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NEW VIDEO: In case you missed it! Dive head(set) first into the science of virtual reality.

Blue Brain team finds 'Multi-dimensional universe' in brain networks

For most people, it is a stretch of the imagination to understand the world in four dimensions but a new study has discovered structures in the brain with up to eleven dimensions – ground-breaking work that is beginning to reveal the brain’s deepest architectural secrets.

Using algebraic topology in a way that it has never been used before in Neuroscience, a team from the Blue Brain Project has uncovered a universe of multi-dimensional geometrical structures and spaces within the networks of the brain.

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Dear Steroliners

I have been lurking the steroline tag and your beautiful gifs/metas/fan fictions for awhile now. I don’t have my own tumblr/twitter presence, and I’ve never felt the need to weigh in until now, other than some random asks I’ve thrown at kmze. But it must be said, or it will continue to haunt me: this finale was completely bogus and should be thrown in the dumpster. I felt like maybe writing this out will help me get over the tragic and senseless end of those two adorable puppies, Stefan and Caroline. So here it goes.

There was so much NOPE in this finale it’s hard to know where to start, but I’m going to focus on the most obvious: Stefan’s death.

I don’t object to the notion that a Salvatore brother had to die. They’ve evaded death for far too long, and left way too many bodies in their wake. I don’t think any of us expected both the Salvatore brothers to make it out of this show alive. Would I have preferred it to be Damon that died, or at least to have the brothers both go out in a blaze of glory? Fuck yes. But I could have handled Stefan dying, and Damon living, had it been handled in a way that made even a shred of sense. It was not.

A sacrificial death, when done right, can be a very fitting way for a show to go out. See: Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s finale. 15 year old me shipped Buffy and Spike (I know, I know, quite a toxic relationship, but moving on). So I was bummed as heck when Spike died in the finale. But the way he went out was just so damn fitting I could not be that mad. He sacrificed himself to save Buffy, to save the Slayer-ettes and the rest of the Scoobies, and literally the entire world. It was necessary and rooted in the plot and was therefore heroic and did a heck of a lot to redeem him of his terrible deeds. It fit the narrative, it fit the character’s arc, and it was satisfying, which took the edge off the tragedy.

Now, let’s compare that to Stefan’s death shall we? Was his death necessary to save the world? Nope. It was not even necessary to save Mystic Falls, since Bonnie had found a way to control the hellfire and send it to hell, or at least divert it. It was arguably necessary to kill Katherine and destroy Hell, but like, there’s nothing particularly noble about destroying Hell? There were tons of bad people in Hell, people that should arguably have stayed in Hell and not been given a “get out of Hell free” card. There did seem to be some not terrible people stuck in Hell (Vicky was irritating but not evil) but maybe since Cade was dead this whole policy of throwing everyone who ever screwed up once in their lives, into eternal torment, no longer applied? Katherine is a cut-throat queen but I don’t see her being this petty. Unclear, but either way this Hell mythology was just too murky for a set-up wherein destroying Hell equals redemption. So far, I fail to see how this action redeemed Stefan’s tattered soul and granted him his peace.

Okay so let’s assume I’ve missed something. (I very well could have. I only watched the finale once and I doubt I’ll ever be able to bring myself to watch it again.) Let’s assume for the sake of argument that in fact the whole “stabbing Katherine with the dagger at the very moment she is immolated thus ensuring she dies in Hell and Hell is destroyed” was a very necessary and heroic act in the grand scheme of things. So at least one of the Salva-bros had to die. The choice of who gets the axe should be based in the narrative, yes? Maybe the brother who showed up in Mystic Falls in season 1, all gleeful about tormenting his brother and making the residents of Mystic Falls suffer, would be a good choice for the one who ultimately saves the town? Whose ongoing arc has been about becoming a better, less-selfish man, one capable of putting his brother before his own needs? Who, two episodes before, had proven that he was ready to be that hero, and had died in a similar sacrifice, but had miraculously come back from it with no explanation? Maybe the writers had a plan? HAHA BITCH YOU THOUGHT.

