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Excited by the Xbox One’s processing power, animators decided to build a fully interactive cactus that could move in different ways depending on where a gamer shot it. They blanketed one level with cactuses all the way to the virtual horizon. Even the new turbocharged Xbox couldn’t render the needles fast enough. At one point during the development process, the cactuses were the single biggest contributor to technical problems. Finally, the developers convinced the artists they had to go. Says Chris Lee, 343’s director of production: “There were hard feelings on different sides for about a month from the cactus fallout.”

anonymous asked:

Is Log Horizon like a better version of Sword Art Online or something?

I mean I only watched the first SAO - but basically it’s like

Log Horizon

  • Not virtual reality, sucked into the screen
  • Economics
  • Fights that are cool, I guess
  • A lot more friend/guild interactions


  • She wants to fuck her cousin