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Introducing NICKsplorations

Our new web mini-series on YouTube where NICKterns Megan, Megan and Sami take you on a grand tour of the Nick Animation Studio!

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This week for #freefunfriday, take a trip to Machu Picchu without leaving the comfort of home! Thanks to the Google Cultural Institute, you are now able to take a virtual, 360° tour of Machu Picchu and other historical and cultural sites. So go ahead and satisfy that travel bug without emptying your wallet!


Take the Content Writing Group’s virtual tour of the new website and our quick order store!


Michael posted a virtual tour of his new CRG Teardrop!  You know you want one!  Contact us and we can build you, your very own Teardrop Trailer!

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I really hope that we get some BTS or gag reel for BLL at some point. It's so tough to see the abuse scenes and I hope that the atmosphere wasn't too troubled by that. So, to ease my mind a bit I would love to see Alex and Nicole interacting and laughing BTS. Do you think there is a chance for that?

I would love to see that too, but it’s probably doubtful that we’d get to see a gag reel for Big Little Lies. I waited anxiously for the True Blood gag reel every year (you know there was one, it had to be fantastic, and the fans never got to see it - only the cast & crew). I don’t think HBO or other studios get that is what sells Blu-rays anymore, it’s the EXTRAS!! 

I’m not sure we’d get much in behind-the-scenes footage either but I’d be happy if they gave us some virtual tours of the houses. I spotted some pics around the Wright’s house that I would like a closer look at. You can see Alex in them but they are too blurry to fully see. 

Thanks for writing! 

My screen caps from HBO Go (episode 05 - “Once Bitten”)


Amazing! Virtual Tour of Mordechai and Esther’s Kever in Hamedan, Iran

For centuries, Iranian Jews,  particularly women praying for fertility, venerated the modest brick shrine. The first detailed accounts in the historical record are from Christian tourists in the 1800s and early 1900s. These records, which include outstanding illustrations, descriptions, and even photographs, were recently digitized–and provide a rare glimpse into the condition of the shrine in the past and the particular observances once held there.

One 19th-century visitor describes a marble plaque on the interior dome walls claiming that the structure was dedicated in the year 714 CE (Jewish calendar year 4474) by “?the two benevolent brothers Elias and Samuel, sons of Ismail Kachan.” Other visitors describe rooms covered in pilgrims’ graffiti in various languages as well as darkened by candle smoke; a stork’s nest sitting atop the shrine’s dome; and a prayer area within that was designed to enable worshippers to face the tombs and Jerusalem at same time.

They also recount that notes in Hebrew script were placed near the tombs, similar to how Jewish worshippers often tuck prayer notes into the stones of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. For Iranian Jews, who could only reach Jerusalem with great difficulty, the shrine served as a stand-in place at which to pray and weep.

Until the 1970s, the shrine was hidden away in a crowded part of Hamadan, surrounded by houses, and only accessible through a narrow dirt alley. But in 1971, in honor of a national celebration of 2,500 years of Iranian monarchy, the Iranian Jewish Society commissioned architect Yassi (Elias) Gabbay to undertake a renovation.


Cyberthon Video Documentation from David Lawrence on Vimeo.

Hi8 “Flock Cam” footage from Cyberthon, a 24-hour virtual reality event presented by Whole Earth Institute at (Colossal)Pictures Studios in San Francisco, October 6-7, 1990.

Shot list:

0:00 - VPL demo with Stewart Brand
0:17 - Fake Space Labs demo (Mark Bolas)
0:40 - Maze corridor and mylar room
0:50 - Holograms (Louis Brill)
0:54 - Flying Mouse and VR workbench demo (Steve Tice Sim Graphics)
1:04 - Hard Driving (Atari video game)
1:08 - Sense8 goggles and glove technology (Patrice Gelband and Eric Gullichsen)
1:14 - Analogue VR (Will Kreth)
1:18 - A virtual art gallery tour (ArtCom)
1:22 - Mandala Virtual World System (Vivid Effect, Inc.)
1:29 - Golden Gate Interactive Videodisc (Ken Carson and Michael Naimark)
1:40 - Jaron Lanier, main stage talk “Virtual Reality - After the Hoopla”
1:55 - Terence McKenna, main stage talk “Virtual Reality and Visible Language”
2:08 - random crowd, Timothy Leary, William Gibson
2:19 - Nap room
2:31 - “Bozo Cam” (Michael Naimark and David Lawrence)
2:39 - “Bozo Cam” 35mm footage excerpt
2:52 - VPL system
3:00 - Polhemus motion tracking device
3:07 - Holograms (Louis Brill)
3:12 - Sense8 goggles and glove technology (Patrice Gelbrand and Eric Gullichsen)
3:32 - 3D video (Michael Starks, 3DTV)
3:37 - VPL demo with Brian Eno
4:12 - Synchro-stim 2000
4:22 - Mom’s Kitchen
4:25 - Mom’s Kitchen 35mm overhead cam time-lapse excerpt
4:33 - Cyberglove and 3D design (James Kramer, Virtual Technologies)
4:40 - Timothy Leary and Wavy Gravy at main stage talk
4:52 - Wavy Gravy, main stage talk “Virtual Reality and Visible Language”

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Cyberthon Doc Squad - KO Beckman, David Lawrence, Michael Naimark


Our newest video is something a bit different! We created a 360 degree tour of the Solar System, narrated by Crash Course Astronomy host Phil Plait 🚀🌌

(The video is best viewed on an Android device using Google Cardboard​)


Video: A virtual tour through Niigata gallery

Willing to visit the Takashi Amano’s most famous gallery, but you can’t? 2Fish1Tank makes it easier for you releasing this video of a virtual tour through the gallery. Must watch!

After 5 TV launches foursquare® page

In honour of its brand new series “Streets”, After 5 TV launched a foursquare® page to offer tips on where to eat, stay, play, drink, shop, ask & arrange. “Streets” viewers can follow After 5 TV on foursquare to receive regular recommendations from around the globe on hotels, restaurants, boutiques, museums, etc. featured in the programme.