a completely non-brotherly way, will break him in a way no demon ever could.

Originally posted by crossroadscastiel

Cas will be a sure presence and a steady support. He’ll accept this gift Dean’s giving him, letting Dean lead the moment, but he’ll encourage silently: A hand reaching up to palm Dean’s cheek as they kiss, just lips on lips; nose nuzzling when Dean pulls back; a soft smile of reassurance and leaning in for another kiss - just as soft and slow as the one Dean initiated - after catching a glimpse of awed terror on Dean’s face. Because he’s known all along they would get here eventually, and finally, finally he’s able to prove to Dean that he doesn’t have to be afraid; that Dean is worthy of love and soft touches and the reckless, crazy calm of true love.

For awhile, it will be all about knowing glances, knitted hands and stolen kisses: Nobody’s pushing anybody into walls. Nobody’s fucking anybody into the mattress. They’ve waited too long for this to spoil it by rushing through the little stuff. So Dean will sneak up behind Cas in the War Room and shyly nuzzle his neck and place a kiss. Cas will bring Dean coffee in bed in the morning. Dean will let Cas share his Dead Guy robe, a few pairs of pajamas, an old T-shirt. Cas will awkwardly give Dean a single rose, and Dean will be completely abashed, but will keep it in a vase on his nightstand. Cas will sleepily slide an arm around Dean’s waist, hugging him close and kissing the top of his head. Dean will spend an entire move night running his fingers though Cas’ hair, marveling at how it’s soft like angel feathers, and Cas will just smile and squeeze Dean’s hand.

One night, Castiel will ask, in his Castiel way, why Dean seems to be going out of his way not to progress their relationship beyond kissing, and Dean will get heatedly embarrassed. He’ll admit to feeling inadequate; he doesn’t know how to do this. He’s been with exactly one man ever in his life, and that was an awkward one-night stand of a threesome, so he could check it off on his bucket list before he went to Hell. It was literally a lifetime ago. Castiel will smile softly, maybe a bit sadly, and kiss him again, and then ask if he can touch Dean. He’ll use the scientific words “penis” and “testicles” because he hasn’t watched or read enough porn to know the slang, and it will make Dean blush deeper but feel oddly more at ease because obviously neither of them knows what they’re doing.

They’ll fool around that night - lazy, somewhat sloppy simultaneous handjobs and shared giggles at their own ridiculousness, and Dean will start teaching Cas how to talk about their man-parts without sounding like such a dweeb.

Dean will get brave enough to try oral sex first. He’ll gag, and hate himself, and think he can swallow but it turns out the taste is just awful and he ends up spitting in the sink. And he’ll hate himself more, and be sulky but refuse to admit to Cas that he just is so fucking embarrassed because this is such a stupid thing to be upset about. So he mopes around for a solid week about his inability to give Cas a decent blowjob, until Finally Castiel pins him hard against a wall, kisses him out of breath, and gets down on his knees. He’s not any better at the task. If anything, he’s worse, because to him jizz tastes just like everything else he consumes: molecules. It’s awful. He brushes his teeth and gargles three times, and he decides that’s probably never happening again. He’ll suck, but swallowing is out of the question.

Dean eventually gets better at blowjobs, and at swallowing, and even learns to appreciate the taste. The first time he successfully swallows without gagging, he playfully accuses Cas of changing the flavor of his come with his angel mojo, to make it more to Dean’s liking. Cas’ eyes sparkle and he doesn’t confirm or deny the accusation. And as for Cas blowing Dean… Dean secretly likes coming on Cas’ face. He has no idea why. It’s just the right side of dirty to get Dean painfully excited.

They take to lying together naked after fooling around. Sometimes Cas just holds Dean until he falls asleep. Other times, Dean covers Cas’ body with tiny kisses and embarks on explorations of his blemish-free skin in search of freckles he’ll never find. It’s after one such exploration that they tangle together, arms and legs and lips and tongues, and begin to rock and rut together. Maybe it can be called accidental frottage? It doesn’t matter. It was a shared desire, somehow communicated between them without words, and it becomes their new favorite thing.

They do it a lot. Like. A LOT.

