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AVR Project

Interactive VR installation by Micah Ganske features a 3D Printed sculptural interface which took 75 days to print:

For my first AVR project, I’ve 3D printed a sculptural cockpit that the viewer stands in front of and holds on to as they experience a short virtual tour through the world of my paintings and sculpture.  The 3D-printed sculpture’s form is based on the anatomy of the eye since I thought ocular anatomy for my first project that uses the Oculus Rift would be fun and appropriate.  The sculpture is over six feet high and required approximately 75 days of total print time divided across several machines.

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It seems the best way to celebrate the release of my first novel is by watching The Golden Girls and working on the sequel. I’ll be at work almost all of tomorrow, sadly, for the actual release, but be sure to stop by my tours spots during the day to hang out and hear a few stories!

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I’ll be on late tomorrow night (and maybe on my lunch break if I can sneak away) to answer questions or just babble all my excitement all over tumblr. So excited, you guys! 

20+ Interactive Virtual Tours

A list of the best virtual tours online.

After recently viewing an exceptional virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel online, it got me curious as to what other interesting virtual tours existed on the web. This is by no way an extensive list, but is some of the ones I consider to be the best and least polluted with advertising.

7 Wonders of the world

Not full screen and not full 360 views, but still worth a visit. The Colleseum is worth checking out.

The Sistine Chapel showcasing Michelangelo’s finest work

Most certainly the best virtual tour I have come across. Full screen, high resolution and zoom-able. A must for people who love art and the Italian Renaissance era.

Apollo 17’s Exploration of the moon

Not 360, but several tours are provides allowing you to examine the moon from different location. Earlier Apollo missions also have virtual tours.

The Louvre in Paris

A great idea but not greatly executed. Tours are quite small and require Quicktime installed. Many tours of the building are available but are limited in resolution.

Van Gogh’s artwork tour

A great idea that has potential but could be executed better. Tour is small and requiring Quicktime, but allows you to click through the various rooms in the building and click on the paintings to bring up more detail and information.

Panoramic Earth virtual 360 Art Gallery tours

A great site providing many 360 tours, but at small size and require Quicktime. Useful if you are interested in the design of an art gallery or want to check out a location before visiting. No option to explore locations in detail.

Dear tumblr,

I have this project that I’m working on for my school. It’s a salon project and we need visual representation. I think it would be a cool idea to do like a virtual tour type thing. Does anyone know of any free programs like that? I’m not code savvy btw.
Or does anyone know of any other cool ideas for a visual representation? I don’t wanna physically build anything either. I’m not good at that.

Invite Google Business View into Your Office

Invite Google Business View into Your Office

Hop onto Google, search for ‘Industrial Brand’, and this is what you will see.

Do you see the box to the right of all of the search results featuring some basic information about our firm? That box is Google’s knowledge graph, and on top of showing our address, photos, and location, you now also have the option to ‘see inside’. Yes, you’ve got it. You can literally take a virtual tour of our…

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We Want A 360 Virtual Tour Of The CARYL Reunion!

This is VERY Important! 

It’s so sad when TV shows make such monumental mistakes that essentially rob their audience of the right to both appreciate (stare at it really hard) and experience (stare at it more) a huge emotionally-crippling, swoon-worthy, ‘wahhh-it’s happening’…'giving you life’ kind of a moment. 

When that TV show is TWD and the scene that 'failed to be captured in all its glory, was between CAROL and DARYL...things go from 'sad’ to practically 'criminal’.…and pretty much require a re-take! 

Without further ado I will get you to see the sequence here and draw your own conclusion;

CAROL and DARYL touched FOREHEADS and for some unforgivable reason the camera FAILED to show it from an angle where we can fully see it, absorb it and flail over it AS WE SHOULD!!! 

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Google Virtual Tours are an easy way to show up yours office location, office infrastructure, business location, business infrastructure by which people can reached your location in easy way. This is more beneficial to the costumer and business owner. If business owner want to advertise yours business location and infrastructure by maps then Google virtual tours is best technique to show up.