Instead, Stefan dies because “Damon is the better man.” Hahahahahah lol lol lol brb LAUGHING FOREVER. I don’t need to list the many actions/character traits that Damon has displayed over the years, that make it emphatically clear that he is not the better man. At best he is the equally-as-terrible man. Stefan killed Enzo, yes, which was painful, mainly because of its effect on Bonnie (Enzo was also a murderous trashbag, let us never forget). But Damon killed Tyler, tried to kill Bonnie, and abducted a couple of 4 year olds and tried to sell them to the Devil in return for his own soul, and that was just in season 8. I can’t even remember all the times he killed Alaric and Jeremy, I have literally lost count. Many of you have already covered Damon’s many crimes in your well-reasoned and thoughtful metas and commentaries. They do not need repeating. Damon is a selfish, impulsive, weak-willed, predatory psycho murderer. We have the receipts in the form of seasons 1-8 of this show. I say this as someone who is actually a big Damon fan (I like his snark) and was all about Damon and Elena in seasons 1-4, despite how terrible they were to Stefan. (The actors had lit chemistry back then, sue me.)

Stefan is a psycho murderer too, but at least he feels bad about it. I invite anyone to explain to me how saving Damon, and giving him a human life, tilted the karmic scales in Stefan’s favour. One mass-murderer dying, so that another mass-murderer can live, does not redeem the first mass-murderer, particularly when the major crime the first mass-murderer seems to be paying for, is the murder of a THIRD MASS-MURDERER (Enzo). I just refuse to believe that the universe’s sense of justice is this out to fucking lunch.  

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most glaring plot hole in this clusterfuck of a sacrifice=redemption narrative, which is obviously that DAMON DIDN’T HAVE TO DO SHIT TO FIND REDEMPTION/PEACE. NOTHING NADA ZILCH. Thus undermining the entire justification for Stefan’s death. Dear god, what a mess.

I can sort of see how in Stefan’s deeply troubled mind dying for his brother would redeem him, because he loved the shit out of his brother, despite how rarely Damon actually deserved that love. Which brings us to another high-key problematic aspect of this finale, which is the assassination of Stefan’s character development. Over 8 seasons, we watched Stefan struggle with his mental illness, his addiction, his complete lack of self-worth, and most importantly, his suicidal tendencies. Once he was able to remove himself from the Triangle of Doom, he actually made a lot of progress! He stopped referring to the Ripper in the third person, he got a handle on the whole blood thing, and when he finally opened his eyes about Caroline, he found a healthy, happy, mutually supportive relationship for pretty much the first time in his entire life. He didn’t ever fully let go of his dependency on Damon, but by the time season 8 started, he was planning a life with Caroline and clearly heading in that direction. His suicidal tendencies made a come-back, thanks to killing Enzo and the guilt that caused him, but by 8x13 he was like I WANNA LIVE, by 8x14 he was re-proposing to Caroline and talking about growing old, and by 8x15 he was effing married to the love of his life and dancing and laughing with her at their wedding.

Then 8x16 comes around, and suddenly, he’s back to “I HAVE TO DIE BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID TO ENZO AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO MAKE UP FOR MY SINS BECAUSE I’M HUMAN AND DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME BUT DAMON YOU HAVE ETERNITY AND YOU’RE THE BETTER MAN” and I’m like THA FUCK? Did I imagine the previous 15 episodes/the previous 5 seasons? Is this the right channel? WHAT IS HAPPENING WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?  