It’s close to a year between their first kiss and the first time they have penetrative sex. Because there hasn’t been any need. Because they’ve been perfectly happy and content to just be together. And everything they’ve done, every exploration, every kiss, every new venture, hell, every breakfast cooked on the same stove has been beautiful and wonderful and fantastic and there has been no need for that. Dean starts to think maybe they’ll never need to have anal sex, so long as they’re both content with what they have. He read somewhere once that something like 40 percent of gay couples never have penetrative sex, and he’s fine with it if they fall into that bucket.

But one night…

They’d hit a nest of vamps, and fuck if one of them hadn’t bitten Cas. Angel or not, the blood flowing through his veins was still human and still tasty as hell to the blood-sucking freaks. Dean had turned and slain the motherfucker a heartbeat after the bite, but it was too late, and Cas was infected.

Dean just held him, and cried, and held his hand, and kissed his forehead, before tending to the bite. “I won’t, I won’t let them turn you, I won’t, you’re gonna be OK, Cas. You’re gonna walk away from this, you’ll see…”

He doesn’t realize he’s a steady babbling stream until Sam grabs his elbow and pulls him up, and he lifts Cas into his arms. They go back to the bunker, and Cas gets an antidote, and he’s fine. He’s going to be fine. He’s going to live, and not as a vamp… as the weird, dorky little angel Dean fell in love with. But Dean’s hopped on adrenaline and when he joins Cas in bed and the wound is healed and they’re tangled up in each other, Dean just keeps clawing and grabbing and gripping tight and crying and…

There’s a moment when they’re both naked, and Dean’s kneeling between Cas’ bent knees, that their eyes connect and this becomes a real thing that’s going to happen, and they both know it. But no one leads. No one pushes.

Like everything else, it’s not rushed or hurried, but savored and slow. Lots of lube and pressing fingers and Dean’s crying silently as he rocks into his angel, the angel he’s loved for years and almost lost because he couldn’t speak up; the angel he’s been taken away from time and again but somehow always drawn back to, as though they’re on a tether. The nature of the act denotes Dean as the “top” and Cas as the “bottom” but it means nothing, because in this moment, they’re two halves of the same whole, moving as one being. The way they were meant to. Equals on a level field, partners, friends… lovers.

Across the years, as they grow in confidence, they experiment with other types of play, and kink among them, but it’s not a lifestyle they fall into. Sometimes after a hunt one of them will fuck the other one silly because of adrenaline; sometimes in the deep of night, Dean has a nightmare and Cas pulls him back to Earth with the gentleness of a true angel. Sometimes they still prefer just rocking their erections into each others’ bellies (or in extremely hurried cases, against the roughness of denim) until they reach a simultaneous release. And kissing. There’s always, always kissing, because that was the first thing they ever did, and it always feels right, no matter how many years pass or how grey Dean’s hair gets or how many fights they have over which way the toilet paper’s supposed to roll. In the end, they love to kiss; they love to touch; they love to each come halfway. They are after all the greatest love story ever told: A man afraid of flying and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. And that - the middle - that’s where they’ll always be happiest.

They’re lovers in love. They both give and they both receive. No one’s in charge; no one leads; no one follows; they just purely, simply, are.

Only Time Will Tell

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You might forget many things over time, but you’d never be able to forget James Buchanan Barnes.

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: I just got inspired. I needed a tiny bit of angst in my life. 

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Proper sex Ed. You?

THIS ^^^^^^

So many schools need way better sex ed classes! In my school in particular, it’s absolutely terrible:  we get one day a year during middle school, nothing during high school, and you learn virtually nothing. Also they never consider LGBT sex or protection with LGBT sex, don’t address the possible lack of sexual desires, and so a lot of people feel a bit left out of the loop! Even for straight people, they don’t teach us nearly enough! 

Thank you for this ask, it’s definitely something that irks me as well!

Tell me what you’re passionate about!

Edward Waters Oldest ‘Student’ Celebrates 100th Birthday

By: Edward Waters College Media Relations - @ewctigers

The Edward Waters College Schell Sweet Community Resource Center hosted a celebration in honor of Ms. Bertha Adams 100th birthday. Adams was among the first group of seniors to join the first fitness class in the Senior Wellness Program which began at the Schell Sweet Community Resource Center in 2010.

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i know most of the shameless fandom hates Jimmy, so this will be all unpopular opinions, but….bringing him back just for these two episodes was ridiculous, painful, and pointless.

Absolutely nothing happened. We learned virtually nothing about what went on in the time he was away. Fiona and Jimmy barely talked about their relationship. Yes, Fiona finally let go of their relationship, but it seemed that she had already done that anyway. And to top it all off,the show’s last moments with Jimmy were horrible.

The last thing said about him? “Jack’s a good thief but a shitty person.” You know what? No. That is not the last thing I want to hear about him. He may have been selfish, but Jimmy loved Fiona. He loved her more than himself, more than anything. And to have his last moments with her be a total lie is an insult to this show, the viewers, their relationship, and his character.

All in all, Jimmy was obviously brought back in as a big shocker/ratings draw rather than to serve a legitimate purpose in the plot and the development of the characters. Those of us who liked Jimmy or wanted to see his return were left waiting in anticipation for months. That anticipation was wasted on an anticlimactic, forgettable, poorly written plot. Honestly, I wish Jimmy would have just stayed dead. That would have been less painful.

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Not really sure if this counts as a request or not but how do you think omnics would express deep sadness/distress? They can't exactly cry.

Oh man, I have thought about that. In great detail.

See, my personal headcanon is that even in-universe few humans can tell when an omnic is distressed.

When we are sad to the point of crying, our limbic system sends orders to our lacrimal glands and other parts of our body that we neither fully understand nor have any conscious control over.

And if you were to build a non-sentient worker drone to help out your society, why would you build in something like that? You wouldn’t and so you have a person who’s only gained sentience in the last 30 years, several of which were/are spent in an active fight against humanity with no obvious way of expressing and processing pain.

Imagine if they had built omnics with the ability to cry and you’d have to stand in the middle of a battlefield after the God Program enslaving them has been contained, and watch as the rust buckets you shot at five minutes earlier are crying like children because this is the first time they can think for themselves, the first minutes after gaining that concept of “I” and they have to spend it surrounded by guns and the corpses of their own kind.

On that note, though, I do headcanon that some omnics are built with that ability. They would have been models to be employed as nannies, entertainers or sex workers, professions where they would need to be able to simulate human emotion. However, those simulated emotions are often at odds with the real ones they developed by gaining sentience and through that clusterfuck of self-learning virtual intelligence a lot of emotional responses got lost or horribly mixed up.

(A happy omnic who will start shouting angrily because too complicated and often tampered with software has wired that response to feelings of joy. And to that omnic it would feel like the right response, the natural thing to do when you’re happy, even though everyone around them will be completely taken aback)

But, back to the tearless omnics and how they do express sadness.
A lot would depend on verbal communication. Little to no facial expressions, a body language that doesn’t feature sub-conscious cues, all that means that if an omnic tells you straight-faced “I am sad and in need of comfort” then that means exactly the same thing as if your human friend were to fall crying into your arms.

Extreme duress would, I think, mirror in their behaviour, in that instead of sobbing and screaming until their voice boxes crash, they would go very quiet, while they try to process the overwhelming amount of emotion.

To get back on why humans cry, no one knows for sure, but there are some good guesses out there and one is that it’s an attempt of the body to deal with any situation that is “too much”. That’s why people cry when they’re happy or angry as well as sad, because there’s simply too much of one emotion and the body has no way of processing that without shutting down.

Omnics can’t cry but they still need to deal with that emotion somehow, so unless they want to break their code (or maybe even their hardware if things go on for too long) they have to devote significant portions of their processing power to make space for all their feelings, and shift and work around it until it’s passed by itself.

So if you were to see an omnic sitting very quietly in a corner, staring into nothing, then they might be relaxing. They might be having a nervous breakdown.

And here’s the angsty part. How many humans do you think would know about that? How many would care to learn about the signs, how many would actually recognise them in a real life situation?

Can you imagine someone like Torbjörn listening to an omnic say with a completely neutral tone “I am despairing. I am overwhelmed.” and believe them?

I think the fight for Omnic Rights in universe would be a lot about getting people to validate an Omnic’s ability to feel, even if they don’t express it like humans would.

The good groups would teach humans about how to tell if an omnic is sad. The bad groups would try and force the omnics into displaying ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ ways of expressing their sadness, even if it’s in no way healthy or normal for them.
That leads to omnics emulating tears and pretending to cry, to fit in or because they genuinely believe that’s how they are supposed to act (hello again, internalised … speciesism.)

TL:DR: Omnic body language is completely alien to a human, who wouldn’t instinctually recognise them as being sad or distressed.

Plot Twist Clichés to Avoid or Reinvent

Warning: this post contains spoilers

I was recently asked about plot twist clichés, so I thought I’d write a bigger post on it. Problems with your plot twist can seriously ruin your novel. However, just because your story includes a clichéd plot twist that doesn’t mean your story is bad. Clichés work sometimes and it’s not always a bad idea to include them. If your story is interesting and your characters are compelling, it’s hard for your story to fail.  Clichés can also be reinvented to suit your novel and give your story a unique angle.

If your novel contains one of these clichés that does not mean you should scrap your story. Ultimately, decisions you make about your writing should come down to what you think is right for your story.

Clichés become bad for your novel when your audience can predict your plot twist from miles away. They’re also bad if they ruin the momentum of your novel and destroy the trust of your readers. You do not want anything to take away from character development or ruin the impact of your story.

Here are a few common plot twist clichés to keep an eye out for:

It was all a dream

One of the most overused plot twists in history is the “it was all a dream” gimmick. This is when the events that happened in your book didn’t really happen because your main character was dreaming. This ruins your connection with your audiences and makes all the actions of your main character complete useless. There’s no character development or growth because what even happened? This cliché can also be recognized as “it was all a game”, where a character realizes they were in a computer generated world the whole time. Inception and Existenz, however, both do it well because the ending is left up to the audience. Did it really happen? Was it a dream? Was it a virtual reality? Learning how to manipulate your audience without making them feel cheated is necessary to pull this off.

You’ve been dead this whole time

Clearly, most people know this plot twist from The Sixth Sense, which is a movie I really enjoy. I didn’t see it coming, but I watched it with my dad and he knew almost right away (I was shocked). I think maybe because the movie was advertised as having a twist, so it’s easier to guess if you know that from the beginning. Anyway, this plot twist cliché can work, but you need to somehow trick your audience that it’s not going to happen, which is hard to do nowadays. Your audience can feel robbed if you don’t cleverly set up this situation and provide very subtle clues.

You’re crazy/the main character did it

A big plot twist cliché is when the main character turns out to be the bad guy. This happens ALL THE TIME in books and movies. The most frustrating time it happened was in Shutter Island because it completely ruined the movie for me. I’d rather believe that something weird was going on instead of it all happening because the main character was “crazy”. It’s sort of like you were being lied to and it doesn’t provide much satisfaction. If you want your main character to be the killer, that’s fine, but you don’t have to use it as a plot twist. In fact, shows and movies like Hannibal, Dexter, and Psycho all pull it off very well. The whole “my main character is crazy” angle is very easy to spot ahead of time and disappointing when it happens.

The best friend betrayal

We all know stories or films where the main character is betrayed by someone close to them, usually a friend or a family member that they have bonded with throughout the course of the novel. This can work very well, but you need to make sure there’s a reason for the betrayal. When your main character is betrayed for no logical reason, it can potentially ruin your story. Don’t just say they were in it for the money if your character’s BEST friend gives them up. You need to explain their situation and why they would be interested in all that money. Maybe their own family was put in danger. We need to feel like we might do the same if we were in their position.

-Kris Noel

Morgan Stanley is hosting a huge talent competition for tech startups

  • It’s an invitation-only event in Palo Alto with around 80 Wall Streeters and 85 tech startups hoping to win their business. 
  • They’ll have back-to-back meetings with 10 to 12 specialists in a row, and one or two startups selected from each group. 

Morgan Stanley is hosting its own version of a talent contest— the 17th CTO Innovation Summit — in Silicon Valley this week. It’s the biggest yet, with around 65 existing vendors, and 85 startups invited to attend.

The startups are nominated by venture capitalists, and compete in one of Morgan Stanley eight innovation areas, which range from virtual reality to machine learning, cybersecurity to quantum computing. The aim: to find companies to partner with that can help Morgan Stanley meet its own tech objectives. 

The Wall Street bank stresses collaboration throughout, said Shawn Melamed, who leads Morgan Stanley’s strategic technology partnerships.

“There is no one technology or trend that’s going to disrupt the industry, it’s the combination and collaboration of a host of technologies and services,” he said. 

