virtual hug sent !

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Those tags were real sweet. You know what else is sweet? You and your art *wonk*

None of it is as sweet as you my dear~ ♡

Thank you! and thanks to everyone that sent an ask/reply, I loved to read it all and there’s actually a lot of things I want to try to draw, which I’ll do slowly, but I’m really excited to do it!

S/o to all my Jewish followers

Have fun at Passover tonight! If you family is difficult to be around, I’m always here for you. Just shoot me an ask if you need to rant about anything. Also, my mom makes the best matzo ball soup, so I will virtually sent you some along with love and hugs 💕

Happy Anniversary  Strange Magic. Never have I loved a film the way I have fallen so deeply in love with this one. It has allowed me to realize a passion for writing I did not know I had, and has let my imagination soar, stretching me creatively.

I have made friends that I have been  so blessed to have gotten to know because of this movie. They have been not just friends.  They have been there to cheer me on when I have hated every word I have written. They have been cohorts in creating stories centered around Marianne and Bog. And they have simply sent me virtual hugs when I needed them.

Thank you so much, thank you for everything. I can never say it enough.

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