omfgggg if u are virgo i luv u so so so so so so so much. ure like an angel sent down to earth from God herself. i wanna cuddle u guys and make yall stop worrying so much. u bring so much REALNESS into my life. whenever someone says something that just makes u think, “whoa thats too real” 9.5/10 a virgo said it. they make the world go around because they work so hard and really want to help people. bernie sanders is a virgo. they really do know everything. listen to them. and tell them they are aaaamaaazing because they doubt themselves a lot even though they are so fucking cool and everyone sees it but them. ok i just really luv virgos

- ur biggest fan, a capricorn

Virgo Rising people have a very discreet look about them, with no single feature that sticks out or that loathes to be noticed. They are often tall and slender, especially males. They give off an elegant and preppy air, but they never show off. Style of dress is always very tasteful and neutral. British chic may be a favourite amongst these people. Favourite colors are all green and yellow hues.

Reblog with your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus Sign, as well as your Hogwarts and Ilvermorny House, and your personality type!

Sun Sign: Libra

Moon Sign: Virgo

Rising Sign: Scorpio

Venus Sign: Leo

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Personality Type: ISTJ (Logistician)

The Signs as Stages in Book

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The Exposition; The beginning of the book, where it sets the setting, the characters. Even though you don’t know much, you know it’s going to get exciting // Taurus, Cancer, Virgo

Rising Action; A series of events build toward the point of greatest interest. Always wondering what’s gonna happen next // Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius 

Climax; Where the tension or action reaches its highest part. The “crisis” point of the plot. Maybe even having a “wtf” moment // Aries, Leo, Scorpio, 

Falling Action; What happens after the main problem is solved. Wraps up everything in a pretty bow and leads to the resolution // Libra & Pisces 

The Conclusion; The last part of the book, its end or result. It kinda leaves a satisfied but sad feeling // Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo