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Spread the news! Harvest Moon 64 arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow, February 23rd in North America and February 24th in Europe! This is the first time the game will be available in PAL territories :D

We’re celebrating 20 years of Harvest Moon history with #HarvestMoon20th all through 2017! We’ve got lots of Harvest Moon surprises in store all year long~


The Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo’s lesser known systems. In short, it was a gaming system that released right before the N64 did. It is similar to a virtual reality head set. The only color it could produce onscreen was red. It was created by the same person that invented the Gameboy, Yokoi Gunpey. There are very few games for it and even fewer that are worth playing.

Part of the problem in the design of the Virtual Boy is that it had to played while hunched over at a table making it awkward and uncomfortable to play. Tighe Lory decided to do something about that. He custom built, and wired his own Virtual Boy arcade cabinet! It has the head unit on an adjustable fixture and has replaced the controller with buttons that you’d expect on an arcade cabinet. Over all it looks very well built and more convenient to play.

lvtvr’s writing tutorials, pt 1: battling my nemesis (or, how to punctuate dialogue)

Sup, fellow kids. I’m Charlie. I write.

I’ve also translated and proofread four full-length novels, so I now suffer from the work-related condition of never being able to turn my editing glasses off. This can make reading fanfic a bitch for me. Because, let’s be real: unbeta’d amateur work easily lets a lot of mistakes slip through.

It is, however, possible to minimize those mistakes.

Is the world going to end if there are errors in your fanfic? Of course not. If you want to focus on the content of your writing more than adhering to rules of language, by all means, do that. There’s time to learn this stuff later.

But you know what? Formatting matters. If you truly want to get better at writing, then eventually you are going to have to deal with this aspect of it. And yes, it’s hard work – but I hope to help you along the way.


This seems to be the #1 formatting problem that amateur writers struggle with. However, there are boatloads of experienced fanfic writers who still seem to struggle with it, or are just so used to making mistakes that they’ve made it “their style.” And at the risk of sounding like a total bitch, it doesn’t matter how amazing or well-loved their work is otherwise: wrong is still wrong. Just because someone is consistent about always writing “your” instead of “you’re” doesn’t make it correct, and dialogue is no different.

If these kinds of persistent mistakes don’t bother you, then good for you. Your life is probably a lot more fun than mine.

But if you want to learn to do it right – if you want the great look and perfect flow that immaculate punctuation will bring your writing – then you have to rise above this.

Time for some rules.


Let’s start with something simple.

“Hey,” he said.

This is a good sentence. This sentence is an upstanding member of our society. You can’t go wrong with this sentence. Got me? Okay.

Now let’s have a look at another one.

“Hello.” She said.

This sentence is a delinquent. In fact, it’s not even a sentence – it’s two sentences. And it is always, always, always wrong. Rule of thumb: never do this. Ever.

This isn’t just some elitist, snooty gatekeeping crap, either. There’s a purely functional reason why it’s incorrect.

By putting a period after your dialogue, you are cutting it off from whatever comes next. Whatever follows dialogue that ends with a period has to be an independent sentence. This distinction is used to regulate the rhythm and flow of the writing.

Now, “said” is a transitive verb, meaning it needs to take an object. While you can sigh, yawn, or laugh independently of anything else, “saying” isn’t possible unless you are saying SOMETHING. (I.e., “She laughed” is a complete sentence on its own; “He said” isn’t.) Same goes for synonyms of “say,” such as whisper, repeat, and exclaim. They almost always get lonely without some dialogue attached to them with a comma.

Let’s look at some examples.

“I’m fine.” He said.
“I’m fine,” he said.

The first example IS NEVER CORRECT. NOT EVER. It should ALWAYS be the latter. ALWAYS.


“I’m fine,” he laughed.
“I’m fine.” He laughed.

