Winter Shivers Part 9/?

The first things that Sawyer noticed when he came to were that his head hurt like hell, and it was very bright outside his eyelids. Groaning quietly he struggled to sit up, dazedly taking in the sensation that he was sitting on something softer and more giving than usual. Something fell into his lap and Sawyer squinted at it, picking it up with one hand. It was a damp shard of paper towel?

Sawyer’s eyes widened as memories rushed back at him. Panicking he looked up and around, taking in the couch below him, the pillows blocking him in, and the human staring right at him with surprised green eyes. Ditching the paper towel Sawyer grabbed for his bag, his heart leaping to his throat when he found nothing slung across his chest. His first overwhelming fear was that the human had taken it, but a frantic look around revealed that both his bag and belt were only a few inches away. Sawyer lunged for them, stuffing his belt into his bag and slinging that across his back even as he scrambled towards the back of the couch. Not that he could escape from anywhere, but any distance from the human would be welcome.

Charlie sucked in a breath as the small man scrambled away, feeling his heart sinking from such obvious signs of fear. “Hey, it’s alright,” he reassured the tiny person, holding up his hands passively. The impossible man flinched back against the back of the couch and Charlie winced, immediately putting his hands back down in his lap. “Sorry,” he whispered. “I don’t mean to scare you. Are… are you okay?”

I don’t fully understand why I had that panic attack but man I think it’s just maybe it’s my emotions telling me what I’ve always been thinking.

I don’t feel like anyone here is genuine to me.

I don’t think anyone believes in alt Vern or unicorn or Viris. I don’t think anyone would have the patience to listen to me info dump. I don’t think anyone cares when I vent about my fears and frustrations. I don’t think anyone cares.

Because I’m a fucking idiot and I love being in denial I wouldn’t want to admit that right away. But 1000 followers and people only care to message me when I beg or get angry.

I haven’t even gotten a message. 1000 people and not one of them care! And I knew it! I knew it from the start but I thought lying would make things better.

You’re all worthless to me. I’m sick of this.

Winter Shivers Part 12/?

“Alrigh’,” Sawyer eventually said, eying the relief that washed over the human’s face with an almost bemused expression. “If you really wanna help, can you take these pillows away?” Sawyer gestured towards the pillows blocking him in on the couch. “I, um, feel a little trapped.” He also figured this would be a good test of the human’s true intentions. If the larger man really wanted to keep him prisoner, it would be very easy for him to simply keep the pillows in place.

“Oh!” exclaimed Charlie, blushing in embarrassment. He hadn’t even thought about how his protective barrier might look to the smaller man. “Yes, of course, so sorry.” Charlie quickly picked up the pillows, careful not to knock into the stranger with any of them, and set them gently on the floor beside himself. The man looked even smaller now, in the middle of the couch as he was, and Charlie had to bit back the awed observation before it left his lips. He gave the man a sheepish smile and said, “Sorry, I don’t think I introduced myself.” It felt a bit delayed, but better late than never he supposed. “I’m Charlie.”

Charlie. It was odd to learn the human’s name from a proper introduction. Sawyer usually ended up learning it in some typically indirect way. “Nice to meet ya, Charlie,” Sawyer replied, and much to his surprise found the sentiment to be truthful. “I’m Sawyer.” It felt admittedly odd to introduce himself in turn; he didn’t have the opportunity to do that all that often, with humans or viri.

Charlie smiled, glad the small man – Sawyer – seemed to be warming up to him. Sawyer still seemed wary, but at least he didn’t look at Charlie with such terror anymore. That was intensely relieving to the timid human. “Nice to meet you too, Sawyer,” he said softly in return.

That’s all for now, guys! If I write any more, I’ll keep you updated. ^^ Hope you liked it! As always, prompts or questions for this (or any other) AU are welcome in our mailbox any time. You never know what might come of it!

The Sleepover. [Closed Starter]

@champion-ryuu   @trainer-viri

It was a chilly late Autumnal night in the metropolis of Castelia; but Nadia’s luxurious, fancy apartment was plenty warm to keep the cold away. The hiker had invited two of her closest friends over for a sleepover-come-drinking evening, and since Jen was out on a date with Ryuu, the flat was all theirs. Popcorn had flowed, and fairly terrible rom-coms had been played on her massive curved wide-screen TV. 

