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Hello stranger, literally I mean you don’t even follow me. So I guess I’ll write the word vomit stream of consciousness that is my feelings regarding Mako being a cop and Bolin remaining a member of the Fire Ferrets.

I guess I’ll start off with what I like about Bolin being a Fire Ferret and the only reason I like him remaining a Fire Ferret is the symbolism. Everyone he knows is moving on with their lives, Korra is now training to master airbending and the Avatar state, Mako is joining the police academy/became a cop, and Asami is trying to rebuild her father’s business. But Bolin? He remains where we first met him, the Pro-Bending stadium and nothing about him has changed. Last season, he got no character development, no story, nothing, so him remaining a Fire Ferret is pretty much in your face symbolism of that.

Other than this I do not like the story line. I also saw the preview and his team is shitty, which doesn’t even make sense. His team came in second in the tournament last year, wouldn’t that mean he’d have a ton of pro-benders to interview and he’d have a decent team? And there’s the first tangent.

Now the rest of this post will pretty much be why Bolin should’ve been the cop, has the traits to be a good cop, and why Mako ultimately was given that story line.

Actually, I’ll just say why I think Mako was ultimately given the story line right now. I admit I’m no Mako fan and I think he’s a jerk, so I probably have a bias, but I think he was only given the story line of Cop because he gets to remain the “hero”. He doesn’t really have traits I would associate with a good cop. Also his joke when he captured the two crooks was LAME and made no sense. 

First off, Mako is petty. In the episode where Korra and Bolin go on a date, Mako thinks it is just to make him jealous, not only is this selfish, another undesirable trait, but it’s incredibly petty.

Secondly, Mako only follows rules until they get in his way, not really a good trait for an officer either. An example of this is in the finale, when he actually breaks the law by burning parking tickets. Yes, it was necessary, but the part that bothered me was he had no qualms about it. He just broke the law and did not care, yes saving the city was more important, but he could’ve at least cared a little about breaking the law, Bolin did. Also, look at his actions in his personal life, which really demonstrate how he just plows through anything that is in his way. He disregarded Bolin’s feelings regarding Korra, yes she kissed him, but what did he expect to happen by following her? She admitted her feelings and she’s pretty blunt, so of course she’d do something. Then he has the audacity to tell Bolin “I told you dating a teammate was a bad idea”, it wasn’t a bad idea until you kissed her. Also look at his reactions to pretty much anything regarding Korra, he is more worried about her than his brother, and like other things he pretty much does whatever to ensure Korra’s safety. 

While this behavior is fine-ish for personal relationships, you cannot do or act like this as an officer, you need a cool head and to think things through. He does this in his pro-bending matches, but even that got tainted by his interpersonal relationships at one point. If Mako acts the way he does now as a police officer, he’d probably end up being the “Maverick” officer, which is so over done. He’d also ruin crime scenes, have subpar records and paperwork, and cause a lot of damage. Also he’s not even an earthbender. The only police officers we’ve seen have been metalbenders and at the station it’s only metalbenders and nonbenders.

So tl;dr regarding Mako being a cop, he COULD be a good cop, but his actions and motivations don’t really add up to being a good cop. But the writers love Mako, so he’ll be the perfect officer and Korra will love him and we’ll all puke. Seriously do they need a Makorra scene in every episode? (Tangent #2)

So here’s why Bolin would be a good cop, first off he’s an earthbender. As I’ve stated, we’ve only seen earthbenders/metalbenders as cops and it was founded by the first ever metalbender. So I mean if you were to think out of any of the Legend of Korra gang to become an officer, it’d most likely be Bolin.

I’ve seen people referencing Bolin’s age and saying he’s a “minor” or too young to be an officer. Well to you I say, when did you become animated and start living in Republic City? The truth is we don’t know Republic City’s customs, OUR society’s customs are people under the age of 18 are minors, it’s not theirs. And we don’t even know their definite ages, have they been stated? Even if it is, the fact is irrelevant because they follow a whole set of different rules than we do. 

I think Bolin’s only hindrance regarding becoming a cop would be not knowing how to metalbend and being a little goofy/childish. The fix to this could'v easily been him being trained by Lin, they’ve had some interaction and she definitely would teach him to be disciplined. Another way could be Bolin himself seeking a tutor to improve his earthbending and to learn metalbending. 

But overall, I think Bolin’s personality and actions over the last season show how he would be a good officer. First, he tends to be a follower, but has shown his leadership and initiative. An example of him being obedient and following orders can be see by his interaction with Iroh II and he’s taken the initiative when he won the tie breaker. Secondly, he cares about the rules. When Mako burned the parking tickets he was SHOCKED, which is good. Cops should follow the rules just like everyone else, otherwise they may enjoy the power and abuse it. Thirdly, he has a strong sense of justice. He doesn’t want anyone to get in trouble, but he will try and stop bad guys. Examples: Bolin was very reluctant to tell Asami about the kiss, and even tried to downplay the whole thing because he didn’t want to get his brother in trouble or cause any relationship troubles between Asami and Mako. But she did need to know the truth. Also Asami’s father, when Mr. Sato was attacking Asami, he jumped at the opportunity to protect the innocent. Bolin is also caring and doesn’t judge, he did not care that he was eat gruel given to him by a homeless man. He thanked him. He gave Korra a thank you basket for saving him and possibly was going to give her flowers and candy as a thank you for the date. 

tl;dr regarding Bolin as cop, He’d be the cool nice cop everyone likes. 

Yeah, this is just a jumbled stream of consciousness. Well, I hope you enjoy this post stranger. 

Note: Yes I know tons of people have complained about these arcs, I don’t think this post will change anything. So if you are tired of these, then just scroll past it? I don’t know what else to tell you.