These examples are BOTH CORRECT, but convey different nuances. In the first example, he laughs the words. In the second, he says the words first, and laughs afterward. These are separate things, not two different ways to express the same idea. No matter how much fic you’ve read where they’re treated as synonymous, they are not. They are not. They are not.


When a sentence in dialogue ends with a question mark or exclamation point, you always keep that punctuation – you never replace it with a comma. This is where we use the above rule to make sure things don’t get ambiguous.

“What’s up?” they yawned.
“What’s up?” They yawned.

Again, these examples are BOTH CORRECT. In the first, they are yawning the words. In the second, they yawn after speaking. By capitalizing “they,” you are indicating that the question mark is behaving like a period. You are thereby orphaning the sentence that follows the dialogue. In this case, since the sentence can stand alone, that’s perfectly fine.

Next example:

“I’m okay!” the boy repeated.
“I’m okay!” The boy repeated.

Here, the first example is CORRECT. The second is ALWAYS WRONG. Remember, capitalizing “the” means you are drawing a line between the dialogue and the following sentence. “Repeated” needs an object, but now, because the exclamation point is behaving like a period, “The boy repeated” stands alone. That’s an ungrammatical sentence, and without the implied attachment to the preceding dialogue, it drifts alone in the void.

And, well, that’s not good.


Special section to address this other weird shit I’ve seen:

“I’m fine.” He murmured, pouring himself another cup of coffee, “I promise.”

This is a big WTF that has basically just reversed the correct order of things. It should be:

“I’m fine,” he murmured, pouring himself another cup of coffee. “I promise.”

Another example:

“That’s pretty cool.” The doctor laughed, turning to her girlfriend, “You should try it.”

We have two options to fix this, depending on if we want her to laugh the words or not.

“That’s pretty cool,” the doctor laughed, turning to her girlfriend. “You should try it.” (laughing as she speaks)

“That’s pretty cool.” The doctor laughed, turning to her girlfriend. “You should try it.” (laughing after speaking)

Sometimes, especially when you start working with more complex sentences, things can get confusing, and your options can increase. Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re not sure. However, the rules above are the basic ones to keep in mind.

Okay, you made it to the end! If it feels like a lot, that’s because it is. Yes, it’s plenty to remember, because writing is hard. Try to think about these rules when you’re reading published books (not fanfic, you can’t trust fanfic), and eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Believe in the me that believes in you.

Good luck!

#90 “You can tell me anything.” for the anon

The classroom feels too small. It’s as if the walls are crushing Dean, taking away all the space and ability to breathe. There are too many other students, too. English is his favorite class, but at the same time, he’s always nervous to go. It all has to do with Mr. Novak. Dean isn’t nervous because he’s strict or mean, quite the reverse. 
Castiel always has time for everyone, makes you want to learn and listen and understand, he talks about things that stay in your mind for days, asks your ideas and opinions. Dean likes him even more because he greets him in the hall, helps him with all the patience in the world and always writes compliments down throughout Dean’s essays. 

No, it’s not that Mr. Novak is mean. Dean sometimes wishes he would be so he could hate him and ignore the strong jawline, dark messy hair, and deep blue eyes. But he can’t. Especially now Castiel has slipped off his jacket and is standing with his back turned to write on the board, wearing only his black jeans and tugged in white shirt. Dean stares. It’s too distracting to hear anything Castiel is saying, his deep gravelly voice a comfortable murmur in the back of Dean’s mind. He shifts. 

Castiel must have known how good he’d look putting it on this morning, Dean doesn’t believe he had no idea at least one of his students would be unable to pay attention. He imagines how Castiel had looked that morning, his hair even messier than now, only wearing boxers. His arms and chest are broad, he probably works out, Dean thinks, and Dean thinks about Castiel doing push-ups and jogging and going to the gym. Which gym would he be going to? If Dean can find out, he’ll go there as well. Accidentally show up and stand at the showers so he might catch a glimpse of his naked body and…   

“Dean, did you hear me?”

