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the signs as types of witchcraft

aries: storm witchcraft
harnessing the power of wind, storms, and weather

taurus: kitchen witchcraft
working magic into cooking, baking, brewing, etc

gemini: pop culture witchcraft
taking inspiration from mainstream media when creating spells/practicing magic

cancer: lunar witchcraft
magic based heavily upon the moon and its phases

leo: urban witchcraft
a more modern take on magic, utilizing electronics and everyday items

virgo: green witchcraft
working with nature (plants/herbs, crystals, rain water, etc)

libra: artistic witchcraft
incorporating the arts (such as dance, painting, music) into one’s craft

scorpio: spirit work
working with/receiving the assistance of spirits in magic and/or befriending them

sagittarius: chaos witchcraft
a volatile, eclectic style of magic that focuses primarily on the offensive

capricorn: shadow work
confronting and conquering ‘shadows’ of one’s past, and using them later to invoke strong emotions to aid in spellwork

aquarius: space witchcraft
working with interstellar bodies (stars, planets, moons, etc)

pisces: hedge witchcraft
involves energy work and travelling to the astral plane

Spirit Guide Communication Guide

Aries rising

Spirit guides communicate through the natural watery flow of intuition, typically erratic in its presence. Spirit guides are guardians. They respond through those you have close, intimate bonds and attachments with. 

Taurus rising

The inner world is glowing, alight, and alive with messages of intuition, often too compelling and magnetic to overlook or ignore. Your spirit guides communicate through your instinct, through tapping into the essence of yourself and projecting it outward, they join in the display

Gemini rising

The intuitive message of spirit guides passes through the conduit of the mind, breaking into thought and self talk. Dialogue with the inner self generates conversation with spirit guides. Questions are answered by more questions 

Cancer rising

You are not likely to receive informative forms of guidance but rather enhancing beauty around you, a moment of stillness in the sun and fresh air as your spirit guides deliver a gentle moment of bliss and exile from reality so you are reminded of pure, true, and everlasting beauty

Leo rising

The most harrowing and profound experiences of life taps into the everlasting wisdom of your spirit guides, like tools of sacred knowledge they arise at moments of catastrophe, it’s very hard to silence their instinct 

Virgo rising

Spirit guides are accessed through pilgrimages in the higher mind, a place where wisdom and symbolism integrate in the human experience, so the spirit guides are leaders toward knowledge and answers, meditation is the easiest way to reach these guides, they are not far away

Libra rising

Your spirit guides arrive at moments of most peril, but you may doubt your worth or entitlement, you may sense that you don’t deserve their help. This of course, weakens their vibration and makes it very difficult for them to reach you. They have already seen your past, present, and future, trust in their understanding of cosmic justice

Scorpio rising

Spirit guides buzz through a sort of electric intuition, almost pulsating, but their presence is erratic and unpredictable. They can leave puzzling messages and it can be like it’s all up to you to figure everything out. Spirit guides enact themselves through this conduit of fast acting intuition 

Sagittarius rising

Your whole world is the conduit where your spirit guides express themselves, they are flying ahead of you, never truly graspable, but always present. Your world is the poetry of your spirit guides and they assemble a personal and private message just for you 

Capricorn rising

Intuitive resources are like a hotplate, they can sizzle uncontrollably and fizzle out at moment’s you deem of most importance. But your spirit guides are what keep you grounded and remind you of what is really important, and it’s very possible for that to get lost in your volatile inner world amongst fury and battles with the self, they are protectors of your insides 

Aquarius  rising

You are not likely to receive informative forms of guidance but rather enhancing beauty around you, a moment of stillness in the sun and fresh air as your spirit guides deliver a gentle moment of bliss and exile from reality so you are reminded of pure, true, and everlasting beauty

Pisces rising

The intuitive message of spirit guides passes through the conduit of the mind, breaking into thought and self talk. Dialogue with the inner self generates conversation with spirit guides. Questions are answered by more questions 


The Signs as Studio Ghibli Quotes

Aries: “Sometimes you have to fight for the things that are worth fighting for.” - The Secret World of Arrietty

Taurus: “Once you’ve met someone you never really forget them.” -Spirited Away

Gemini: “Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away!” -      My Neighbor Totoro

Cancer: “A heart’s a heavy burden.” - Howl’s Moving Castle

Leo: “Just follow your heart and keep smiling.” - Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service

Virgo: “There’s not future for people who worship the future and forget the past.” - From Up on Poppy Hill

Libra:  “Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.” -The Cat Returns

Scorpio:  “They say that the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst.” -Howl’s Moving Castle

Sagittarius: “We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes it’s not easy.” - Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service

Capricorn: “Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep  on living.” - Princess Mononoke

Aquarius:  “It’s funny how you wake up each day and never really know if it’ll be one that will change your life forever.” - The Secret World of Arrietty

Pisces: “No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love!” - Castle in the Sky

The signs as Chihiro Ogino gifs


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What type of witch is your sign!