There are also so many plot holes when it comes to discerning Stefan’s own motivation for this sacrifice, directly out of the dialogue and HIS OWN DAMN MOUTH. He tells Damon that he has “an eternity with Elena” to make up for his own sins. But Stefan’s actions were definitely pre-meditated right? He knew he was going to give Damon the cure, so obviously Damon will not have an eternity to make up for his own crimes? Also Elena is a human now and Damon has been droning on about their human endgame plan for like 5 years now, ever since Elena went into her mystical coma? And then my personal favourite, when Stefan talks to Elena, he tells her he wanted her to have the chance to get to know human Damon. BUT EXCUSE ME as far as he knew Elena was stuck in the mystical coma until Bonnie dies, which everyone assumed would be 60-70 years from then, so seeing as how Damon will age and probably be dead by the time Elena wakes up, or at least very wrinkly and very old, how does he figure he is giving Damon and Elena their happily ever after? As far as Stefan knows, or at least SHOULD KNOW relying on concepts like logic and common sense, he just took away both Damon’s right to choose to die, AND Damon’s happily ever after with Elena, and this is full circle and remedies his original sin of forcing Damon to turn into a vampire and I’m just !?!??!!? I’M PHRASING THESE AS QUESTIONS BECAUSE I LEGIT WANT A FUCKING EXPLANATION SOMEONE PLS HELP.  

Oh and btw the whole Stefan sacrificing himself for Damon and Elena and making up for his original sin of forcing Damon to turn, was so effing murky in the actual episode it had to be explained in interviews by KW and JP, at which point KW made it clear that this entire nightmare happened because he is a 14 year old Stelena fanboy and didn’t watch the last 5 seasons of his own damn show AND NOW I’M ACTUALLY LAUGHING IT’S ALL SO RIDICULOUS.

So, cool. Stefan is dead, Caroline is widowed on her effing wedding day, I am emotionally gutted, and basically this all happened for virtually no reason my brain can discern. Very epic, so fitting, what a pay-off, much full-circle, argaahgaahfTHEFUCK.

When Caroline left him that voicemail, I couldn’t even enjoy the “I will love you forever” line because she also said “I understand” and I was like OMIGOD CAROLINE PLS EXPLAIN IT OUT LOUD CAUSE I SURE AS FUCK DON’T.

And even after all this, the writers are not QUITE done making a mockery out of the notion of consistency in story-telling. They decide that the last scene featuring Caroline Forbes-Salvatore, a character whose strongest traits are her loyalty to the people she loves and moral backbone, and who was widowed like 5 minutes ago from the viewer’s perspective, should be spent with Caroline receiving a letter from a murderous one-night-stand she does not GAF about. For the cherry-on-top, anyone who watches the Originals knows that the one-night-stand is currently suffering some sort of hell torment and hallucinating his actual true love, one Camille O’Connor. AND THEN THE WRITERS HAVE TO GO ON TWITTER to try and explain how the fuck this timeline could possibly make sense and Joseph Morgan is like “I’ve filmed all of season 4 lol what letter?” and I’m laughing again because this is total amateur-hour. Thank you to all the twitter users who have been dragging this joke of a writing team online, your salt is giving me life. Never has a moment of such cheap and blatant fan-baiting backfired so magnificently. I was planning on watching the Originals when it comes back but HAHA NOPE NEVER AGAIN JULIE PLEC, BACK TO THE DUMPSTER WITH YOU.

Anyways, this rant got out of hand. The point here is that I feel justified in completely ignoring this entire finale because of how little sense it made or even attempted to make. I’m sad a show I’ve loved for 8 years ended on such an absurd and poorly-plotted note. Perhaps I’ll eventually get around to writing some fan fiction in an attempt to create my own little alternative ending. In retrospect, I probably should have known better, but I hung in there because when TVD was good, it was really good. But damn, when it was bad, it was truly unwatchable.

Stefan and Caroline forever.

Title: Adventure.

Pairings: Kyle Spencer x Female!Reader

Gifs aren’t mine.

Warnings: Season three spoilers (?), mentions of Kyle’s mum, Madison and Zoe, FLUFF!

Staring at him, Y/N found herself bewitched, even whilst doing the most mundane things he was breathtaking. Y/N’s fingers twitched against her sides as a strand of his blonde hair fell in front of his face, the urge to brush it off his face was undeniable. His brown eyes scanned the laptop screen and his eyebrows knitted together in utter confusion, Y/N’s heart flutter at the adorable expression.

How could anyone hurt him? Why would anyone want to? The questions spun around Y/N’s mind, taunting her. She had always been curious, her mother said it would lead to her demise. She wanted to know why everyone who hurt him did what they did, was it because he was too fragile, an easy target? Y/N would probably never know.