Dean startles and sits up straight, his teacher’s voice drilling through his daydreams.

“What- I… No, sorry sir.” He stutters and several students laugh. Dean’s cheeks burn and he swallows away his thoughts, trying to get himself back to reality. “I… Could- could you maybe repeat that?”

Castiel looks at him thoughtfully, tilting his head.

“Of course, Dean. I was asking you if you’d be able to tell me what the author means with this sentence.”

Dean blinks in confusion. He quickly reads the quote on the board and thinks on top speed, remembering what his teacher had said yesterday.

“Uhm… He- He recalls the way people in his town see homosexuals and how he suffers from that.” He stutters through quickly. Castiel nods, his eyes still on him. Dean wishes he’d look away, yet never wants to stop looking into that blue.

“Exactly, Dean. Next time try to keep your thoughts in class, alright?”

Some people chuckle again.

“Yes- Sorry, sir.” Dean wishes he could disappear. He stays nervous and avoids looking at his teacher altogether. When Castiel puts them to work, Dean can’t concentrate on anything he’s reading. He taps his pen on his book, reading the same sentence over and over again. Ten minutes in, Castiel suddenly turns up next to his desk. Dean wants to hide that he hasn’t written anything down yet, but his teacher already saw. He kneels down at Dean’s table and whispers so no one else can hear.

“Do you need any help, Dean?” From this close, Dean realizes how young Castiel actually is. He knows he’s the youngest teacher in school, but Castiel’s clothes and standard frown make him look older.

“No,” Dean mutters back. He swallows and stares at his pen. Castiel smells good, like honey and something earthy, warm and rich. “I don’t- I just… I can’t really concentrate today.”

Any other teacher would’ve said he should try harder, or tell him that isn’t an excuse. But Mr. Novak nods.

“I see. Just see if you can write something down, okay?”

“Yes, sir.” Dean gives him a thankful smile. As Castiel gets up, his hand brushes over Dean’s shoulder for a moment. It’s impossible to concentrate that class.

Everyone hurries out when the bell rings, but as Dean is packing his bag, Mr. Novak calls his name.

“Dean, will you stay for a moment?”

Dean has never been alone with Castiel before, not like this, with a closed door and no other students around. Castiel takes off the glasses he used while grading papers and rubs his eyes, then looks at Dean.

“Did you get anything done today?”

“No.” Dean mumbles. “Sorry, I-”

“That’s okay, I was just curious.” Castiel nods at the table in front of his desk and Dean sits down slowly. “I noticed you weren’t very comfortable today and I wondered if I could do anything to make you feel better.” He continues. “And you know that if there’s something wrong… Know you can always come to me.”

Dean nods but stays quiet. He doesn’t know what to say, seen his problem.

But Castiel seems to see right through him. He squints and leans forward, making Dean swallow.

“Dean. You can tell me anything.” Castiel says, his voice more pressured.

“No,” Dean says, he can’t pretend there’s nothing going on. “Not this.”

Castiel leans back into his chair and observes him. It makes Dean even more nervous and he shifts, looking at the table.

“I… am aware of your home situation if that’s what you mean. As your counselor, I know.”

Dean shakes his head. Castiel is one of the only teachers at school to know times at home can be rough.

“But I see that’s not it. How about- problems with a girl?”

Dean shakes his head and laughs, he wished it was that simple. “If only.”

“A guy?”

Dean meets his eyes for the first time. He thinks about lying, saying it has nothing to do with that, but he knows his face already gave him away.

“Uh, well- I just… I’ve always liked girls, y’know,” he says. He doesn’t know why he’s talking to Castiel of all people, maybe because he’s the one to give him all this trouble, but he does, the words suddenly spilling out. “I’ve- liked one guy in the past, but I didn’t really realize until later. And now I like this other guy and I have been trying to push it away because it’s wrong but I can’t, it just doesn’t leave me.”

