Virgo rising appear reserved and unemotional. They are sensitive to minor discomforts around them. Virgo rising is charming in a quiet, lowkey way. They are very detail oriented and notice the smaller things. They are perfectionists in every line of work. Virgo rising likes to be busy and useful, they feel nervous or snappish if they don’t have anything to keep themselves occupied. They are very dependable and make good teachers.

Virgo Rising people have a very discreet look about them, with no single feature that sticks out or that loathes to be noticed. They are often tall and slender, especially males. They give off an elegant and preppy air, but they never show off. Style of dress is always very tasteful and neutral. British chic may be a favourite amongst these people. Favourite colors are all green and yellow hues.

Today’s focus shifts to the Mercury card and the “as below” correspondence of the Mercury energy. Mercury in general represents all forms of communications, daily travel, siblings, your mental faculties and short lived influences. When interpreting a card in the Mercury position the nature of the card will tell us about the status of the mind, how successfully we communicate with others, and all intellectual pursuits. The 7♣️has the 5♦️as the Mercury card, this suggests there could be unexpected changes in family finances that affected early childhood. 5♦️as the Mercury card suggests education may be delayed or obstacles may surface pursuant to schooling but education should be pursued at all costs. Fleeting interests are apparent here due to he changeable nature of the 5♦️influencing your mind, you may lose interest in things all of a sudden. It’s important for the 7♣️to learn the value of seeing things through to the end. Life is Simple, don’t complicate it….Play Ya Cards Right! #inspectthedeck #DeckLife44 #DestinyCards #ConnectTheDots #PlayYourCardsRight #dailyreading #dailyhoroscope #horoscope #Astrologyreadings #numerologyreadings #zodiac #zodiacsigns #ariesrising #taurusrising #geminirising #cancerrising #leorising #virgorising #librarising #scorpiorising #sagittariusrising capricornrising #ageofaquarius #piscesrising #aquariusrising #jupiterascending

♍️ so true

Do not try to charm or manipulate a virgo. They can smell bullshit a mile away and will shut you down quickly. @VirgoTerms

Hurt a virgo and they will forget you like they never knew you to begin with. @TheDailyVirgo

If a virgo pulls away, they either have discovered stronger feelings than they want to have or they have no feelings for you at all. @virgorises

When a virgo loves you, it’s always sincere and honest. They give love with all they have. It’s Never half way. @VirgoSign_

Dating a virgo can be relatively easy. virgos love their space, so don’t expect the clingy type. @VirgosUnited

@XSTROLOGY: Virgo lovers are always 100% honest with their heart.