Aries: Black witch (mayombero)- you’re the typical cliche witch. you use magic for personal gain, but that doesn’t always mean your intentions are purely evil. This witch focuses on revenge, destruction and the dead. I guess it just comes along with the planet of war ruling your sign. But remember not all dark magic is used for evil and not all destruction is bad. you can either rise to the top or become reckless, the choice is yours Aries! 

Taurus: Gardnerian witch- For a sign that doesn’t value change and would rather stay traditional, Gardnerian is right up your ally! This coven is exclusive and usually only holds up to 13 members which is perfect for a sign that prefers sticking their loyalty with only close people. Rituals and coven practices are also kept secret and you’re the number one sign for such a responsible duty! 

Gemini: Solitary witch- For a sign that can be flaky and ever changing to their views on the world, being a solitary witch is perfect for you Gemini! You get to choose what works or doesn’t work for you. You’re one to not be confined to a coven rather you would practice on your own terms with no restrictions! Now which magic you practice is up to you; are you going to let your dark side or good side shine…hmm

Cancer: Kitchen witch- For a sign that’s all about good eating, what better than a kitchen witch! You’re the sign that rules the stomach, your purpose is literally food! (jealous) You’d be a master at making recopies or remedies that helps the mind, body and soul. You’re also known to be able to ward off bad spirits from the home!

Leo: spirit witch- Also known as “white” witch. You specifically use your magic in a selfless manner because seeing the world suffering is heart breaking and scary to you. The sun rules your sign, so you’re the true ruler of the ego and mastering your purpose in this world. So being a spirit witch is a perfect match for a passionate fiery sign like you! It’s very rare to find a Leo who practices magic for evil purposes.

Virgo: Green witch- For someone who is very skeptical and realistic you prefer your “magic” to be natural. You’re someone who cares a lot about your health and well being. So focusing on natural properties and oils and how they heal the body is your specialty! you focus more on what this earth has to offer to us and make use of it! Your specialty is using gem stones, herbs, animals and elements!

Libra: Air witch- An air witch focuses on intellectual depth and understanding of this world. The winds are ever changing and focuses on all sides of an argument. You’re a sign and witch that focuses on the mental depth of things. You’re inclined to the mind and how it works; so you’re more likely to interpret dreams and be a dream witch! at times though you’re not loyal to your promises, you can seem air headed and tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Your positive energy, truth seeking and flexible nature makes up for it!

Scorpio: Doctoral witch- You’re a sign that is ruled by mars and Pluto which means time and war rules you. Doctor witches heal, ward off evil, use trinkets. you name it and a doctor witch has it! You’re a sign that uses everything they can to achieve a goal which an excellent position for your sign. You’re the person everyone goes to when they need help or when they don’t want to get their hands dirty. You’re always one step ahead of your enemies and will always counteract their curses or magic that they plan to use against you!

Sagittarius: Fire witch- Fire witches live in the moment and leave the past in the past! you have an eye for antiques, and just like fire you’re warm, initiative, ever growing, passionate and always looking for something to fuel you. You’re very blunt and honest. Though sometimes you can be vain and self righteous, your heart towards others and the purpose you build for yourself is always in the right place! Being an energetic and outgoing sign it’s no wonder why being a fire/ pyro witch is perfect for you!

Capricorn: Earth witch- Earth witches are closely related to kitchen witch or green witches. But never the less you’re practical and realistic. You reap most of your magical benefits from the earth itself! You know that everything revolves around the earth, even the cells in your body that are multiplying by the second! You find magic in reality! We can purge our negative energies into the earth. you’re excellent at being organized and focusing on all the natural properties! You’re loyal and dependable and your friends value you to the heart. You can be seen as boring at times but that’s just because you have a practical way with witchcraft!  

Aquarius: Eclectic witch- You’re an odd ball which makes being an eclectic witch the best option! You’re someone who likes to be independent and rebel against things you disagree with. You’re a strong individual and can be stubborn at times. Many people target you and think you can be rather rude or annoying, but that’s just because you’re open with your views and opinions! That being said Eclectic witches pick and choose from every little thing and has no destination to their practice, you pick from every little thing and find what’s best for you! You’re most likely to make your own coven or rules!

Pisces: Sea witch- Water is a highly feminine energy, you tend to reflect and feel empathy for this world. If one is hurting so are you, if someone barks at you; you bark back! You may be a vulnerable sign but that also makes you the most powerful! Your strengths will come from creeks, rivers, oceans and anything with high amounts of water. In mythologies humans came from the earth but gods came from the water! Human sense and sight belong to her realm, you may also be a Seer! You don’t admit to your weaknesses and refuse to let obstacles beat you down!