If Castiel is surprised, he doesn’t show. He just observes.

“Why is it wrong, you say? Being gay, or bisexual in your case, isn’t wrong. Just like in the literature we discussed today, people who disagree will never understand until they feel that same way.”

“I know,” Dean says quickly, “but next to him being a man… it’s also- unethical to like this guy.” Dean laughs, shaking his head. “Impossible, against the rules and unethical. Pretty much sums it up.”
They sit like that for a long time, but Dean doesn’t feel like leaving. Yes, this is the most awkward conversation he’s ever had, but he still feels comfortable here with Cas. Alone, together.

Finally, Cas talks.

“Rules are made for those who want to do bad, profane opportunities laid out for them. Sometimes, good people with right intentions are… constrained by said rules. It’s complex, but if you, Dean, were ever to break those rules, don’t feel like you’re a bad person because of it. You’re not wrong, the rules are.”
Dean is perplexed. He listens to Castiel talk, focuses on the way he moves his hand and raises his eyebrows as he speaks. When he’s done, Dean just stares, like he does when Castiel isn’t looking- but now right at him.

Castiel does something Dean didn’t think he ever would- he blushes and looks away, biting his bottom lip.

“What?” Dean asks, smiling.

“Nothing.” Castiel shakes his head. “Just you- you looking at me. It confused me. As if… As if I said something special. ”

“But you did. What you said is…  I’ve never heard anyone say that, and you’re a teacher. Shouldn’t you be all about the rules? ‘Be strict, don’t be friends with your students but be their superior’, that sorta thing?”

Castiel seems embarrassed still, but he smiles.

“Let’s say I know the rules, yet like I said, some rules are wrong. And maybe I’m too young. I’m not the best teacher, I treat my students more as friends, which I shouldn’t. I think there’s a lot for me to learn.”

“I think you’re the best teacher we’ve ever had,” Dean says without hesitating. “I don’t try as hard for my other classes, I don’t care if other teachers get mad at me, I don’t… I don’t care what they think about me. They’re all just strangers to me. But you…” Dean swallows. “You’re different. I wanna finish my damn homework so you see I tried my best, and I care about what you think of me.”

It’s Castiel’s time to be out of words. The blush gets darker, his smile more difficult to hold back.
“That’s… a large compliment, Dean. And for the record, I think you’re a great person, not just a great student. I see you struggle, but you push through anyway. That takes a lot of strength.”

Dean scratches his neck, his answer got lost in his throat. Castiel doesn’t seem to mind and gets up and begins to pack his bag. It’s Dean’s sign to get up as well.

“Sir?” He tries. “Would you ever break a school rule, knowing it’d get you in danger of your job if it was something you felt was the right thing to do? If that would be the thing you’d do without the rules?” He asks. He makes it sound like it’s about himself, but he’s testing Castiel out.
“I would,” Castiel answers simply as he zips his bag close. “Between you and me, I don’t think about the school rules as much as I should.” He shrugs and looks at him. “I have a lot to learn.”

Dean’s heart skips a beat by the answer, and it seems to stop when Castiel’s hand rests on his shoulder. He guides him to the door.

“Dean,” Castiel asks before opening it. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen, why?”

Castiel’s hand is still on his shoulder.

“You’re very smart for your age.”

Dean doesn’t believe him, but his eyes are distracting him from that.

“You’re very nice for a teacher.”

Cas chuckles but quickly turns serious. He takes a deep breath. “The guy you were talking about- is it me?”

It isn’t the question Dean was expecting or wanted to be asked and it hits him. All comfort he’d felt slips away.

“Uh, I- yeah.” He mumbles, looking away. When Castiel doesn’t answer, Dean groans softly. “I’m sorry I messed up, I- I should go.” He never meant to tell him, and now he did it, he realizes why.

He reaches for the door, ready to leave, but a warm, strong hand holds him back.

