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I see a lot of people getting excited about “all the sketches” Harry will be in. The majority of musical guests on SNL appear in ZERO sketches. Given Harry’s relationship with Jimmy and some members of the cast, he will probably be in one. To the best of my knowledge, it is unprecedented for a musical guest to be in more than one sketch (though he could participate in the opening monologue as well). That’s not to say it’s impossible; anything is possible! It’s just extremely unlikely. 

I’m so extremely excited to announce that my solo show, Virtual Normality, is opening next week in Vienna, Austria at Galerie Nathalie Halgand. The show is an exploration of the intersection (intersexxxionality) between digital existence and physiological actuality in the era of the smart phone.👄📲 

I need as many phones as I can get my hands on for this project! If you have any old iPhones/iPads/Androids lying around that I could borrow (or keep!) for a few weeks I would greatly appreciate it.  Can cover shipping costs if you get it out to me ASAP. 

 Comment or slide into my DMs if you or someone you know could help with this acquisition.

Prayers for little Cody… I hope he gets back with his mother, who loves and appreciates him. I cry when I see him heartbroken. Please spread this around and show that you wanna see him be safe. And consider it a “invisible” hug. Because he needs it… 😔🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Having tried (and by tried I mean watched @hereeatthiskitten try and listened​ to her feedback, because ew, coffee) a relatively small cup of coffee with exactly seven Smarties in it, we have come to the conclusion that That Scene doesn’t at all indicate a sweet tooth, but rather a) an inability to buy groceries, and 2) establishes Ray as a character who improvises and makes do, rather than plan ahead.

⚔️International Art Fags ⚔️

Fibs teaches a course called “Body Architecture”, exploring the way we personally inhabit space & time. I’m obsessed w/ this concept. He also throws a party called @dark_disko , which I will be performing at on Sunday in Vienna after the opening weekend of my show, Virtual Normality, at Galerie Nathalie Halgand

💕Come thru if ur a body architect straddling the lines of virtuality / physicality 🔥

You could have left it at you don’t participate in events. Or even that you are busy. Everything else is rude. It is a common problem in fandom that main characters of color are ignored in favor of white minor characters. Creators should be aware of this and try to avoid it. It’s not too much to ask for artist to draw/feature people of color which you obviously understand since you felt the need to add that 98% of the characters in your novel are black or brown.

(I’m leaving the person’s name out because I don’t want people ganging up on them. but I want to address some things here.)

The fact that I don’t participate in events and that I don’t have time are personal reasons for not making anything Ransom related this last week. I was kind enough to offer that explanation, but I could also have left it out, because overall, no one is entitled to my work, or when I produce it.

I mean, besides my jobs and my editor. They can ask what and when I create stuff, because they pay me and I signed several contracts. People who commission me can also ask for specific content and time limit. Because they ALSO pay what they want.

No one else, and I do mean no one, not my mom, not my friends, not my sis who’s also my co-creator in several projects, can impose on my creations. 

So, when someone who doesn’t care to show their virtual face comes and shits over my inbox, I have full rights to be rude

Yes, I know about fandom not favoring characters of color. I’ve posted several times about this fact. I have rebloggued what I felt would help put a spotlight on them. I made the banner for the Samwell Student Union because I think their goal to gather information about all the CP! events is a good uniting endeavour. I’m myself a person of color, latina to be exact, and even if I don’t see myself represented in the cast, I still put a lot of my personal time in reblogging and reposting people who create content about POCs. 

“Creators should be aware of this and try to avoid it. It’s not too much to ask for artist to draw/feature people of color

You want to ask creators to make a specific content, you pay them

Otherwise, you make your own content, may they be art, fics, gifsefts, playlists, AU ficlets, icons. If you can’t do any of these, make a blog that focuses on reblogging the things you want to see.  Or just reblog them on your own space. Making something new and exciting changes minds. Attacking artists does nothing but making them feel like shit. 