Y/N watched as frustrated tears brimmed in his eyes. His nails scratched at the skin of his neck, forcing his turtle neck down and allowing the red, irritated skin to peak out. Y/N gulped, she couldn’t help but feel sympathetic for the virtually brain dead boy.

She didn’t understand why he had to spend hours upon hours, staring at a computer screen. It didn’t make sense. He had to learn like a child would; learn from their family and friends, learn from the world around them - not a goddamn computer. Children learn from picking up what their family say and do, yet Kyle was always locked up in Zoe’s room, kept from the world. Y/N, as much as she didn’t agree with Zoe’s methods, wouldn’t dare voice it.

Y/N cracked, she jumped up from the bed - startling Kyle - and knelt down, shoving the laptop off Kyle’s lap. She began to tie up shoes before standing up, she tugged him up and guided him out of the room. Enough was enough, he needed to see something other than those four, blank walls.

She made sure to check that Zoe or Madison weren’t wandering around before pulling Kyle down the stairs and out the door. He stumbled slightly as they clambered into the car. Y/N smiled, helping him put on his seat belt before doing her own.

“We’re going on an adventure, Kyle, I’m sure you’re sick of that laptop and that room. You need to see the world to really learn.”

She glanced at him one more time before reversing off the driveway and heading to their destination.


Kyle hesitantly sat down under the shade of the oak tree, the cold air nipped at his cheeks and nose, tinting them a rosy pink. Y/N smiled fondly from beside him, her fingers buried in her pockets. She nuzzled her nose into jumper, inwardly scolding herself for being so impulsive and forgetting to get coats.

“C-Cold.” Kyle acknowledged, stealing a cautious glance at Y/N for reassurance.

“Yeah, it’s cold, because it’s Winter.” Y/N explained, scooting closer to him, his body was radiating heat.

“W-Winter.” Kyle copied, a faint smile tugging onto his lips.

He seemed to notice Y/N getting closer and wrapped his arms around her, tugging her towards him. Y/N sighed, he was so warm and welcoming. Y/N nuzzled her head into his shoulder, shielding her face from the harsh winds.

“What do you want to do, Ky? Get some food? Walk around? Play in the park?” Y/N asked.

His eyes seemed to light up on hearing the last one and he nodded eagerly, resembling a child. He staggered to him feet, pulling Y/N up with him. Y/N grinned ear-to-ear, laughing at his child-like behaviour and guided him towards the park. She’d never seen a grown man react that way to the mention of a park, but Kyle wasn’t like other men.


The pair sat on the swing sets for what seemed hours, in a comfortable silence, watching the little children run past without a care whilst their parents huddled together and gossiped. Kyle seemed to fall silent. Worry bloomed inside of Y/N. She slipped her hand into Kyle’s, squeezing reassuringly.

“Bad mum.” Kyle murmured, eyes glaring at the women.

“Your mum? She was bad?” Y/N didn’t quite understand, she knew someone had hurt Kyle and from what Kyle was saying, all signs pointed at his mother. She knew, however, that the subject seemed to upset Kyle and he must’ve trusted Y/N a lot to tell her that. “I’m sorry, Kyle, but she’s gone. I won’t let her hurt you anymore. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.”

“P-Promise?” Kyle hiccuped, his warm brown eyes glistened with tears that he attempted to blink back.

“I promise. C'mon, we should get back now. The others are going to notice we went missing and start looking for us.”

The pair staggered to their feet, suddenly Kyle stopped. His eyes lighting up as he stared up at the sky, white snow fell down, hitting his face. A snowflake landed on his nose and Y/N giggled at his reaction; eyes wide and mouth forming in the shape of an O. He watched as more snowflakes fell around home, amazed.

“Snow.” Y/N informed. “It’s snow.”

“S-Snow.” Kyle chuckled, pulling Y/N towards him.

The snow was falling heavily now, making little kids squeal with delight. The cold was really getting to Y/N and she trembled against Kyle, teeth chattering. Kyle lifted up a hand and wiped away the snowflakes that had got caught in Y/N’s hair, smiling brightly, not a care in the world.