“Dean.” Castiel’s eyes are so fiery Dean has to look. “You know how I feel about the rules.” He raises his eyebrows, still holding his wrist. “And… I’ve seen you look when you thought I didn’t notice. I’ve- looked myself as well, making sure you really didn’t notice. So… I’m- free all Saturday.”
Dean’s bag slides down his shoulder but he doesn’t hold it back. He’d dreamed a lot about a moment like this, but as it turns out, reality is always better.

“You- really?” He manages.

Castiel smiles almost teasing. “All Saturday, it’s rare, I know.”
Dean lets out a nervous laugh, opening his mouth to speak but not able to. “Do I see you Saturday?” Castiel asks as if it’s a question from their literature book.

“Yes,” Dean says quickly, he never knew an answer this fast before. “Yes, totally.”

Mbti Reacting To A Crying Friend ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

INTP: … “look at that weather” … “its nice” 

INFP: “DONT WORRY ITS OK. HERE LOOK ITS THE PIC OF THAT VIRTUAL CHARACTER U LOVE SO MUCH” … “Hey but … you’ll be fine. The world is…” *goes on and on ends up having an existential crisis themselves*


INFJ: if you want to talk I’m here to listen … Really just take your time. You are fine really really. I’m here to listen.

ENFP: “OMG YOU ARE CRYING!! (/゚Д゚)/  OMG TEARS !! ARE YOU OK ?? Wait !!!! What am I saying?? You are crying of course you are not ok” *BIG HUGE HUG* “lets go out for a drink or something” :)

ENTP: *unconsciously cracks a joke* … *shows Memes* … *Puns* … *Cute animal pics* … … … “If you wanna talk I really don’t mind” … *more memes* … “I KNOW LETS GO GET DRUNK!!!”…. “ oh you need a hug???” … … … … … … “Fiiiine” *gives them a hug until they stop crying* … unconsciously cracks a joke again*

ENFJ : “WHO THE FUCK MADE U CRY????” (╯°□°)╯︵   “I’LL KILL THEM FOR YOU I SWEAR” … “Oh oh no no wait you’re alright”  *gives them a hug* *cracks a joke at the end*.

ESTP : “Hey don’t worry it’ll be fiiine like seriously. Please. Stop crying. Look memes. Want to join me in on a prank?? … no? WHAT DO I DO IN THIS SITUATION???”

ESFP : “YOU ARE CRYYYYING (ʘ_ʘ) . LOOK SHE’S CRYING  (/゚Д゚)/. EVERYONE SHE IS CRYING  \(*Д* \) . What to dooo???? X_X” *acts like some clown to cheer them up*

ENTJ : “well, life’s a bitch” -_-

ISFJ : “oooh dear don’t worry. You are ok. I’m here. Its fine”  *a big hug. gets them some food* (idk why don’t ask)

ISTJ: “U can always solve the problem its not the end of the world. want me to help u put out a plan??”

ISFP: (the clumsy one): “oh daamn. uuuuuh hey! i know! wanna go with me see some flowers?? its in this rly nice calm place. And um they r rly beautiful too” *gives a hug* “hey hey hey! don’t worry u can tell me whats wrong! rly … WE CAN EAT SOMETHIN’ TOO …. MUSIC IS GOOD TOO…” *ends up crying with them*  ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

ISTP: “oh well. wanna go out for a drink?”

ESTJ: “oh…. crying…. uuh…. ok….. welp?…. want me to kick someone’s ass for you? or nah?”

ESFJ: “ TEARS! oh damn. WHO DID THIS???  oh dear. Don’t worry I’m here if you need anything”

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googleplier-official  asked:

Googleplier in C4? Please talented bean?

Only because you called me talented and a bean in one sentence :v xD Just kidding, thank you so much for compliment you precious human being >u< 

And here you have him :D Apologies if he don’t look like he should ;-; I rarely draw Mark and his egos ;-;
Hope it look not-so-bad tho and you might like it! xD C: