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we got married; wonwoo

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  • i think this is more boyfriend! wonwoo but this first meeting date is cute
  • so you like reading (if you don’t, you do now), and wonwoo likes reading, let’s read with (y/n) and wonwoo!!
  • so you were asked to go to a non-well-known bookstore in seoul and somehow meet your virtual husband
  • wondering through the store, and you saw a tall man with dark hair and you kinda brushed him off, because there’s loads of men like that, but then you saw his face and
  • but you’re really came on the outside and then you guys make eye contact and just bow at each other and you’re like, ‘we got married???’ and he just nods.
  • you guys introduce and decide it’s preferred to drop honourifics and formality, because y’know, you’re married.
  • so for your first date you walk around the store suggesting books to each other and stuff.
  • and he’s like, ‘what’s your favourite book?’
  • and you tell him and he just nods keeping it in mind for later on.
  • you guys probably have more relaxed date that has the mc’s and audience like, there so cute and simple wOWOW
  • and at first he’s pretty quiet and awkward
  • but one time when the cameras were off, you hear a bang with a following of multiple cuss words, and you look to the other side of the bed and realise you aren’t being robbed, wonwoo is doing something
  • and you just see wonwoo with pots and pans all over the floor, and a packet of ramyun in his hand
  • so that’s how you and wonwoo end up eating ramyun at two am
  • which probably becomes a ritual were you and wonwoo wake up at one to three am and eat noodles.
  • the only really out there date you and wonwoo go on is a date to an amusement park or fair
  • and i hope they ask any member of seventeen to do commentary at least so they can be all
  • “HOLD HER HAND,” “WIN HER A PRIZE,” “PAY FOR HER FOOD,” “she’s cold, what is he doing?”
  • “give her your jacket,”
  • just some helicopter wingmen trying to help.
  • but don’t worry, seventeen’s over reacting and wonwoo is treating you well.
  • he’s a sweet little boy
  • he also wants to make sure you’re a hundred percent comfortable so he’ll never initiate skinship unless he feels like he needs to for whatever reason
  • i also feel like because he rarely performs skinship, when he does the people doing commentary screech
  • he’s also really thoughtful, so when you mention something you want to do, he’ll try his best for you to do it.
  • he’ll also probably introduce you to the people he’s close to, because even though this is virtual, he’ll want to introduce his s/o to them.
  • so if you can, you’ll meet his brother (if they’ll allow that) or seventeen.
  • have fun.
  • and you probably searched him up when you got home the first night, and you found stuff out about him, like he cries when he watched ‘Miracle in Cell No.7′, he doesn’t believe in love at first sight and he prefers scary movies.
  • so i’m not saying you have to do this but you should watch “Miracle in Cell No.7″ and see him cry and if you get scared in scary movies he can regain masculinity by protecting you.
  • In the end, like I said he’s really thoughtful, so when you guys leave each other, he probably gifts you with something.
  • I don’t know if this makes sense, but I think it’s sweet.
  • Wonwoo will probably take you back to the bookstore you first met, he wouldn’t tell you why you were there, although, you knew you were leaving eachother.
  • it would be just like you first date, where you guys suggest each other books and make small talk.
  • after sometime, he would probably sit down with you and just talk about your time together and okay, so you know how he asked you about your favourite book, he probably got like a excerpt from the book that remind him of you or something and something sentimental with your favourite book
  • he probably also gave you a copy of the book with a letter from him.
  • as well as coups, the ending was bittersweet and i’ll leave it up to you what you and wonwoo do in the end of your virtual marriage.

So, this was written for @wxnhao​, I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT JEN, EVERYONE ELSE I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT TOO, have a nice day or night and take care of yourselves. I’m also doing the hip-hop unit first, so hopefully, I’ll have them done by the end of this week.

- admin jola


This only shows that they are emotionally invested in their virtual marriage. Ofcourse, not to mention Jaerim.. We all know that. He’s the guy who is not afraid to show how he cares for someone important to him. He is one-of-a-kind namja, that is ready to shower love and affection for someone. And I know, Soeun feels it too.

But seeing Soeun cries, that is what surprised me the most. She is one tough girl who is not that showy to Jaerim. Some people misunderstand her, that she doesn’t really care for Jaerim.. But I believe, Soeun really care for Jaerim in her own subtle ways. She is trying her best to make Jaerim feel how special he is to her.

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Can I request a Jungkook scenario? We Got Married kinda thing? Thank you!!!

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Hey anon! I’m sorry for making your request so late! I had finals T_T so I couldn’t do it till last night!! I tried my best to give you a cute scenario with Jeon on wgm!! I wasn’t sure what to write since it was supposed to be a show with a virtual couple lol, but I hope you like it :) Thank you for requesting!

Genre: romance/fluff
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 1760 words
Summary: You and Jungkook on We Got Married as a Married Couple.

You got on set of the filming for that reality show you film each week. We got married was such a weird reality show ,since it was all new to you. You never asked for a husband nor a virtual marriage, yet your company judged you were perfectly fitted to promote them by going on that show. You got famous after  having played in Descendants Of The Sun along with Song Joong ki and Song Hye Kyo.You got to meet your husband Jeon jungkook from BTS three months ago when you were on set to film the Show. Time went by quickly and   You actually found yourself enjoying filming as the times goes by. Jungkook was  very shy and awkward at first and wouldn’t even dare to stare into your eyes, but as you guys got more comfortable around each other , he became quite sneaky with you . He was intimidated by your beauty at first, since you were a well known actress, but after a while he got used to you since he got to know you were a very down to earth girl. You were filming with your brothers-in-law today and you knew you would have lots of fun, since you got quite close with all of them.

You reached the dorm where you met Jungkook at the front door

“ You came?”, he kicks the ground before grabbing your hand and lacing it with his

You simply nodded still flustered by how Jungkook turned into such a bold man only after 3 months of filming. He was getting quite wild on set, doing things like pulling you randomly into his arms or whispering things in your ears.Doing this on tv was fine, but the guy was doing it even while cameras were off which made your heart throb quite frequently

You followed him inside where you were welcomed by the members of his group

As soon as you got in , Taehyung’s little grin showed up

“ It’s sister-in-law guys!!!!”, Taehyung pulled your arm

“Oh, y/n!! What’s good?!”, Jimin leaned his elbow on your shoulder casually

You turned around only to chuckle at his silliness

“ Nothing much, jimin! We just came to see you guys”

“ y/n came guys , its real??!”, jhope peeked through the room next to you “Oh she really did come”

“ OMG! My daughter-in-law is over !!”, jin came out of the kitchen wearing his pink apron

Jungkook left to his room to check out if Namjoon was anywhere near and you were there awkwardly sitting between Taehyung and Jimin

That’s how the two boys started interrogating you

“I heard , he’s been pushing you against corners nowadays?”, taehyung threw his arm around you

“What do you mean?”, you blinked twice

Jungkook indeed has been pushing you in corners nowadays trying to make you die with feels

“He should just throw her on the bed next time “, jimin giggled

You raised a brow at this perverted behavior coming from your brother-in-laws

“What?! Hey, Park Jimin!”, you pinched his cheek harshly

“OWWWWWWW”, the latter whined

Jungkook may have been acting quite wild nowadays, but he was such a sweet boy to you. You thought all of this wild side and skinship was to make the show interesting, but the guys we’re actually truthful about how their maknae seemed to have taken quite a liking to you

“So did you guys kissed yet?”, jhope winked at you this time

“Stop pestering her , you perverts, and let me sleep”, yoongi’s head raised from the couch and you got the shock of your existence

“Hyung stop sleeping! You’ll probably sleep your entire youth ,if you keep doing this !”, Jhope pointed at his hyung

“ What does it matter to you? I’ll live my youth however I wish”, Yoongi

Jungkook finally came back and frowned at how his band mates were sitting way too close to you for his liking. Especially in Jimin’s case.