As part of this partnership model, the bank recognizes a single firm each year with a CTO Innovation Award. This year, the bank handed the award to Zscaler, a cloud-based information security provider that helps protect the mobile and wireless needs of Morgan Stanley’s financial advisers.

Previous winners of the award include Cloudera, which is now a key part of the firm’s new wealth management digital platform. 

“Our first meetings at the CTO Summit were truly transformational for our business,“ Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera, said. 

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I've really been into photography lately and consider myself a beginner. Best beginner camera to get? Good tips?

I may be biased, but I would recommend that a beginner look into purchasing a Canon camera (see: Rebel T4i and T5i) because of their affordable but amazing lens options. The Canon 40mm f/2.8 and the soon to be released Canon 24mm f/2.8 are $150 each.

As for tips, I get asked this a lot so I just wrote up a little list that I plan on adding to!

                                Photography tips for beginners

  • Shoot in RAW

  • Edit with Lightroom

  • You can learn virtually anything about photography or editing in just minutes on Google and YouTube

  • Bring your camera everywhere

  • In portraiture, always make sure eyes are in focus above all else

  • Learn to shoot on manual mode

  • Be aware of your light source in relation to your subject - the angle your light is coming from is literally everything. Rotate your subject accordingly

  • Photograph just before sunset on sunny days. Direct sunlight in the afternoon can be very harsh. See: golden hour

  • Overcast days are some of the best lighting possible

  • Slightly underexposing is always better than overexposing

  • Pictures coming out too yellow or too blue? Adjust your white balance

  • Window light is amazing for both portraits and still-life

  • Lenses wider angle than 50mm begin to distort and gradually get the bubbly look

  • It’s easier to get your subject in focus at wider apertures (e.g. f/1.2-4.0)  the farther away you are standing from it. See: zone focusing

  • Train your creative eye by looking at other photographs you like often. Study what the photographer may have done, and mimic it in your own shoots

Inktober! featuring Daiso store brand pens, I can’t scan or edit images or anything right now, sorry

if you follow me, by now you should know of my love/hate relationship with Final Fantasy 3

I’ve been told by people better than video games at me that I had a lot of balls to beat it, and even though it’s been years I can remember every detail about the 3 dungeon long endgame wherein you cannot save and the random encounters can attack twice and then counter

it was horrifying, more than I can say… I will never forget that one boss where you need to make your whole party Dragoons (a class you just got and there are no real grinding opportunities around) and then do two things: Jump continuously without stopping to heal or anything, and pray

EVERYBODY should have the experience that FF3 is. learn true virtual pain

So this happened Monday or Tuesday, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to say something about it. I’m an English teacher in a Latin American country. During my first week, the other teachers asked if I’d always wanted to be a teacher, or if I had other plans. I expressed my desire to open a school for autistic kids (like me, though I didn’t disclose that). One of the teachers told me that she worked with autistic kids for eight years. I thought, Wow! She probably learned a lot during that time. She went on to say some things that made me uncomfortable, but she’s a nice lady, so I thought perhaps I was misunderstanding. My Spanish still isn’t all that great.

But then, this week, she turns to me at lunch and asks, “What is autism?” I was stunned. I had no idea what she was asking. Remember, she worked with autistic children for eight years. I haltingly explained in a mixture of Spanish and English as someone helped translate. Then came the next question, “Can adults have autism or just kids? ‘Cause I was reading…” And there I sat, an autistic adult, totally at a loss. I told her that adults could have autism and tried to end the conversation. Again, she’s a pretty great lady, and I rely on her for help and friendship a lot. But here’s the problem: We live in a world where people can work with autistics for nearly a decade and still not have any idea what autism is. They can believe it’s a childhood illness. Even the ones who are trying to understand, who are asking the right questions. She’s not just throwing information at me. She’s looking to me as an expert in spite of the fact that I’m much younger than her and brand new to teaching. But after eight years of working with autistic children, she had learned virtually nothing about them. I’m more angry at her supervisors, at the people in charge than at her. She clearly wants to learn, wants to understand. But wherever she worked before, they didn’t give her the tools to understand. So she’s stuck with a bunch of frustrating stereotypes and bad information. And I’m the one who has to try to explain it to her. So frustrating. I hope I can show her what autism looks like over the next year.

Here’s a castle or factory or something.