Visual Marketing: What’s Out There and How it Benefits Business Owners

Visual Marketing: What’s Out There and How it Benefits Business Owners

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, and in recent years the driving force has been visuals.

Consequently, we’re seeing a greater emphasis on visuals in social networks and, thanks to the introduction of HTML5, we’re now able to view more visual content on our mobiles and desktops.

Many companies are looking at this shift from words to pictures as a viable marketing option. But which types…

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3D digital Tour using my Matterport Camera.
I am currently the only one using this technology in Dallas/Forth Worth.
Bring on the business.

What Are You Still Doing?

You already know this, or at least should. Real Estate marketing, ain’t like it use to be. Still, many real estate agents are still marketing like they use to. Still running over to the newspaper, still calling up their favorite homes magazines placing those expensive postage-stamp like listings as always; I guess you haven’t read the memo or opened the email yet;  as it happens, the effectiveness of print media, such as real estate magazines, and newspapers have been dropping steadily since 2009*. Thats not good if your newsprint.

97% of all consumers now use the internet when researching products or services*; totally influenced by personal feelings, tastes, and opinions. Home buying is very subjective. This means there are real estate agents that are really not keeping up with the marketing game plan.

If you read magazines, watch TV, listen to the radio, go to your office meetings, the training – just plain pay attention to what is happening in the world, heck, the world just around your little corner; basically, the internet is kinda a Big Thing. Its time you open and Read that email!

  • 75% of the US population is currently on-line, thats 3 of your friends out of every 4!
  • The last three years, 90% of home buyers used the internet in their home search, among buyers who reported using the internet, 74% reported using it very frequently, thats a lot!
  • 89% of Buyers Searching Online Used Real Estate Agents as an Information Source. Agents still matter.
  • In 2009, 90% of Home Buyers reported: How your listings look is an important factor. Make an impression.

All these are facts that come from NAR. For all those not paying attention, thats the National Association of Realtors. (if you didn’t know that already, you can stop reading this right now and go do something else)

The point of all this; the idea I want to get accross, and I see this all the time. Agents are really having a hard time making a go at being a money making real estate agent right now. Yes, the times are hard, the rules of marketing are just not like they use to be, and you got passed by, maybe you weren’t paying attention, maybe your too stubborn to change your ways. What ever the reason, you might can still catch up! All over the World Wide Web there is help. Some is very good help. Some, is someone taking up web space with useless information. All and all, it will at least tell you something about what you need to learn, and believe me, you can ask any agent anywhere its always a need to learn. It never stops. Yes, its kinda overwhelming, but, whats you gonna do? Walmart might be hiring.

Now, this is where what I do comes in to the game. In short, to sumerize all these facts, to break it down to a few short words that explains what is it all about? You’ve got to make an Impression!

How many times have you lost a client to another agent? Sadly, you probably don’t know. Unless a potential buyer, or even a seller has called you up and told you – “well, you didn’t make a good impression on me so I moved on”.

You’ve got to make an Impression! or you lose! provides marketing and photography, virtual tours services. I deliver the professional services and products that are so important to commercial and the marketing of real estate properties. I believe that making your business, thats you, successful, is what holds my business up, it is what I want to do. If I can help make your business work then I’m helping my business work. We both win.

Every impression begins with an image. provides images that look good, an Image that pauses the viewer, and will give you an opportunity to get chosen to be who they do their business with.  Its giving you the tools you need, the edge that once before you didn’t have. It gets you noticed.

I do marketing.  I live by an old axiom. “When times are good, you Market. When times are not so good, you Market. When times are bad, You Must Market!”

Visuals of the properties for sale are increasingly useful to buyers as more buyers use the internet in their search process. 85% of home buyers found photos very useful on websites. 83% of buyers found detailed information about the property very useful when searching for a home.*

As a Real Estate Agent you have to be found. Otherwise you lose. provides a great product, and Mike O’Neill fully stands behind it!

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You can Still win.

You can put your money on virtual reality and virtual worlds becoming part of our daily lives. One of its greatest impacts will be felt on education and health. You can already get hints of the value educators (and others) placed on 3D virtual tools from the success of virtual globes like Google Earth. Virtual worlds…