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to me it felt like everything poe/finn/rose did ultimately had no fucking positive impact on anything also the finn/phasma fight was a huge ass let down. What do u think?

i wouldn’t say “huge ass let down” because it really got my blood pumping, but i think it would have been far more narratively satisfying if we had a better sense of the stakes going into the next movie. like, empire of course ended with han frozen in carbonite and luke reeling after discovering his father’s identity. we were missing that kind of devastating revelation at the end of TLJ. it wrapped itself up too neatly. 

i think it would have been more narratively satisfying if the movie had ended with, say, finn and rose still in first order custody, and we were going into ep 9 with the knowledge that rey and poe and the remainder of the tiny band of rebels would have to choose between moving on without them or risking total obliteration to rescue them. i don’t know! 

the only thing that was affirmatively Stupid Bullshit was the way rose’s arc ended like for a split second i thought she’d fucking DIED and i was ready to rage but then she was just… In A Coma or s/t, exactly like finn at the end of TFA, which??? doesn’t carry anything near the same weight finn’s sacrifice did if it’s the same plot device being repeated in such close proximity? anywhom

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I’m so fucking DISAPPOINTED in how little poe/finn/rose were utilised and developed in this movie but to make myself feel better I try to think of the fact that atleast rian didn’t write anything that can’t be reversed with a bit of cunning work from jj. Even the rey-parentage thing could have been straight up manipulation by kylo

tbh rian ignored literally everything jj abrams set up in the force awakens, to make a kylo ren movie, so i wouldn’t blame jj even if he reverses everything and says episode 8 was actually the dream finn had when he was in a coma.

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OMG!! this is one of the nicest thing someone ever told me! :) thank you!!!!! so much!!! and yes, I try to be positive and why being mad to each other when we can spread a good vibe ( I know this sound silly and childish but think about trying to send positive energy to people you like everyday, it makes a difference…)