virtual baby shower

All hail the Queen Sally-Ann and her Prince!

I see all the baby names already being dropped, so I know somebody planning a virtual baby shower, and yes I want an invite :D

I am trying not to get too invested into this baby, (Though I am already like 110% invested in it). Please WGN and the powers that be do not make Sally-Ann miscarry. I am actually OK with it being a false alarm if you go that route, but I beg you please do not let there actually be a baby, and then have her lose it. Don’t do that do my poor little heart, for it will break.

*Disclaimer: this is a simple little manip I did in Photoshop. This is not meant to infringe upon anyone’s right. It’s is just for entertainment (and hopefully the inspiration of a lot of Sasil baby fics) only.*


Food can be many things: It can be, simply, sustenance, or, more whimsically, it can be art, or, more urgently, it can be medicine. Food can be tenderness and care and attention. It can be utter play and abandon. It can be revenge and anger and sorrow. And, in the words of the anonymous young woman behind Bread Face Blog, “Everything about food…is very sexual.” Food is a reflection of every aspect of human existence. After all, without food, there is no human life.

Today—and, miraculously, these spiced caramel chocolate nut clusters—is about going back to the source, the beginning, to honor mother and fatherhood. Two very sweet things are happening today: The first is the Virtual Cheese Baby Shower for Sarah Snixy of the gorgeous blog Snixy Kitchen, thrown by the amazing Alanna of Bojon Gourmet and Todd of HonestlyYUM. The second is my father’s birthday. Today! Happy birthday, Dad!!

Which brings us to these chocolatey caramely nutty clusters of love.

Read more and get the recipe here.