“Oooh~ Seems like our youngest is becoming a man~”, Jimin nudged jungkook, while the latter only sent him a death glare

“Don’t look at me like that jungkookie~ You know, how much hyung loves you~”, jimin puckered his lips

“ Ah, hyung stop this! Whoever saw you would think you’re the one i’m getting married with!”, jungkook cringed at the older

“ That’s basically jimin’s fantasy”, Taehyung chukled

“hey~ No need to say it like that~”, jimin nudged taehyung

Jungkook rolled his eyes in despair and you laughed with the other boys

“You should buy the snacks this time , Jeon”, Jhope pushed jungkook as he collided with your small frame

Jungkook seemed quite flustered as usual, but kept his cool since he was in front of his hyungs.He smiled before pulling your small hand in his, with an apparent blush on his cheeks.

You both left for the supermarket walking hand in hand as you picked the various foods for lunch

“What should we get this time?”, you looked around “Maybe this?!”,Your eyes twinkled as you saw That POCKY package

Jungkook turned around to tower your small frame from behind to stare at the snack you just picked before he  retreated his hand and blushed three shades of red after realizing what kind of food you just choose.

“You really want this?”, he laughed shyly

“ Yes of course! It’s super yummy! Especially when its strawberry flavored!”, you smiled at him

You didn’t knew that buying pocky would imply trying to kiss him, since the directors of the show we’re very demanding

“ Aren’t you doing this with a motive?”, he raised a brow

The playful husband was back this time and the blush on his cheeks was not there anymore

“ Motive? I’m just hungry…aren’t you? Let’s share this!”, you nudged him

“ Whoah….did you do this often when you filmed for your drama in greece?”, he teased

You tilted your head cluelessly

“ What do you mean? There weren’t any pockys in greece! I mean… I couldn’t really eat those”, you pouted and he found this expression of you adorable.

“You’re sure? You’re not using these as a reason to give me a kiss?”, he smirked

Wild kookie was back and he took this opportunity to lean his face extra close to yours

“ Yah!”, you hit his arm ” Why are you so sneaky!”

“Y/n , lets be honest! How many guys did you kiss on your job?”, he tilted his head

“ W- Why are you asking me this?!”,

“Why are not replying?”, he quirks up an eyebrow” Oh…so you did kiss a lot of guys back then while filming?”

“ N-No! Why are you saying such things!! I never did anything!”, you took a step back

“I saw it”, he sighs

“What?!”, you frowned

“ Your kissing scene on descendants of the sun”

You bit on your lip out of frustration for being getting caught red-handed

“Was Song Joong Ki that good of a kisser?”, he replied in annoyement

Of course you did had a kiss scene with this outstandingly handsome actor who made all actresses weak to their knees. Not that you hated it, but you were not the lead of this drama anyways,so its not like you shared many kiss scenes with him. In fact there was only one kiss scene with you and it was only to demonstrate that he did had a past with another woman before meeting Dr.Kang.

“ Hey! That wasn’t even a real kiss scene!”, you argue “ We just pecked that’s all!”

“ How dare you lie to me!”, he pouts “ Did you like it?”

Of course he was a great kisser, but here you were trying not to hurt your husband, You may have never kissed Jungkook, but you sure weren’t doubting his kissing skills.

“ I-I…no, jungkook”

“ You totally did!”, he points at you” My little heart feels broken right now…how am I supposed to keep on watching your drama if each time I’m reminded that my girl was kissed by someone else!”

You smiled at his natural cuteness before tapping his cute nose with your finger

“I’ll make sure to heal your little heart, so don’t worry about it~”, you put your cold palms on each sides of his warm cheeks

His cheeks turned even more hot and red

“How will you heal it?”, he grabs your small hands from the side of his cheeks

“Like this?”, you replied before tip-toeing yourself to  press your soft lips on his cheeks , but he took the opportunity to turn his face to side and the kiss was reversed . Lips locked on lips,Lips pressed on him,lips pressed on yours with a very satisfied Jungkook looking at you.This little bastard was enjoying this way too much

You weren’t expecting this and leaned back while touching your lips

“What was that!!! That was cheating!”, You complained

“You did cheat too”, he replies

“What did I even do?”