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of broken mirrors and haunted rooms (i'm empty inside but so are you)

Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of my first fandoms, and still is to this day, so I dug up a half-written fic from a few years ago and cobbled together a little something.

Bear in mind, this was one of my first attempts at fiction of any kind.

Read it here or on Ao3 at:


After nearly half a decade in a cell, the decision to take Azula’s bending away has finally been made.

Someone has to break the news to her, and who better than the Avatar, who has spent the past three years trying to show the princess the kindness he realized she’d never known.

Note: Assuming Aang was 12 coming out of the ice and 14 at the series finale, this takes place roughly 5 years after that. We don’t ever really get to find out the ages of the other characters, so this fic is going by my rules.

This makes Aang, Azula, Katara, Sokka, Mai, Ty Lee, and Suki all about 19 years old. Zuko, canonically one year older than Azula, so he’s 20. Toph, as the youngest, is only 18. You only see Azula and Aang here, but I just wanted to let you know where everyone else stands in my little fanfiction universe, just in case this ever expands.

The Avatar doesn’t take away her bending.

Doesn’t need to, because that’s what the drugs are for. It takes the doctors years to figure it out, how to make something that will block her chi and nothing else.

She’s told that the Fire Lord was adamant that the medicine only bind her powers, not her mind.

She’s heard the stories of what drugs like this do to people. How it takes away their bending. How it takes away everything else, too. Hollows them out until nothing remains but a practically catatonic shell that once used to be a functioning person.

That’s why it’s taken them so long to cook up a recipe that wouldn’t leave her virtually brain-dead, all at little Zu-Zu’s behest. She didn’t realize he still cared so much.

Maybe he just wanted her awake enough to be able to gloat.

If only they knew that their work was wasted on her.

Ozai had taken great care to strip out her insides and replace everything warm and living with cold, dead things a long time ago.

There was nothing left for the Fire Lord to preserve, but his misplaced affection for the little sister he wished she could have been blinds him to the fact that Azula has been scraped empty long ago.

She sees it in his eyes every time he comes to visit- the little boy he used to be. The big brother, responsible for his baby sister.

She’s neither a baby nor his sister anymore.

Would that they could, Azula knows they would have preferred to slip it into her food without her noticing at all.

But the taste is too bitter for them to mask, to crush pills into powder and stir it into her tea, so they are forced tell her up front that she will be medicated.

Rather, they send in the Avatar to do it, terrified of her reaction to the news.

She hasn’t actually burned anyone in years, merely sent out flashy displays of sapphire flames as a warning to anyone who draws her ire. But her scare tactics have worked well over the past few years, and work well even now.

“I’m sorry, but it’s the only way.” He looks at her with wide, apologetic eyes, brimming with a mixture of hope and compassion that turns her stomach at the sight.

“Why?” She snorts, rolling her eyes, “Isn’t being in this glorified prison misery enough?”

The corners of his lips twitch downwards as he averts his gaze.

His reaction to her words elicits a harsh bark of laughter from her throat.

“I see. The rest of the world isn’t content to have me simply locked up for the rest of my days. They want me to suffer.” Just like I made them suffer, she thinks, pursing her lips to keep the wayward thought from escaping her mouth.

In typical Airbender fashion, he redirects her barb with fluid ease. “And you consider being here punishment enough for your crimes?”



Azula’s least favorite word after Ozai and Father and dutiful.

“It doesn’t matter what I think or who I am.” She nods towards the evenly spaced steel bars stretched out across her window. “What matters is what everyone else beyond these walls wants.”

It’s never mattered, none of it. None of her hopes and dreams and desires and fears. None of it has ever mattered to anyone. At least Ozai had the decency to be up front about what he wanted from her. About how he saw her, what she was.

The Avatar narrows his eyes at her, and she can almost see the gears turning in his head as she stares back, unflinching in the face of his unwavering gaze.

The past few years have changed him just as much as they’ve changed her.

He’s older now, leaner.

