Latin phrases to use as incantations.

This is gonna be a long list.

  • ab intra - from within
  • ab origine - from the source
  • absit iniuria - “let insult be absent”
  • absit invidia - “let envy be absent”
  • absit omen - “let omens be absent”
  • ab uno disce omnes - from one, learn all.
  • abyssus abyssum invocat - deep calleth unto deep
  • a capite ad calcem - from head to heel
  • acta non verba - actions not words
  • ad altiora tendo - “I strive to higher things”
  • ad astra - to the stars
  • ad fontes - to the sources
  • ad meliora - towards better things
  • ad oculos - to the eyes
  • ad undas - to the waves
  • ad victoriam - to victory
  • adsum - I am here
  • a fortiori - from the stronger/from strength
  • a mari usque ad mare - from sea to sea
  • audeamus - let us dare
  • audentes fortuna iuvat - fortune favors the bold
  • audi, vide, tace - hear, see, be silent
  • beatae memoriae - of blessed memory
  • bona fide - in good faith
  • bono malum superate - overcome evil with good
  • capax infiniti - holding the infinite
  • carpe diem - seize the day
  • carpe noctem - seize the night
  • cave - beware
  • ceteris paribus - all other things being equal
  • circa - around
  • citius, altius, fortius - faster, higher, stronger
  • clavis aurea - golden key
  • cogito ergo sum - I think, therefor I am
  • compos mentis - in control of the mind
  • concilio et labore - by wisdom and effort
  • concordia cum veritate - in harmony with truth
  • concordia salus - well-being through harmony
  • coniunctis viribus - with connected strength
  • consummatum est - it is complete
  • corruptus in extremis - corrupt to the extreme
  • crescit eundo - it grows as it goes
  • de novo - from the new
  • de profundis - from the depths
  • dies irae - day of wrath
  • dona nobis pacem - give us peace
  • ego te provoco - I challenge you
  • esse est percipi - to be is to be perceived  
  • esse quam videri - to be, rather than to seem
  • esto quod es - be what you are
  • ex animo - from the soul
  • ex luna scientia - from the moon, knowledge
  • ex scientia tridens - from knowledge, sea power
  • ex silentio - from silence
  • ex undis - from the waves of the sea
  • experientia docet - experience teaches
  • fac et spera - do and hope
  • fac fortia et patere - do brave deed and endure
  • faciam quodlibet quod necesse est - I’ll do whatever it takes
  • faciam ut mei memineris - I’ll make you remember me
  • facta, non verba - deeds, not words
  • fortis et liber - strong and free
  • fortis in arduis - strong in difficulties
  • gloriosus et liber - glorious and free
  • hic abundant leones - here lions abound
  • hic et nunc - here and now
  • hic sunt dracones - here there are dragons
  • hinc illae lacrimae - hence those tears
  • hinc itur ad astra - from here the way leads to the stars
  • igni ferroque - with fire and iron
  • in memoriam - into the memory
  • in nocte consilium - advice comes over night
  • libra - balance
  • littera scripta manet - the written words endure
  • locus standi - a right to stand
  • luceo non uro - I shine, not burn
  • luctor et emergo - I struggle and emerge
  • mare liberum - free sea
  • memento vivere - remember to live
  • more ferarum - like beasts
  • natura non contristatur - nature is not saddened
  • nec spe, nec metu - without hope, without fear
  • noli me tangere - do not touch me
  • ophidia in herba - a snake in the grass
  • pro se - for oneself
  • propria manu - by one’s own hand
  • quaere - to seek
  • quod abundat non obstat - what is abundant does not hinder
  • resurgam - I shall arise
  • semper ad meliora - always towards better things
  • semper anticus - always forward
  • semper apertus - always open
  • semper fortis - always brave
  • semper liber - always free
  • stet - let it stand
  • tuebor - I will protect
  • vera causa - true cause
An Epitaph for Troilus

Ausonius, Epitaphia Heroum Qui Bello Troico Interfuerunt 18 “Troilo”

Note: “The grandson of Aeacus” = Achilles.