The Signs as Studio Ghibli Heroines

Aries: Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

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Taurus: Mei Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

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Gemini: Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away)

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Cancer: Princess Sheeta (Castle in the Sky)

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Leo: Umi Matsuzaki (From Up on Poppy Hill)

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Virgo: Shizuku Tsukushima (Whisper of the Heart)

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Libra: Sophie Hatter (Howl’s Moving Castle)

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Scorpio: San (Princess Mononoke)

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Sagittarius: Arietty (The Secret World of Arietty)

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Capricorn: Satsuki Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

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Aquarius: Ponyo (Ponyo)

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Pisces: Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

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The signs as Haku’s dragon form gifs


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The Signs as Types of Fairies pt 2 (Earth)

Taurus - Brownie (brùnaidh)
Brownies are ususally solitary fairies seen alone or in small groups. You will mostly see male Brownies because only few of them are married. They have brown hair and brown clothing which covers their 2 ½ to 3 feet tall bodies. This fairy works in the night at rural homes and farms for only one family, to which they may become attached. Brownies love food, especially cakes with honey, corn muffins or a bowl of milk. However, if you mistreat them in any way they will either leave or play tricks on you.

Virgo - Elf
Elves are described as youthful looking men and women who are actually quite small. They are of great beauty and live in forests, caves or springs. They are often believed to be long-lived or immortal and to have magical powers. This kind of fae loves fun and they can’t bear a life without joking or playing tricks. Sometimes they seem to exaggerate their behaviour but they are truly good-hearted and their laughter is a beautiful music for the ears of humans.

Capricorn - Ghillie Dhu
Ghillie Dhu is Gaelic and translates to “dark haired lad” or “dark servant”. Those fairies are male solitary spirits whose task it is to protect the woodlands. They’re most active by night but when they sleep, they are keeping themselves warm in a round nest consistent of plant fiber. Berries and nuts are their main nutrition. They avoid contact with all humans due to their shyness but they normally are friendly and harmless sprites. Ghillie Dhu’s have a gentle devotion to children and are reported to help lost people finding their way back.

mind fantasy

aries mercury: explosive mind; the roars of supernovas, vibrations of earthquakes, visionary warrior of light. Battle cry of the Will 

taurus mercury: wistful memories and soul words of wisdom coming from a mind as solid as the ancient wood and as sweet as blossoms. the voice of an angels melody 

gemini mercury: butterfly child dancing in the wind. mind filled with cerebral surges and conveying messages through curious chatter and child-like wisdom. breathless voice, sounds of wind chimes and bells 

cancer mercury: lunar illumination casting imaginative dreams and nostalgic comfort, lunar waters rinse the mind with moonlight mood and psychic sense, voice of the Soul 

leo mercury: lantern of light bearing solar rays, mind shining with creative cerebral vision, the proud and royal voice of Spirit 

virgo mercury: the earthbound angel, with roots and blossoms sprouting from her wings. the voice of bittersweet whispers, cleansing words. 

libra mercury: the bearer of two lights upon each hand glowing at different intervals, covered in golden blossoms. the weigher and moral voice of Reason

scorpio mercury: keeper of the celestial gates, protective voice of the deceived, icy and fiery eyes alike. a mind that knows the unknown. the angel of death and her silent scream of the soul. 

sagittarius mercury: voyager of the universe, traversing the sea of stars from which they were born. starlight shines through their eyes, creating a celestial vision. the laughter of twinkling stars, the whizzing of asteroids 

capricorn mercury: guardian of wisdom high atop the mountains that reach towards the skies, universe and beyond. all are under the watchful gaze of the guardian. the low-wind of the earth and hum of the universe is their voice

aquarius mercury: electrical storms brewing in the skies, manifesting in the mind and articulating through every odd expression of speech. lightning strikes bring about visions of the future, the mad scientist creates mechanisms, mother of knowledge 

pisces mercury: the singing of the cosmos, the crash of the waves, the sound of a heart beating underwater. the divine source from which the voice of angels ascends, whispering over the shoulder of innocents and guiding them to sanctuary 

Signs as Studio Ghibli Movies

AriesPrincess Mononoke (1997)

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Taurus: Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

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Gemini: The Wind Rises (2013)

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Cancer: Ponyo (2008)

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Leo: From up on Poppy Hill (2011)

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Virgo: My Neighbor, Totoro (1988)

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Libra: Castle In the Sky (1986)

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Scorpio: Spirited Away (2001)

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Sagittarius: Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

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Capricorn: The Secret World or Arrietty (2010)

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Aquarius: Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

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Pisces: Whisper of the Heart (1995)

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Today is awesome i woke up checked fairy tail reddit and this i literally squealed so hard when i saw this im so hyped more than ever. As today is my birthday and Wendy is my favourite character i jumped for fucking joy when i saw her being awesome and activating dragon force in this trailer, too good.