Anyway Pokémon Go is turning our lives upside down. My kids will enter public places and fan out like an Away Team, holding their phones like tricorders.

Apparently our neighborhood houses several virtual pokemon institutes of learning. The business in the non-“Go” world are unaware of it. The church seems especially confused about being a Gym in virtual space.

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Hi! Great blog! Anyways, I live in the USA but in a state where the age of consent is 16. I've known for a couple of years that I want to sugar in the future, but Seeking Arrangment's guidelines are very clear that you have to be 18 before joining. I'm guessing this still applies to areas where the age of consent is 16. Do you have any advice for an aspiring SB stuck in the wrong age?

You have two years. If you can wait til 18, you have time to prepare. I really recommend waiting until 18, so you’ll be more prepared, matured, powerful.

You need to research, research, research. Memorize as much sugaring advice, tips, tutorials as you can. Read testimonies, follow sugar babies on tumblr and observe their experiences. Learn the laws of your state, learn how sugaring and sex work in general affects society, why it happens, how it happens. The more you know about sugaring as an ‘industry’, the more familiar you are. Learn arguments for and against sex work, so you can prepare to defend yourself, shut down people who try to tear you down.

Read up on psychology of men, of persuasion, of manipulation, of love and seduction. Read up on observing people, on human behavior, on body language. Learn how to lie perfectly. Learn how to do some acting. Learn how to improvise. Learn how to analyze people and create strategies. Learn how to do emotional work, how to comfort people, how to listen and offer advice.

Learn etiquette and manners, learn the lifestyles of the rich. Learn small talk. Learn how to imply things subtly, and be witty. Learn to speak, always speak steadily, clear, loud and soft, aloof and sexy. Learn your SAT words and create a large, sophisticated vocabulary. Learn what made Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and famous female actresses and sex symbols so beloved.

Study history, fashion, art, music. Recognize brand names and styles, recognized art movements and art techniques. Learn some classical music or jazz. Try to learn something from every subject, or know general information about them.

Learn how to put on makeup. Be creative, unique! Be inspired by haute couture, and create your own style. How to dress, modestly, or sexily, causal and formal. How to walk in heels. What you look best in, what you should avoid, how to mimic brand names. Keep your skin clear and healthy!! Exercise.

Learn anxiety management techniques. You’re going to need this. How to recognize distorted thoughts, think rationally, calm yourself down, breathe, relax.

Learn a hobby. Can be feminine, can be not. Learn French or Italian, or another language. Learn how to play an instrument. Learn how to paint. Learn flower arranging. Learn calligraphy. Go bird watching. Do sports. Find something you love and keep at it. Learn how to dance.

Start reading books. A lot of books. Classic novels, New York Times Bestseller list, award-winning books. Read both fiction and non-fiction. Observe how writers write, the way they organize words and stye their sentences (word choice, sentence structure, etc), they way sentences flow smoothly and convey their messages. Start writing. This will make your thoughts clearer, think better, learn to speak eloquently, sound smart, basically.

Keep up with the news. Read analysis of the news. Learn how things became the way they are, what people are predicting. Learn some politics, see the points on both the right and the left. Read business magazines, understand finances and basic economics.

Learn about technology. Learn computer security. How to protect your computer, use Tor or a Virtual Private Network. Learn how people can find your IP, your address, information about you; then use that knowledge to guard against that.

Learn safe sex!!! Birth control, how to use a condom, what method is best for you. Recognize and learn how to prevent STD. Locate health clinics and planned parenthood. Learn self-defense and first aid.

Learn how to become the Maniac Pixie Dream Girl to boys, girls, people you date. You are selling a fantasy, after all. 

You want to show the sugar daddies that you can be anything to them. You are their fantasy. You want to be smart, charming, sophisticated, and interesting so they always want to keep talking to you. You want to show them you can glide effortlessly into high class society - how to dress, how to eat, etc. You want to be beautiful, pretty, hot, sexy. You want to learn how to read them, figure out what they are thinking, what type of men they are, how much affection they need, how to make them feel better. You want to be confident, challenge them, make them want to impress you, keep you. 

It’s a lot, it’s hard work, but if you are intending to be a sugar baby, you have to be the best. This is my strategy, everything I’m putting to work, everything I feel has been needed right now as a sugar baby. My suggestions and observations. So decide if this is right for you, modify it for your needs.