The climber had opened up the floor space in the large living room by pushing the corner sofa against the large panoramic windowed back wall; laying down several king-sized quilts and pillows to make a soft area. Nadia was wearing some fairly standard pajamas: a plain grey tank top, with a pair of navy tracksuit short-shorts decorated with cute white anchors. Freshly showered and groomed so that the moment her friends arrived, she’d be looking and smelling her best; keeping her hair loose.

Greeting both with a friendly cuddle, and kissing both of their cheeks as they entered her modern apartment. “I’m so glad ya’ could both come.” The hiker said, beaming a smile to each of the gorgeous females.

Winter Shivers Part 11/?

Sawyer tried to stand up, but the blood rushing through his battered head and the shakiness becoming increasingly present from having nothing to eat worked against him. He stumbled back to a seat, and Charlie sucked in a worried breath. “Shit,” Sawyer murmured, feeling the trembling in his limbs. The lack of food was getting to him more than he’d expected, and this was the worst time for it.

“Please, don’t strain yourself!” Charlie pleaded, and Sawyer looked over at the human with wide, confused brown eyes. Charlie seemed to shrink into himself, newly cognizant of how big he must seem to the stranger, and stammered, “U-um, I m-mean, you shouldn’t push yourself. You hit your head really hard. Please let me help you.” Charlie’s green eyes were pleading. He knew he was probably the last person the small man wanted help from – it was clear Charlie’s actions had scared and offended him – but all the same Charlie wanted to make up for that.

Sawyer considered the offer. He stared at the human, appraising the begging look in those large green eyes. Sawyer prided himself on being good at reading people, and though he’d never expected to do that so personally with a human, he could tell the large man was being sincere. It was confusing as it was relieving.  Sawyer was suddenly hit with all the proof of the human’s well meaning; after all, the larger man had had plenty of opportunities to hurt Sawyer, trap him further, or generally do whatever he wanted with him. He had done none of those things, even when Sawyer was unconscious and more helpless against a human than usual.

Sawyer took a deep breath and decided to trust him.

Open rp- Experiment 108

Viris squeaks as she jerks her head up. “Wait!” She cries before immediately covering her mouth with a paw.. It was just a dream.. The Zoroark glanced around as all the other old.. And broken bunk beds were.. Thankfully still empty and she was still alone. “Come on.. Viris you’re better than that..”

A few moments later she kicks a thin ragged blanket off the bunk she was on and got to her fours, stretching out her limbs. “Mm.. That’s nice~” she giggles a bit and steadily got off the bed and yawns.

It was a normal night in the right wing of the large abandoned asylum.. It was midnight..and.. Surprisingly cold. The right wing was probably the most beat up. Holes in the walls rotting and torn wall paper.. Papers and carts spread out in the long halls.. To someone.. ‘Normal’ this would be terrifying but to Viris.. It was.. Kind of normal and she didn’t mind it much..

About five minutes later Viris pads down the main hallway, humming and listening to the sound of her claws on the stone floor..

Winter Shivers Part 10/?

Sawyer kept his eyes trained on the human in front of him, but his brow was pinched together in confusion. Nothing was making sense… he had hit his head pretty hard (it was still throbbing painfully). All the same, this was strange even for his current dazed state. The human was acting like he actually cared about Sawyer, even though he’d trapped him and taken his things off and… “Did you move me here?” Sawyer blurted, looking down and around at the couch. It was quite a ways from the kitchen, and he paled to realize that he must have been in the human’s huge hands – unconscious and completely helpless – for that transition.

Charlie only wasted a moment on looking shocked that the small man spoke, and so coherently, before looking sheepish. “Er, yes?” he replied, more tentative than a statement should be. “I’m sorry if that’s not… if you didn’t want me to,” the human stumbled over his apology, so unsure about what he was doing. He was having a conversation with a man that fit in his hands, and so far it seemed to be going even more terribly than one would have expected. “You were passed out and I just didn’t think that the counter would be all that comfortable.”

This human kept catching Sawyer off guard. He sounded so genuine, and so far he hadn’t made a single move to reach out and trap Sawyer in his hands. Sawyer didn’t know what to do with that; humans weren’t supposed to be kind to viri they found. It hadn’t been a possibility in his mind up until now. “Um,” Sawyer mumbled, looking between the human and his surroundings as if trying to find help. He found nothing that added clarity to the situation. His heart still pounded quickly against his chest, and the deep headache he had wasn’t helping.