“You stole my heart”, he nudged you while laughed as he walked away to pay the food

“Yah! Are you searching for your death, come back here Jeon Jungkook!”,

“Catch me if you can, y/n”, he smirks” Maybe then ,  I could give you back the  kiss I’ve stolen from you“

You reached him and slapped his arm

“Why did you do that?!”, you frowned at him

“To erase Song joong Ki’s mark from your lips, since you’re mine ”, he replied smugly and you swear feeling the heat invade your cheeks

Jungkook was quick witted one, and he must have had watched many dramas to pull out such gestures and lines. What was sure is that you were under his spell, wether it was a show or a reality.

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true 

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we got married; mingyu

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  • there’s a lot of food, so I apologise in advance.
  • so, you guys first met at a restaurant, and you saw there was a candle -lit table, correctly assuming it was yours, you sat there
  • and mingyu took so long to arrive, you were panicking because you thought it was a joke or something, you were asking the production crew if this was a prank and having an overall panic until you saw the tall boy, dressed in formal attire walk in with some food
  • and you were like, ‘what are you doing here?’ but also, ‘are you my husband?’
  • and he just said, ‘dinner (or whatever is the suitable meal for the time of day), is served,’ then put the food down and took a seat 
  • and you were like, ‘oh, so you are my husband,’
  • so you guys obviously introduced each other, like what’s the point in marrying someone if you don’t know their name.
  • and you guys just chatted about your idol lives, likes and dislikes that kind of jazz.
  • and when you guys stood up to leave you realised how tall he is and just woah, my husband is tall, good-looking and can cook.
  • if you’re that kind of person, you could brag about this lmao
  • mingyu was fun to be around, he was like a friend tbh
  • and all the dates he’s really extra and if you and mingyu have a significant height difference everyone would be like awww that’s so cute
  • but if you don’t, everyone would be all awww that’s cute,
  • either way you and mingyu are cute.
  • and in my opinion he is boyfriend material af, so whenever you have the date mission things they would always be fun
  • like he would just make you laugh and do super boyfriend things and i hope jeongcheol is watching so cheol can cringe, but be proud, whilst jeonghan highly approves of his behaviour.
  • he’s also pretty open to skinship, so i see you two doing a lot of that unless you don’t want that, but how can you say no to mingyu???
  • and because of how much skinship you do, everyone will be hiGhkEy shipping and probably expects you two to stay together.
  • he’ll also make you breakfast every morning and one day he’ll teach you and IT’S ALL CUTE 
  • so you’ll both be in your pyjamas and he’ll be telling you what to do and then he’ll pull some flirty move, like when you’re facing away from him he’ll slither his arms around your waist
  • or he’ll smear food on you and you get into a food fight 
  • or something cheesy that won’t injure you.
  • when you try on your dresses he’ll be like a teenage girl at a concert
  • you’ll walk out or just somehow get out of the change room 
  • and he’ll see you and he’ll be screaming and talking photos and he’ll be praising you, and he’ll start to fantasising and going on about the wedding, and you’ll be so overwhelmed
  • like woah, rememBER MiNGYU ThIS iS VIrTUAL
  • and he’ll flirt with you 24/7 and you’ll be torn between flustered and pLS STOP MINGYU 
  • so say seventeen is promoting during your marriage, he would somehow show you off
  • so like the boy are preparing for a comeback and they’ll be filming and the director decided they want someone to be in the music video as a love interest to one or more of the boys 
  • and mingyu’s like MY WIFE CAN DO IT
  • and no one else really says anything, they just look at the director and he’s like
  • this is good for views, popularity, all that stuff, why not??
  • so that’s how you end up in a seventeen music video playing mingyu’s love interest
  • so in the mv, you and mingyu play high school students, and he’ll be crushing on you and the rest of seventeen are trying to help mingyu get to you
  • and you’ll be like hanging out with mingyu and the boys will try to make it all romantic until like dino accidentally drops the props and instead of suave, romantic music, it’s playing some uncool pop song, but you two dance together and fall in love or smth
  • so, it’ll be like when you first met, and the both of you will have a sit-down dinner ( i’m sad to don’t worry ) 
  • he’ll be dressed nicely, and so will you and you’ll be talking about your time together and he’ll whip out a photo book
  • and you’re like what??? what’s in it???
  • and then he opens it, and there’s photos of you two having fun and he’ll confess he took photos whilst you were together and put it into the book
  • and then he’d bring out band! seventeen or just shua and then he’ll sing to you or something sweet
  • and if you sing you’d sing to him, or just tell him how much fun you had if you can’t
  • at the end of it, as usual i’ll leave it up to you what happened afterwards, but hAVE  FUN
  • tl;dr super sweet husband that cooks for you and keeps you smiling

    hi everyone, i hope you all enjoyed this, the ending was kinda rushed, but have a nice day/evening and stay safe, lol bye
    - admin jola


    Hmm. The casts seems like they know something. LOL! Well, I’m just happy that they still keep intouch even though their virtual marriage is already over.. And man! She’s blushing so hard!! Hahaha

    PS. The last GIF is low-quality because it is cut on the video where I get the rest of the GIFs :)

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    would you say nicholas, alexandra and their children were closer than other royal families of the time?

    Yes. After all, to whom you can compare them? Neither the English, Prussian, Austrian, Spanish or Romanian families were so closely emotionally dependent on each other. Furthermore Alexei´s illness made them even more devoted - while in for example Spain the same affliction of the heir to the throne virtually destroyed the marriage of his parents. Other families also reported allienation, separation, intimidation or indifference. Never so Nicky, Alix and their children.


    Origin’s King and Lipstick’s Luna Release Gold Star Portal Song “Your Eyes″

    After gaining attention as a fan favorite couple on the special We Got Married Summer Season as husband and wife, King and Luna have released a collaboration single through Gold Star Portal. The track is a detour from what fans may expect from the pair who are both rappers in their groups. Both Luna and King’s vocals are showcased in the song. “Your Eyes” is a romantic track with sweet lyrics that will please fans who have missed the two since their virtual marriage on We Got Married. The song was co-written by both King and Luna and produced by King.

    WGM Taeun Couple Final Episode Recap - 2014.01.04

    Part 1: At home with mission card

    Taeun is looking at the mission card 
    T: First love
    N: It’s movie ticket
    T: We’re going for a movie then…

    Naeun BRI
    Q: When seeing the mission card…?
    N: Well….There were no thoughts in my mind. I just don’t know what is needed to be done, what I need to say, and what should I do. I really don’t know what should I be doing now. 

    Taemin BRI
    Q: When seeing the mission card…?
    T: That moment I just feel speechless..? I really don’t know what to say to Naeun

    T: What’s this, is this a joke?
    N: To the youngest couple, today is the end of your virtual marriage. Divide the things you have at WGM village land no.2 (Taeun’s house). Have you last date at the movie theatre. Is this a mistake? Us?
    T: Pack stuff. Lease has ended. We can just go to next door.
    N: Should we just borrow a room?
    T: What should we do?
    T: It is really ended…what to do
    N: It feels weird, doesn’t it?
    N: Not sure what should be done and what should be said.
    T: yea..
    T: It ask us to divide our stuff so…
    They start going through their items
    T: You brought along this picture the first time when we met, no?
    T: It was spring then. We have been together throughout all 4 seasons, didn’t we?
    N: Then I’ll take this too!
    T: You want to take this? I’m annoyed by it.
    N: Need to take this too *pushes Taemin towards the box*

    N: At that moment, we never thought this day would come, right?
    T: If I’m to go back (when first met) at this moment, I think I can treat you even better since I know better about you. Now then you feel more comfortable with me. 
    N: I have changed a lot. You have made me changed a lot
    T: Really? Is it a good thing?
    N: Yes, thank you
    T: Should we go to watch movie?
    T: I wana leave here fast
    N: Why do you keep wanting to leave?
    T: Because I’m feeling attached to it
    N: If you stay longer?
    T: Yes

    Part 2: First love movie watching

    Taeun drinking the wine made by them at the grape farm
    *Below all said when they were watching their own movie, First love*
    T: We are really cute
    N: You were really touched? *When showing the scene where Taemin say he is touched that Naeun learned how to cook for him*
    T: You like me?
    N: Yes
    N: Block your ears, quick! Block it, block it!
    N: Can you now say that (the whisper) to me again?
    T: Should I do it again?

