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I can’t believe Magnus’s first reaction is to chop off his own arm.

I mean, I can. I can believe that. Magnus is proficient in the removal of arms. And I know I ask this a lot, but I just have to know… how many times has this happened? How many times do you have to chop off an arm before chopping off an arm becomes the best solution?

How many times has Magnus spent all or part of a year without one or the other of his arms because he just decides to chop the damn thing off.


Adventures in Green Foot Printing - James Ferraro

Just thought I’d clear something up.

It seems many people are totally perplexed by Nanimon’s design (and justifiably so).

Nanimon is a virus Digimon who is classified as an “invader” and has an appearance that suggests that of a strange, middle-aged man with muscular limbs and seems to have a sort of “bad boy rebel” thing going on.

Nanimon’s name comes from “What?” (何? Nani?), which clearly alludes to his bizarre appearance and nature.

In the Digimon lore, it is said that Nanimon had a love of alcohol, but has since gone sober and cleaned up his act. Many fans of the original Digimon anime remember Nanimon for his one major appearance on the show as a foul-tempered physical trainer and “motivator” hired by DemiDevimon to ready Myotismon’s troops for the invasion of Earth. Even more people will remember how he was dealt with by the heroes, which was getting him drunk on sake (or, in the English dub, getting him “drunk” on soda).

It is also said that Nanimon comes from another world entirely, and has trained himself to survive in the harshly competitive Digital World.

Now, the moment of truth:

Nanimon is, in fact, inspired by the Tamagotchi character Oyajitchi.

For those who are unaware, Tamagotchi is, like Digimon, a virtual pet in which you raise strange creatures. However, Digimon has more of an emphasis on not only raising, but battling your pet creature head-to-head with your friends’.

Anyhoo, Oyajitchi is, like Nanimon, a sort of joke character, and his name comes from oyaji, which means “one’s father” or “old man”.

Oyajitchi, according to some sources, is said to have an addiction to alcohol (particularly sake) and is a “lover of beautiful women”.

Also, both Digimon and Tamagotchi are properties of Bandai.

So, there you have it. Nanimon is actually Oyajitchi, who somehow escaped from the Tamagotchi world, kicked his sake addiction and trained himself to fight fearsome monsters in the Digimon world, creating a new image for himself in the process.

tldr: Nanimon is a Tamagotchi reference. :P

And here are Oyajitchi’s and Nanimon’s v-pet sprites for comparison:

Oyajitchi (before):

Nanimon (after):

Virtual reality theme park brings Norse legends to life

Source: Fortune 

Norse Theme Parks is blending traditional attractions with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences at its new Copenhagen park.

Theme parks around the world are beginning to incorporate virtual reality into their attractions, in addition to using it to design rides. There’s a VR theme park being built in China. And now a startup is building a Norse mythology virtual and augmented reality theme park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to Peter Franklin Wurtz, co-founder of startup Norse Theme Parks, The Legendary World of Norse Mythology: Yggdrasil will blend traditional rides and attractions with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences when it opens in 2019.

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1.WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011

2. WWF Wrestlefest

3. Virtual Pro Wreslting 2

4. John Cena’s Sexy High School Adventure

5. WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw

6. 3 Count Bout

7. RustleCuffs: WWE All Stars (2nd Impact)

8. Kinnikuman Grand Prix 2

9. Wrestle Angel Survivor!

10. WWF Wrestlemaina: The Arcade Game

11. 5 Star Wrestling

12. Power Move Pro Wrestling

13. Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II

14. RustleCuffs: Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try this At Home!

15. Celebrity Deathmatch

16. Funaki Hybrid Wrestler

17. Legends of Wrestling

18. WWE Wrestlemania XIX (STINERMANIA)

19. ECW Anarchy Rulez

20.  WWC/Astral Bout 3

21. RustleCuffs: Ahh Harimanada SUMO WRESTLE!

22.  Action Arcade Wrestling 2   

23. All-Star Wrestling Featuring Virtua   



26.  WWF Betrayal    

27. Rumble Roses (PS2)    

28. Rustlecuffs: Def Jam Vendetta

29. Smackdown Here Comes the Pain! (2nd Impact)    

30.  Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III - Zaibatsu Wrestling Federation In Your House - LIVE!  (WWE 2K13)

31. Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III - Best Friends All-Star Royal Rumble Invitational  (WWE 2K13)

Watercolour Coffee- Chapter 1

Summary: Phil Lester is a person that could make a picture mean a thousand words, a thousand words he can’t say. Coastal Coffee is his favourite place, just sitting in the corner and listening in on conversations while he draws things in his sketchbook-things which on canvas become a masterpiece. But there was only one masterpiece that Phil had seen that wasn’t on canvas, and his name was Dan Howell. Phil is an artist, mute from a childhood incident on the clifftops. Dan is a new barista working in a coffee shop, Phil’s favourite coffee shop. 

Word count: 671


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