“since you felt the need to add that 98% of the characters in your novel are black or brown. “

Do you know how many years I spent on that novel? Fifteen. No kidding, I started the summer of my 17th year and worked on it through college, countless jobs, a depression and moving four of five times. Now I’m 32, and I’ve rewritten it ten times, and finally it’s getting published.

What I want to say is, it took me all that time, and even more years before that, to go against the need I felt to make most characters paler, because it’s something media convinced me was “normal” even though I’ve never been white.

I worked against my own mind, sometimes redesigning characters that lived for a decade in my mind looking a certain way- and it was hard, believe me. Not everyone is there in their own artistic journey. It takes time, and self-examination, and a lot of trial and error. I mean, I’m a woman of color and it took all my life to get where I am. I can imagine that it’s also hard for other people 

But yes, I do know that media needs more diverse representation, so, AS A PROFESSIONAL, I know that my words will have an impact when other people read them. 

When that novel comes out and I make money out of it, you can come and criticise it. If you’re unhappy about what N produces and you actually pay her by being a patron or buying her merch, you can criticise her too. You can be against what Marvel does, against movies who whitewash characters, etc etc, and you have every right to critique them, because they make money out of it. They profit from whitewashing.

But harassing people who create FOR FREE, in their own time, and actually make creations that are positive, just not what you want to see? Harassing them is just bullying. 

That anon came to my inbox without being asked to, and hid their face to bully me. I rebloggued it with exactly the level of respect I felt was deserved (which is none), and since I KNOW other people get to deal with this kind of bullshit, I felt it was my responsibility, as a loud voice in this fandom, to give a solid example that this kind of bullying is NOT TOLERATED. 

What is also not tolerated is the policing of my tone when I’m answering to a bully. 

(Note: About the swearing, it has come to my attention that some words -fuck, shit, etc- have more of a negative impact in English speaking countries. In Québec, they’re used with more frequency and are not seen as rude. Our religious swearing are actually worse.)

I started watching Pushing Daisies the other day, and so naturally I’m obsessed with Ellen Greene’s character, Vivian. And her outfits are just adorable!

@mushniksflowershop, you mentioned drawing her the other day so…:)


On this day in music history: April 7, 1978 - “For You”, the debut album by Prince is released. Produced by Prince, it is recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA from October - December 1977. Signed to Warner Bros Records in 1977, the label is the only one of several clamoring to sign the then nineteen year old musician, willing to allow him to produce himself and give him full creative control. Though the label asks recording engineer and executive producer Tommy Vicari (George Duke) to keep close watch over the sessions. The album is a virtual “one man show”, with Prince playing all of the instruments and singing all of the vocals on his first album. He also runs way over budget during the sessions, spending more than twice the amount of money advanced to him by Warner Bros. Though only a modest success upon its release, it spins off two singles including “Soft And Wet” (#12 R&B, #92 Pop) and “Just As Long As We’re Together” (#91 R&B). Out of print on vinyl since the late 80’s, A newly remastered LP reissue of “For You” is released on April 26, 2016. At this time, a remastered CD release of the album has not yet been issued. “For You” peaks at number twenty one on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number one hundred sixty three on the Top 200.

Pretty sure part of this is @natroze ‘s fault, but has it occurred to you that Kuroo can be shipped with virtually anyone on the show? He has this high intelligence and weird personality  (loyal, crazy and sly), that would work with so many characters.

I mean:

  • KuroKen: sweet
  • KuroTsukki: so hot
  • BoKuro: fun!
  • KuroDai: just slay me

But have you considered:

  • The sickening adorableness of KuroYachi, KuroHina or KuroNoya
  • The quiet trust of KuroYama, AsaKuro or AoKuro
  • The never ending blushfest that would be KuroKage or IwaKuro
  • The sass and the teasing of an OiKuro, KuroLev or FutaKuro
  • The softer, married couple sass of KuroSuga or YaKuro
  • The world devouring beauty of KuroAka or KiyoKuro
  • I can even see something really manly and hot happening with Ukai Jr in a few years.

Kuroo Tetsurou is a gift.