If she’s correct in assuming that they’re both around the same age, he’s nearly twenty now, like her.

Age has stripped them both of the baby fat that once softened their features half a decade ago when they first met, children fighting a war started by people who didn’t fully understand that the price to pay for power was blood.

Or perhaps they did understand, and chose to spill it anyway, painting the world crimson and leaving stains that would likely never wash away.

Thinking about either option for too long always makes something in Azula’s gut twist.

He’s grown into himself, no longer looking like someone far beyond their years trapped in a childish form.

But his eyes remain the same, youthful and ancient all at once, and still gleaming with the unmistakable spark of hope.

Azula hasn’t looked into a mirror since the day she shattered her mother’s reflection, but she knows that her own eyes carry no such emotion.

Hope was something that Ozai had taken pains to ensure would never blossom in Azula’s heart. He’d stolen it from her as soon as he was able, extinguished from her childish eyes to be replaced with the cold steel of blades forged in angry flames.

They sit like that for several moments, neither one moving. Neither one looking away.

Then he speaks, and it strikes at the wobbly foundations of sanity she’s struggled to build ever since the day she shattered her mind along with that mirror.

“So who are you, Princess Azula?” She’s long-since lost any right to the title, but that never stopped him from using it, not three years ago when these visits first began and certainly not now. “And what do you want?”

She turns away from his piercing stare, the hand buried in the folds of her skirt curling into a fist as her nails bite deep enough to draw blood.

For the first time, she is the one who looks away.

The significance of the gesture is not lost on him- she can tell as much by the way he stiffens in surprise. But she cuts him off before he has a chance to speak again.

After all, her fragile tether on sanity could only take so much in a single day.

“Don’t ask questions you aren’t ready to have answered, Avatar.” She says it quietly, voice low and tight with an emotion she knows he can’t quite place, because neither can she.

Don’t ask questions I’m not ready to answer, she thinks, but the words go unsaid.

She doesn’t know if she can trust her voice to carry them.

She doesn’t know if she can trust the Avatar to understand.

For the first time since he started visiting, her voice shakes.

Azula looks brittle, as if the next wrong move could shatter her and every single bit of progress he’s spent the past three years trying to make.

As much as he wants to push, to finally solve a piece of the puzzle that is the deposed princess, he knows he can’t. Not if he wants there to be anything left for him to solve.

He bows his head in acquiescence. “I apologize, Princess.”

She nods silently in response, now peering carefully at the embroidery of the silken scarf resting in her lap despite the fact that they both know she could care less about its craftsmanship.

The piece is exquisite, its stitching flawless- he knows this, because he’s the one who bought it for her. It’s become something of a tradition- giving her a tiny token of appreciation for allowing these visits, for speaking to him when they both know she could simply treat him like everyone else who tried to arrange a meeting- with the stiff, regal silence befitting her former station.

He’s still not really sure why she tolerates him in the first place.

Zuko tells him it’s because he’s the Avatar, and if there’s anything Azula respects, it’s power.

Aang thinks it might be something else.

He can wield the four elements, but the princess is a prodigy in her own right.

He may be the Avatar, but she is Azula.

Azula, who possesses sapphire flames and a mastery over the most difficult of all firebending skills- manipulating lightning.

Three years ago, when he’d first dared to enter her room, Azula had no need to respect his power. Not when she was already so sure of her own.

She was still the same girl who had struck him down with a bolt of lightning, the same girl who had shown no fear at the prospect of confronting the Avatar.

The same girl who had left a scar on his back that not even Katara’s considerable skills as a Master Waterbender and healer could dissolve.

But for some reason, she tolerated him.

And over three years of regular visits and carefully worded exchanges over tea, he’s never asked why.

One day, he hopes she’ll feel comfortable enough to tell him.

But the dismissal is evident as she skims a hand along the silk of his latest gift to her, firmly ignoring his presence.

“Until tomorrow, Princess.”

For a single second, her eyes dart back up to meet his, golden irises flashing bright in the light spilling through the bars of her windows.

“Until tomorrow,” she echoes, casting her gaze back down to the fabric in her lap, the expression etched across her features still unreadable.