    Taemin BRI
    I said I love you….and I’m going to love her in future too. I just follow my feelings. Am really thankful..because I like her.

    T: The feeling became more realistic now, doesn’t it?

    Naeun BRI
    It doesn’t feel real when we were packing our things at home. After we leave home for the cinema, the feeling slowly became more realistic and “ah…it was like that then” All the memories came back.

    Taemin BRI
    Q: After watching the movie…
    T: I feel like I’m going to cry. It tugged my heart. At first it didn’t feel real (ending) but when it started, the reality came and I realize..ah..this is the last.

    Part 3: Facing reality after movie

    T: After watching the clip, I feel that…I understand now why people say it is like seeing their first love. It really feel like that. It was like a dream of first love
    N: When we first met, I was excited. When we went to make the grape wine, I was really happy. Haeri (the place they did hand cast and prank)…
    T: It was unfortunate?
    N: It was not unfortunate
    T: It was good
    N: If anything, it helped me a lot
    T: This is the end for us if we stand up now, isn’t it?
    T: It is not like we will not be meeting forever and let’s not meet again. Let’s not be too sad about it.
    T: Why?
    N: Well….it’s too bad
    N: Thank you
    T: For?
    N: Thank you
    T: For? What are you thankful for?

    Naeun BRI
    I’m just thankful to him. I have changed because of him. Although for the first time…..but he somehow made me knew how does love feel like? So I’m thankful to him.

    T: I could have treat you even better. I wanted to treat you better or express better. Like, “I miss you” I can’t do those well. I feel bad that I’m clumsy at those. *Taemin is mumbling and his sentence are not making sense here, but he meant to say he is sorry that he didn’t treat her better than he thought. Say, he might want to do action A in his mind but he did action B* 
    T: Why are you crying?
    N: I’m not crying, It is tears of happiness
    N: I’m sorry, I really thought I’m not going to cry
    T: You are really kindhearted

    Taemin BRI
    She seems really sad, and thankful. Of course, I’m even more thankful. Together we feel it, and became closer. 

    Part 4: Goodbye

    T: Do you have anything that you wish from me for the last time?
    N: Totally a lot
    T: What? It feels scary
    N: Can I say all of it?
    T: Yes, tell me all. Why are you smiling, cute.
    N: Sing for me
    T: Sing? It is nervous to sing when you ask for it in a sudden

    Lyric of the song Taemin sang:
    Can you please remember just this?
    That I was once by your side
    Once in a while, thinking I might bump into you on the street
    I look at my shabby self in the mirror and make myself over
    You aren’t sick, are you? I’m very worried
    Though you must be happy, I will pray for you
    Remember, even when you meet someone else
    That I was once by your side

    T: Remember that
    N: Should we take a picture? For the last time? No! It is not going to be the last, right?
    T: Yes
    N: Should I grant you a wish?
    T: Then my wish is, don’t get sick
    N: Once again, there is nothing that I can give/do (to Taemin)
    T: Why is there none. I can feel all of it.
    N: No….
    T: I really can feel all of it

    Taemin BRI
    Q: 8 months of WGM…
    T: It really left a lot of memories. Feels like memories are left with me til I die. WGM is really unusual. 

    Naeun BRI
    Q: 8 months of WGM…
    N: I’m seriously going to remember it for the whole of my life. Within my 20 years, it seems like the best gift to me.

    Q: What kind of memories is left?
    T: It too feels like first love to me. The first love that I dream of, was with Naeun, it felt so. Therefore I’m thankful to Naeun for giving me that kind of affection.
    N: Husband…seems to have became my first love.

    Taemin BRI
    Q: What kind of wife is Naeun?
    T: She felt like a really good wife for marriage. Someone that you can tell is a good woman and it feels like I’ve liked someone like that. 