 When Hector had been laid low,
I, Troilus, clashed with the savage
Grandson of Aeacus,
Although we were unequal
In gods and strength alike.
I was carried away by my chariot,
And so am joined in the honor
My brother received; and thanks
To the example that he set,
My pain is easy to bear.

Hectore prostrato nec dis nec viribus aequis
    congressus saevo Troilus Aeacidae,
raptatus bigis fratris coniungor honori,
    cuius ob exemplum nec mihi poena gravis.

Achilles pursues Troilus.  Detail from side A of an Etruscan amphora of the Pontic group; ca. 540-530 BCE.  Found at Vulci; now in the Louvre.

The children are our future

 Crappy title, I know, but it’s gotta be called something, right? 

I’ve seen so many fics where one or two of the three get turned into toddlers or babies, but what if all three got hit by the same spell, and ended up as children together? And Dean has to be the big brother and fix it.

And because I’m an idiot; of course it’s Sam x reader.

I had a hard time writing this, because of a careless comment last week, but I got there in the end. Not sure how well it turned out though. Thanks to @part-time-day-dreamer for your encouragement and kind words. It meant a lot.

I’ve taken a few liberties – don’t judge me too hard. I just miss Bobby so hard. And I know John was a better father than I portray him (he’s only mentioned briefly anyway).

As always, I appreciate your comments. My ask box is open.

Word count: 5128

“…intra viribus meis…” The witch’s voice was no more than a low rumble, sweat rolled down his face while he concentrated on both his spell and keeping his victims out of reach.

Y/N felt queasy as the invisible restraints tightened around her chest, and she struggled to reach Sam’s equally bound hand. “…Sa-ham…” she forced out, chest heaving as the breath leaving her lungs made it possible for the restraints to tighten even more. They weren’t going to make it; of that much she was sure. Dean was going to be too late, and they would die. She did not feel at peace with that thought at all.

“…remanebit iuvenes, in aetern –“ He never got to finish his spell, because Dean burst through the open door. A gunshot rang through the air, and seconds later, three bodies was on the floor. Y/N groaned and coughed as she greedily gulped down air, feeling life returning to her body.

Sam sat with his back against the wall, his head lolling to one side. “Sam… SAM! SAMMY!!” Dean grew increasingly more frantic with each call, and he shook his brother, trying to get him to open his eyes, but to no avail. “No, Sammy! You’re not supposed to…” He trailed off, holding Sam in his arms, rocking back and forth.

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klarolineforevermine  asked:

klaroline + “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn. I WAS THINKING WEREWOLF AU :D

Thank you so much Sara for submitting this prompt, and prepare yourself for the feels. AH where no magical babies of any kind exist.

“Caroline… Caroline, get up!”


“Love, get up, get up right now…”

“Uhhhhmmmmfff…” Caroline groaned as she rolled over, letting one eye pop open and she swiftly hit the hybrid with a pillow before using it to cover her head. “It’s 3:38 in the goddamn morning, Klaus…” her muffled voice growled from underneath the goose feathers.

“Caroline, you have to come willingly or it won’t work, love,” Klaus added with gentle firmness, sitting on the on the edge of the bed to shake her arm gently.

“‘It won’t work’?” Caroline’s muffled voice replied, before he watched the messy mop of blonde locks emerge curiously. “What won’t work?”

“You just have to trust me, love. I know you’ll hate yourself if you let this opportunity slip past…”

The seriousness in his eyes despite his soft expression imploring her to trust his word shook Caroline to the core and she was suddenly more awake than she’d ever been.

“Alright alright…” she murmured as Klaus stood and she pulled back the covers and padded over to her walk in closet. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”

“Love, I promise you that it’s the best reason for waking up at the ‘ass-crack of dawn,’” Klaus murmured with a small smile.

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