He’s nearly out the door when he hears her call out behind him, hesitant and unsure.


He stops and turns back instantly- uncertain isn’t a word he’s ever associated with Princess Azula, but it’s how she sounds now.


“Tomorrow, you said they’ll begin giving me medication during tea.” Again, the flicker of her aureate eyes looking up to meet his lasts only a moment, too fast for him to read the emotions glimmering within. “Will you join me?”

I don’t want to be alone.

It goes unspoken, but they both hear it just the same.

He realizes it then, how much this must scare her.

From the little she’s shared and the information he’s managed to pry out of Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee, her firebending has been the one constant in her life.

And now, like everything else, it’s being taken away.

All this time, he’s waited for her to open up, to show the vulnerability he’s never doubted she possessed, not since the day he watched her lose her mind as well as her crown. It had struck him then, that she must have lost as much, if not more, than he and his friends. The cost of the war had been paid by both sides of it.

But this is not the way he’d wanted to get her to open up.

He bows, not deep enough to appear subservient, but deep enough that his feelings are made clear.

“I would be honored.”

Good? Bad? Absolute trash?

Should it end here or should I pick it up after all these years and turn it into something longer?

Let me know down below. :)

This Guy Is Going to Spend a Month Alone in a Room with Virtual Reality Goggles Strapped to His Face

For 28 days, Mark Farid will remain in one room, experiencing his every waking moment through the eyes of another human being—a real-life “avatar,” who, through some kind of Google Glass-like apparatus, will be streaming everything he sees into a virtual reality headset worn by Mark. Stuck in a doctor’s waiting room for hours on end? Mark will see it, too. Out getting hammered until 7 AM on a Sunday? Mark will be your unseen wingman. Grunting your way through an especially gruelling bowel movement? Mark will be right there with you. The only real human contact Mark will have during the entire month-long project—dubbed “ ​Seeing-I"—is one hour per day with a psychologist, who will observe and listen to him in silence. The project could potentially leave him mentally altered for the rest of his life.

The obvious question to ask here is "Why the fuck would anyone put themselves through that?” Well, Mark—a British conceptual artist, working with project curator Nimrod Vardi and documentary maker John Ingle—is hoping to help untangle a debate that has raged on throughout human history, from Descartes and John Locke, to the Westboro Baptist Church and Josie Cunningham. Nature or nurture? The question of whether humans are pre-programmed by their genes or moulded by their environment still inspires many of the big arguments that shape our societies today, from Evangelicals insisting that being gay is just a product of bad parenting and disco music, to scientists insisting that you inherited your gormlessness from your dad.

Mark, Nimrod, and John are firmly in the nurture camp. The trio plan to outdo all those dead philosophers and homophobes by using this project to analyse how far our innate sense of self extends until we start to become a direct product of our surroundings and experiences. Cantechnology influence our mind to the extent that we forget who we really are? Or, in other words, willMark slowly start to believe that he is his avatar?



Daaaamn. Club Nintendo may be shutting down, but it’s going out with a bang. 117 games are being offered up for you to spend your remaining coins on (along with a few physical rewards as well). I’m grabbing F-Zero X, Super PunchOut!!! and Fluidity since I don’t have those already. And Sparkle Snapshot 3D of course. What are you guys grabbing?

cottoncandycacophony  asked:

Can you pls explain everything about the Gorillaz bc I see you reblogging literally everything but I don't understand what it is? Is it a band? A web series? Comic? I need to understand 👻💕

Alright homie

Gorillaz is a virtual band. It’s the brain child of Damon Albarn (from the band Blur) and Jamie Hewlett (known for a lot, but he does Tank Girl and it is A++ ). Damon does the music, while Jamie deals with the art and story line. 

So the basics are that they created a fictional band to represent the music. And it’s a really cool concept! They’ve done a lot and it’s been well over 15 years since their first album came out, yet they still hold considerable influence. 

I’m gonna give you a short summary of the characters and story, just so you can get a feel for it. 

We’ll start with Murdoc Niccals, bass player, satanist, pickle, and genius mastermind behind the band. He’s not the nicest guy around. That’s for shizzle. But he’s really amusing and gross.

2D (real name Stuart “stu” Pot) is the vocalist (Damon Albarn provides his singing vocals). He’s very dimwitted and gets bad migraines, so he’s just like throwing back pain killers like there is just no tomorrow. He’s very sweet tho and loves horror movies and has creepy black eyes and his hair fell out and turned blue???? science side of tumblr help ?????

Russel Hobbs is the drummer (precious baby, he is often overlooked). He is a v talented musician and comes from Brooklyn (distant chants of “USA” can be heard). He’s super duper cool and can channel ghosts but is v tormented at the same time. Also, he was voted third most sexy cartoon musician by in 2010. Just saying. Russel is boyfriend material.

Then we have little Noodle. Tiny little guitarist who FedExed herself from Japan to the UK when she was like 8?? (She’s 10 when they make their debut). She’s grown so much and now she’s 25 (my bby has grown so much). Did I mention she’s a super soldier??? So he’s hella smart, talented, plays every damn instrument and speaks every language, but is also a human weapon! Holy cow!

So long story short (and trust me, it’s a long story) these guys get together, make music, get into various shenanigans (like trying to get a movie going for themselves, but that falls through). They split for a bit after their first album (phase 1). During that time period, there’s lots of self discovery, especially for Noodle. She comes back, slays some zombies, conceptualizes and writes their second album (Demon Days, phase 2). So lots goes on there. Everyone comes back ,they make music, Murdoc is making weird underground deals with people, Noodle goes missing, band falls apart (oh man). Then we get to Plastic Beach (phase 3). Murdoc makes this album, kidnaps 2D, makes a Cyborg Noodle, real Noodle and Russel are nowhere to be found at the beginning. 

I’m not gonna go into detail

I recommend reading Rise of the Ogre (it’s long, but you will learn everything up until phase 3, which is the easiest to catch up on in my opinion. Just go to the right side and click download). For phase 3 I suggest watching Journey to Plastic Beach. It’s 15 minutes long, and you get to hear loads of Murdoc monologue. Also, listening to his Pirate Radios is really helpful too. Also, I recommend watching their music videos and G-bites, cuz they’re v entertaining and the G-bits are v cute. 

Hope this helped some! 

anonymous asked:

Hi there. What really annoys me the most about the 100 is the fact that the Clarke and Lexa "forgiveness" arc was so rushed and should have been so much more, Lexa was pointlessly killed, then 3b could have been condensed to 2 episodes.

Jason rushed it cause he needed to make sure Lexa and Clarke had sex before the mid season hiatus when networks decide whether or not shows will get renewed. He also made sure to kill her off right away so he can continue with his plot that no one cares about. That’s literally it. 

He wanted to get rid of Lexa because people only really cared about her and the grounders. He wanted to get rid of Alycia cause she was taking the spotlight and he couldn’t stand that. 

He ruined his own show just because he thinks he’s some sort of a genius when in reality literally nothing from The 100 is his idea:

  • General plot? - taken from Kass Morgan’s books.
  • Everything sci-fi related? - blatant BSG copy. 
  • Lexa? - created by Kim Shumway. 
  • Torture porn and battle scenes? - surprised GoT writers aren’t suing him.

And the whole AI plot? He used Ray Kurzweil’s books and his predictions. You want a literal quotes? Directly from wikipedia:

Nothing about The 100 plot is @the100writers‘s idea. Zero originality. The only thing that was saving them was Lexa (and clexa) and well they literally killed their chance at being a “groundbreaking” show.

Memories Can Go Astray When We Step Outside Our Bodies

Our bodies may help us remember our lives, fixing experiences in place. By using virtual reality, scientists can make people feel like they’re outside their own bodies. And when they do, the brain struggles to remember what happened.

The phenomenon is a bit like the disembodied sensation that some people have with post-traumatic stress disorder or schizophrenia, according to , a neuroscience researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and lead author of the study. You might even compare it to an extreme form of daydreaming.

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