    Naeun BRI
    Q: What kind of husband is Taemin?
    N: He is a really good husband, really. He always makes me happy. 

    Translated by ctrawberry via GOGISubs
    Cr. GOGISubs


    Solim Couple’s LAST Mission Card.

    “Your virtual marriage will end today. Please spend your last moments together as a couple in this newlywed house that is full of your memories..”

    anime20369  asked:

    Do you have any traumatizing anime suggestions?

    omg. yes.
    mirai nikki killed my brain
    corpse party
    SAO. I’m sorry to all my Sao fans but Sao was traumatizing to me. like the entire virtual world marriage kinda freaked me out (no hate)
    berserk cause this one is gory it traumatized me
    Gantz (the mind game doe)

    Red Velvet’s Joy to Join “We Got Married” as Yook Sungjae’s On-Screen Wife

    Red Velvet’s Joy to Join “We Got Married” as Yook Sungjae’s On-Screen Wife

    According to an exclusive report by OSEN, Red Velvet’s Joy will be joining MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married” as BTOB Yook Sungjae’s on-screen wife!

    It is said that Joy and Sungjae met for the first time to begin their virtual marriage life on June 3 during their very first filming together.

    Many are looking forward to the couple’s addition to the show, as they will be the youngest…

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    Couple Kitchen starting on July 16th, Fuji TV CS2

    Starting from July 16th, new cooking variety show “Couple Kitchen” will be aired on Sky Perfect TV! at 21:30~22:00.

    This is a virtual marriage cooking show for “girly angelic type of men” and “manly handsome type of ladies”, where Chiba Yudai and Akimoto Sayaka are secretly married to each other! A newly wed couple!

    ‘Yu-kun’ said “It feels honorably awesome” getting married to a popular idol. 'Saaya”s first impression about her 'husband’ is “Actually Chiba-san is really manly in real life. He’s much more reliable than me.”

    When asked how about inviting Oshima Yuko to visit. ‘Saaya’ said “She has a big mouth, I’m afraid she would leak out our ‘secret marriage’ (lol)” and added “But if other AKB members come to visit, my ‘Yu-kun’ will be stolen away, so I have to lock him in a box.”


    Hope someone will upload this!!!

    Akimoto Sayaka and Chiba Yudai hosting a new cooking TV show titled “Couple Kitchen”

    Starting from July 16th, new cooking variety show “Couple Kitchen” will be aired on Sky Perfect TV! at 21:30~22:00.

    This is a virtual marriage cooking show for “girly angelic type of men” and “manly handsome type of ladies”, where Chiba Yudai and Akimoto Sayaka are secretly married to each other! A newly wed couple!

    They’re still all lovey-dovey since wedding, calling each other “Yukun” and “Saaya” (a noob at cooking). They cook for each other, planing recipe idea together, and will make all couples who are watching want to stand in the kitchen together as well!


    PS: I’m not sure if this is a replacement for Handsome Kitchen because they’re aired on the same channel. I would be really sad if Handsome Kitchen ended though T^T.

    Hope someone will upload this because I wanna watch “Saaya” acting lovey-dovey! T^T

    2 years hosting a cooking show and still a noob at cooking XD

    In studying 50 successful marriages, virtually every partnership treated their union as a precious, separate entity, deserving respect and nuture. In good marriages, they concluded, both partners treasure their collected identity more than their individuality.

    —  10-10-10, Suzy Welch

    Ice Cream Cake was such a good era with the amazing mini album, two mvs, Yeri joining, the outfits, the dances, many boy and girl groups dancing to ICC, the variety and radio show appearances, Irene and Yeri becoming MCs on Music Bank and Music Core, Joy having a virtual marriage with Sungjae of BTOB, Wendy’s ost, all the selfies and interactions with senior idols, winning for the first time on a music show, the Mamamoo and RV kkt group chat, the theory that RV were vampires in the new mvs, Yeri having an article with Solar of Mamamoo being compared to a squirtle, Yeri taking a selfie with a squirtle, the blonde hair, and the brunette hair later