virtual analog synthesizer

Sooo after ages of planning on doing so, I finally got my grubby paws on one of the Roland Boutiques! The JX-03 specifically, which is the one that is meant to replicate both the JX-3P synth and the PG-200 programmer (the original JX-3P didn’t actually have all these knobs and controls on it, you had to buy a separate programmer unit called the PG-200 to properly edit the patches on the thing). I actually was originally planning on getting the JU-06 (the JUNO-106 one) instead, but I discovered that the JX-03 could pretty much do the same sort of sounds yet was also faaaarrr more capable. What with the actual JX-3P being a dual-oscillator synth with various waveforms and cross-modulation capabilities while the JUNOs were single-oscillator synths with very few waveforms to choose from. But yes, point is I now have an awesome mini-recreation of an awesome 80’s polysynth. Yay!