virgo troll

how to make an astrology post!!!!11!!!1

Aries- Angry asshole ram that will headbutt your children

Taurus- Lazy fat foodie who is stubborn as shit

Gemini: Regina George from hell also no soul

Cancer: Sad clingy crybaby that can’t get their shit together

Leo: Overconfident dickbutt that has really good hair???

Virgo: Prude little OCD shit.

Libra: Self-obsessed bimbo. No decisions are made like ever 

Scorpio: Satan

Sagittarius: LOUD CRAZY WILD PARTY ANIMAL!!!!!1!!111!!!

Capricorn: Workaholic with no soul

Aquarius: Doesn’t exist.


A nice Kanaya.

Really happy with this, it was just a quick sketch I made during digital illustration but it turned out better than I expected!!

I drew her hair like Shiori’s though that’s what force of habit does to you I guess

Signs When Bored
  • Aries: camping
  • Taurus: napping with a cat
  • Gemini: fandom freak out
  • Cancer: baking & sims
  • Leo: social media troll
  • Virgo: internal conversations
  • Libra: online shopping
  • Scorpio: analyzing mysteries
  • Sagittarius: making fun plans
  • Capricorn: running errands
  • Aquarius: at political protest
  • Pisces: useful arts and crafts
The three kinds of fan

The hardcore one: Obsesses over every aspect of it. Either all-out or not in at all. Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn 

The troll: Doesn’t actually care about it, but uses it to get a good laugh in by goofing off and having fun. Either that or they just forget about it 2 days later. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

The normal one: Into it to have a good time. Enjoys it and puts in a good effort but isn’t totally obsessed with it: Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces